India Import Data

As per India import data, India purchased goods worth USD 480.0 billion in 2019. This dollar value reflects a down about -5.7% as compared to the previous year.

India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in Asian continent. It ranks as eleventh-biggest importer country in the world and fifth-top in Asia. India’s population of 1.352 billion people, the total value USD 480.0 billion of imports in 2019 translates to roughly USD 360 yearly product demand of an individual living in this vast South Asian country. Keep yourself updated on India’s import market from India customs data.

India import data

What India Imports from the World?

India’s main import commodities are Mineral Fuels & Oils (31.98%), Pearls & Precious Stones (12.5%), Electronics (10.5%), Machinery (9.18%), Organic Chemicals (4.28%), Plastics (3.05%), Iron & Steel (2.41%), Animal or Vegetable Fats & Oils (2%), Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment (1.98%) and Fertilizers (1.53%).

According to India customs data, India’s top imports accounted for about 80% of the overall value of shipments entered into the country in 2019. If we see what gain and loss, we found that fertilizers posted the fastest increase in value (23.3%) among India’s top import categories. Electronics also registered a growth of 1.6% in the said year. Leading the decliners were organic chemicals (-9.3%) and mineral fuels & oils (-9.3%).

Top import of India

India’s Top 5 Import Partners

The biggest import sources of India are China (USD 68.1 billion), United States (USD 34.7 billion), United Arab Emirates (USD 30.9 billion), Saudi Arabia (USD 26.9 billion) and Iraq (USD 21.5 billion).

India shipment data shows that all these countries accounted for about 37.9% of the total value of imports recorded in 2019. Region-wise, India imported 60.9% worth of goods by value from Asian countries in 2019. Another 15.9% of imports were purchased from Europe and 9.2% from North America. And 8.1% of shipments were originated from African countries.

India export partners

Description of India Import Data

Import Data of India is all about statistics and information collected on country’s import activities. This information is sourced from authorized Indian Customs Departments, Trade Associations, Government Bodies, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Port Authorities and other genuine social networks.

Every single shipment, which enters into India via all transport modes – Air, Road & Sea, is based on import-export documents like Import Bills, Invoices & Shipping Bills filled by companies. So, you can have a detailed overview of goods arrive into India from other countries around the world and analyze the information to take smarter business decisions.

Samples of India Import Data

From company names to product specifications and value & quantity to HS Code & port; every custom detail is covered in our India trade data. Have a quick look on samples given below to understand the exact format of India import data.

India Import Sample #1
Date04-01-2004Indian PortCochin Air (INCOK4)
Foreign CountryOmanChapter44
HS 4 Digit4409HSN Code44091090
Product DescriptionFurniture ComponentsIndian Importer NameLG Sea Foods
UnitKGSAddress57(N NO42) Outer Circular Road Kilpauk Garden Colony
Invoice CurrencyUSDCityChennai, Tamil Nadu
Unit Value USD Calculated by Exchange Rate5.671Total Value INR12327.00
Total Value USD272.2Unit Value INR256.81
Invoice Unit Price Foreign Currency Actual5.671Quantity48
India Import Sample #2
Date26 Nov 2016Indian PortSahar Air Cargo (INBOM4)
Foreign CountryGermanyChapter33
HS 4 Digit3304HSN Code33041000
Product DescriptionLakme Absolute Forever Silk Lipliner 0.35 Gm Mas Riselz-Br93 - 1080-03-Chestnut(Nt Qt2.55ml/Pcs)(Net Qty Less Tn 10gm/Pc)Indian Importer Name*****
Invoice CurrencyEURCity*****
Unit Value USD Calculated by Exchange Rate0.7Quantity4728
Total Value USD3320.88Total Value INR228476.72
Invoice Unit Price Foreign Currency Actual0.647001Unit Value INR48.32

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