Asia Import Data – A Market Report on Asia’s Top Import Countries

24 January 2020
Asia Import Data

Asia is the largest continent area, population and imports as well. According to Asia trade data, Asian countries accounted 38.2% value to global imports in 2018, which rose about 1% as compared to the previous year. Data available with Export Genius shows that Asian countries purchased commodities valued US$ 7,520.7 billion in the said year. Let’s have a larger view of Asian imports with key focus on top 10 importer countries in Asia.

Where Does Asia Stood in Continents by Imports in 2018?

With no doubt, Asia stood at top position in global imports in 2018, followed by Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania. Countries in Asia imported goods valued US$ 7,520.7 billion. Check import values of these continents.


Value in US$ Billion





North America


South America







At 6-digit level, Asia’s main import commodities are crude petroleum oil, electronic integrated circuits, gold, medium oils & preparations, liquefied natural gas, mobile phones, light oils & preparations, motor cars and bituminous coal.

Top 10 Asian Countries by Imports

Asia contributed 38.2% value to global imports in 2018. Since 2015, Asian countries have been recording a decline in the value, however 2018 recorded an increase. Value of total imports recorded US$ 7,111.2 billion in 2014, US$ 6,201.8 billion in 2015, US$ 5,895.1 billion in 2016, US$ 6,719.8 billion in 2017 and US$ 7,520.7 billion in 2018. Have a quick look at percentage share of Asia’s imports to the value of world’s imports.

Asia’s top 10 importer countries are China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Singapore, Taipei, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Vietnam. Let’s have a look import values of these Asian countries with their major import commodities and import partners.

                                      1.    China

China is the largest country in Asian continent, which shared 10.9%b value to total 38.2% of Asia’s imports in 2018. As per China import data, the country purchased goods worth US$ 2,134.9 billion. China’s major import products are crude petroleum oil, integrated circuits, iron ores, gold, yellow soya beans, parts of wireless handsets, copper ores and liquefied natural gas. China’s top import partners are South Korea, Japan, Taipei, United States, Germany, Australia and Brazil. Subscribe China trade data now to access more statistics.

                                      2.    Japan

In terms of imports, Japan is the second largest country in the Asian continent. It shared 3.8% to total value of Asia’s imports. According to Japan import data, the country purchased goods valued US$ 748.3 billion in 2018. Major import commodities of Japan are crude petroleum oil, liquefied natural gas, mobile phones, bituminous coal, light oils & preparations, copper ores, iron ores, electronic integrated circuits and portable automatic data processing machines. Top import partners of Japan are China, United States, Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Taipei and Germany. Get Japan trade data to view shipment details.

                                      3.    Hong Kong

Hong Kong recorded share in value of 3.2% in 2018. It purchased goods worth US$ 627.3 billion. Main import products of Hong Kong are electronic integrated circuits, mobile phones, parts & accessories of automatic data processing machines and gold. Hong Kong’s top import partners are China, Taipei, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, United States, Malaysia, Switzerland and Thailand.

                                      4.    South Korea

According to South Korea import data, the country purchased goods valued US$ 535.1 billion in 2018, which shared 2.7% to Asia’s total imports of 38.2%. South Korea’s main imports are crude petroleum oil, liquefied natural gas, electronic integrated circuits, parts of telephone sets, medium oils & preparations and motor cars. And South Korea top import partners are China, United States, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Australia, Vietnam, Russia, Taipei, Qatar and Kuwait.

                                      5.    India

India’s imports valued US$ 507.5 billion in 2018, which shared 2.6% value to total Asia’s imports. According to India import data, the country ranked 10 in global imports in the said year. India’s top imports are crude petroleum oil, gold, non-industrial diamonds, coal, liquefied natural gas, mobile phones and palm oil. India’s main import partners are China, United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Switzerland, South Korea and Indonesia. Subscribe India trade data to access complete shipment details.

                                      6.    Singapore

Singapore is the sixth largest country by imports in the Asian continent. It shared 1.9% to total value of imports of countries in Asia. In 2018, Singapore’s total import shipments valued US$ 370.4 billion. Country’s main imports are electronic integrated circuits, fuel oils, crude petroleum oil, semi manufactured gold, memories, parts of turbo jets and mobile phones. Top import partners of Singapore are China, Malaysia, United States, Taipei, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

                                      7.    Taipei

Taipei’s total imports valued US$ 286.4 billion, which shared 1.5% value to total Asia’s imports in 2018. It’s major import commodities are liquefied natural gas, bituminous coal, chips of other monolithic digital integrated circuits and naphtha, mineral. Taipei’s main import partners are China, Japan, United States, South Korea, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

                                      8.    United Arab Emirates

The value of shipments which entered into the UAE recorded US$ 261.5 billion in 2018. UAE major imports are gold, mobile phones, light oils & preparations, motor cars, diamonds and aeroplanes. UAE’s top import partners are China, India, United States, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.

                                     9.    Thailand

Thailand’s imports accounted 1.3% to total value of shipments in Asian continent. In 2018, country imported goods worth US$ 250.8 billion, Thailand import data reveals. Main imports of Thailand are crude petroleum oil, gold, electronic integrated circuits, mobile phones and articles of iron & steel. Thailand’s main import partners are China, Japan, United States, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Taipei, Indonesia and Singapore.

                                    10. Vietnam

According to Vietnam import data, the country recorded US$ 236.8 billion value of total goods imported from the country in 2018. It shared 1.2% to total Asian imports. Vietnam’s largest import commodities are medium oils & preparations, electronic integrated circuits, light oils & preparations, gold, parts of telephone sets and cotton. Vietnam’s main import partners are China, South Korea, Japan, Taipei, United States, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Subscribe Vietnam trade data to get shipment details with company names.

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