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HTS Code Heading Description
Heading 2801HS Code for I. chemical elements fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine:
Heading 2802HS Code for Bromine
Heading 2803HS Code for Sulfur, Sublimed Or Precipitated; Sulfur Colloid
Heading 2804HS Code for Hydrogen, rare gases and other nonmetals:
Heading 2805HS Code for Alkali or alkaline-earth metals; rare-earth metals, scandium and yttrium, whether or not intermixed or interalloyed; mercury:
Heading 2806HS Code for Ii. inorganic acids and inorganic oxygen compounds of nonmetals hydrogen chloride (hydrochloric acid); chlorosulfuric acid:
Heading 2807HS Code for Acid Chlorosulfonic
Heading 2808HS Code for Oleum
Heading 2809HS Code for Diphosphorus pentaoxide; phosphoric acid;polyphosphoric acids, whether or not chemically defined:
Heading 2810HS Code for Phosphoric Acid And Acids And Organic Salts
Heading 2811HS Code for Other inorganic acids and other inorganic oxygen compounds of nonmetals:
Heading 2812HS Code for Iii. halogen or sulfur compounds of nonmetals halides and halide oxides of nonmetals:
Heading 2813HS Code for Sulfides of nonmetals; commercial phosphorus trisulfide:
Heading 2814HS Code for Iv. inorganic bases and oxides, hydroxides and peroxides of metals ammonia, anhydrous or in aqueous solution:
Heading 2815HS Code for Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda); potassium hydroxide (caustic potash); peroxides of sodium or potassium:
Heading 2816HS Code for Hydroxide and peroxide of magnesium; oxides, hydroxides and peroxides, of strontium or barium:
Heading 2817HS Code for Oxides, Hydroxides And Peroxides, Of Strontium Or Barium
Heading 2818HS Code for Artificial corundum, whether or not chemically defined; aluminum oxide; aluminum hydroxide:
Heading 2819HS Code for Chromium oxides and hydroxides:
Heading 2820HS Code for Manganese oxides:
Heading 2821HS Code for Iron oxides and hydroxides; earth colors containing 70 percent or more by weight of combined iron evaluated as fe2o3:
Heading 2822HS Code for Cobalt Oxides And Hydroxides;Cobalt Oxides Technical
Heading 2823HS Code for Titanium Oxides
Heading 2824HS Code for Lead oxides; red lead and orange lead:
Heading 2825HS Code for Hydrazine and hydroxylamine and their inorganic salts; other inorganic bases; other metal oxides, hydroxides and peroxides:
Heading 2826HS Code for V. salts and peroxysalts, of inorganic acids and metals fluorides; fluorosilicates, fluoroaluminates and other complex fluorine salts:
Heading 2827HS Code for Chlorides, chloride oxides and chloride hydroxides; bromides and bromide oxides; iodides and iodide oxides:
Heading 2828HS Code for Hypochlorites; commercial calcium hypochlorite; chlorites; hypobromites:
Heading 2829HS Code for Chlorates and perchlorates; bromates and perbromates; iodates and periodates:
Heading 2830HS Code for Sulfides; polysulfides, whether or not chemically defined:
Heading 2831HS Code for Dithionites and sulfoxylates:
Heading 2832HS Code for Sulfites; thiosulfates:
Heading 2833HS Code for Sulfates; alums; peroxosulfates (persulfates):
Heading 2834HS Code for Nitrites; nitrates:
Heading 2835HS Code for Phosphinates (hypophosphites), phosphonates (phosphites) and phosphates; polyphosphates, whether or not chemically defined:
Heading 2836HS Code for Carbonates; peroxocarbonates (percarbonates); commercial ammonium carbonate containing ammonium carbamate:
Heading 2837HS Code for Cyanides, cyanide oxides and complex cyanides:
Heading 2839HS Code for Silicates; commercial alkali metal silicates:
Heading 2840HS Code for Borates; peroxoborates (perborates):
Heading 2841HS Code for Salts of oxometallic or peroxometallic acids:
Heading 2842HS Code for Other salts of inorganic acids or peroxoacids (including aluminosilicates whether or not chemically defined), other than azides:
Heading 2843HS Code for Vi. miscellaneous colloidal precious metals; inorganic or organic compounds of precious metals, whether or not chemically defined; amalgams of precious metals:
Heading 2844HS Code for Radioactive chemical elements and radioactive isotopes (including the fissile or fertile chemical elements and isotopes) and their compounds; mixtures and residues containing these products:
Heading 2845HS Code for Isotopes other than those of heading 2844; compounds, inorganic or organic, of such isotopes, whether or not chemically defined:
Heading 2846HS Code for Compounds, inorganic or organic, of rare-earth metals, of yttrium or of scandium, or of mixtures of these metals:
Heading 2847HS Code for Hydrogen Peroxide, Whether Or Not Solidified Urea
Heading 2849HS Code for Carbides, whether or not chemically defined:
Heading 2850HS Code for Hydrides, nitrides, azides, silicides and borides, whether or not chemically defined, other than compounds which are also carbides of heading 2849:
Heading 2852HS Code for Inorganic or organic compounds of mercury, whether or not chemically defined, excluding amalgams:
Heading 2853HS Code for Phosphides, whether or not chemically defined, excluding ferrophosphorous; other inorganic compounds (including distilled or conductivity water and water of similar purity); liquid air (whether or not rare gases have been removed); compressed air; amalga

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