Estonia Import Data

Estonia is a country in Europe. As per Estonia import data, Estonia’s imports totalled USD 17.3 billion in 2020, down from USD 18.6 billion reported in year 2019. Estonia was 80th largest importer country in the world during 2020.

According to Estonia trade data, Estonia’s major imports are electrical equipment, transport equipment, agricultural products, mineral products and mechanical appliances.

Based on Estonia import statistics, Estonia’s top-most import sources of goods are Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Poland, China, Netherlands and Italy.

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Estonia Import Data

Estonia Import Data covers statistical information on commodities imported by the country. Our database has 2900000+ shipment records of Estonia imports till date. Estonia trade data is based all import-export documents including Shipping Bills, Import Bills and Invoices required for transporting goods from one international territory to another.

We provide industry-standard and superior-quality Estonia shipment data after filtering raw data collected from the most authorized sources like Custom Departments, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Port Authorities, Trade Associations and Government Bodies. We have Estonia import data available from 2013 onwards.


Estonia Import Data

Estonia import data contains a line of fields including Period, Import Country, Origin Country, Trade Type, HS Code, HS Code Description, State Regime, Unit, Total Value ERU, Total Value USD, Quantity KG and Sub-Quantity. See sample of Estonia imports and get through complete list of fields available in Estonia import data.

Period 2020-02
Import Country Estonia Origin Country Germany
Trade Type Intra Trade HS Code 85015394
HS Code Description Ac Motors, Multi-Phase, Of An Output Of > 375 Kw But <= 750 Kw (Excl. Traction Motors)
State Regime Normal Unit Number Of Items
Total Value ERU 11502 Total Value USD 13506.82
Quantity KG 2140 Sub-Quantity 1

Estonia Import

Estonia’s Top 10 Imports

As per Estonia import data, Estonia’s top 10 imports in 2020 were Electrical Machinery & Equipment (12.4%), Mineral Fuels & Oils (11.2%), Machinery (10.2%), Vehicles (9.3%), Plastics & Articles (4.4%), Wood & Articles (3.8%), Pharmaceutical Products (3.6%), Iron and Steel (3.0%), Articles of Iron & Steel (2.7%) and Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment (2.4%).

Estonia shipment data shows Estonia’s top 10 import commodities shared 63% to overall value of shipments enter into the country through all modes of transport in 2020. Below given chart shows dollar amount of Estonia’s top 10 import categories.

Estonia’s Top 10 Imports

Estonia Import Partners

Estonia’s Top 10 Import Partners

As per Estonia import data, Estonia’s top 10 import partners in 2020 were Finland (USD 2,328 million), Germany (USD 1,775 million), Latvia (USD 1,616 million), Lithuania (USD 1,555 million), Russia (USD 1,437 million), Sweden (USD 1,327 million), Poland (USD 1,192 million), China (USD 856 million), Netherlands (USD 755 million) and Italy (USD 432 million).

Estonia trade data shows Estonia’s top 10 import partners accounted for 76.6% to overall value of shipments enter into the country via all transport modes in 2020. See and analyse value in percentile of Estonia’s top 10 import partners reported in year 2020.

Estonia’s Top 10 Import Partners

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