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HTS Code Heading Description
Heading 9201HS Code for Pianos, including player pianos; harpsichords and other keyboard stringed instruments:
Heading 9202HS Code for Other string musical instruments (for example, guitars, violins, harps):
Heading 9205HS Code for Wind musical instruments (for example, keyboard pipe organs, accordions, clarinets, trumpets, bagpipes), other than fairground organs and mechanical street organs:
Heading 9206HS Code for Percussion musical instruments (for example, drums, xylophones, cymbals, castanets, maracas):
Heading 9207HS Code for Musical instruments, the sound of which is produced, or must be amplified, electrically (for example, organs, guitars, accordions):
Heading 9208HS Code for Music boxes, fairground organs, mechanical street organs, mechanical singing birds, musical saws and other musical instruments not falling within any other heading of this chapter; decoy calls of all kinds; whistles, call horns and other mouth-blown sound
Heading 9209HS Code for Parts (for example, mechanisms for music boxes) and accessories (for example, cards, discs and rolls for mechanical instruments) of musical instruments; metronomes, tuning forks and pitch pipes of all kinds:

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