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Heading 9601HS Code for Worked ivory, bone, tortoise-shell, horn, antlers, coral, mother-of-pearl and other animal carving material, and articles of these materials (including articles obtained by molding):
Heading 9602HS Code for Worked vegetable or mineral carving material and articles of these materials; molded or carved articles of wax, of stearin, of natural gums or natural resins, of modeling pastes, and other molded or carved articles, not elsewhere specified or included; wo
Heading 9603HS Code for Brooms, brushes (including brushes constituting parts of machines, appliances or vehicles), hand-operated mechanical floor sweepers, not motorized, mops and feather dusters; prepared knots and tufts for broom or brush making; paint pads and rollers; squee
Heading 9604HS Code for Sita And Reshet Hand
Heading 9605HS Code for Travel Set, For Personal Toilet, Sewing, Shoe Or Clothes Cleaning
Heading 9606HS Code for Buttons, press-fasteners, snap-fasteners and press-studs, button molds and other parts of these articles; button blanks:
Heading 9607HS Code for Slide fasteners and parts thereof:
Heading 9608HS Code for Ball point pens; felt tipped and other porous-tipped pens and markers; fountain pens, stylograph pens and other pens; duplicating styli; propelling or sliding pencils (for example, mechanical pencils); pen-holders, pencil-holders and similar holders; part
Heading 9609HS Code for Pencils (other than those pencils of heading 9608), crayons, pencil leads, pastels, drawing charcoals, writing or drawing chalks and tailors' chalks:
Heading 9610HS Code for Slates And Boards, With Writing Or Drawing Surfaces, Whether Or Not Framed
Heading 9611HS Code for Stamp Date, Sealing Or Numbering Stamps, And The Like (Including Devices For Printing Or Embossing Labels), Designed For Manual Operation, The Composter Manual ......
Heading 9612HS Code for Typewriter or similar ribbons, inked or otherwise prepared for giving impressions, whether or not on spools or in cartridges; ink pads, whether or not inked, with or without boxes:
Heading 9613HS Code for Cigarette lighters and other lighters, whether or not mechanical or electrical, and parts thereof other than flints and wicks:
Heading 9614HS Code for Smoking pipes (including pipe bowls) and cigar or cigarette holders, and parts thereof:
Heading 9615HS Code for Combs, hair-slides and the like; hairpins, curling pins, curling grips, hair-curlers and the like, other than those of heading 8516, and parts thereof:
Heading 9616HS Code for Scent sprayers and similar toilet sprayers, and mounts and heads therefor; powder puffs and pads for the application of cosmetics or toilet preparations:
Heading 9617HS Code for Vacuum flasks and other vacuum vessels, complete with cases; parts thereof other than glass inners:
Heading 9618HS Code for Tailors' Dummies & Other Mannequins; Automata And Moving Objects For Window Dressing, Other
Heading 9619HS Code for Sanitary towels (pads) and tampons, diapers and diaper liners for babies and similar articles, of any material:
Heading 9620HS Code for Monopods, bipods, tripods and similar articles:

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