India Import Data

The total value of India imports was (approx.) $367 Billion in 2020 and $478 Billion in 2019, according to the India import data for 2020 and 2019. The total imports of India had a rise in the growth of the total imports in 2020 by a percentile of 23.1% ($111 Billion) compared to 2019, according to India import statistics 2020-2021.

As per mirror import data of India, the South-Asian country is regarded as the major importing country of ‘Mineral Fuels & Oils’. India stands at the position of 14th rank among the top importing countries of the world. Import data of India reveals large imports from countries such as China and the USA for 2020. You can request sample mirror data of India imports, or do a live search about India import mirror data on Export Genius.

Our mirror data consists of various fields of the imports and exports of India. The data we provide helps you in your business operations in various ways to make mindful business decisions. Provided import data of India gives you a better understanding of India imports and exports derived from other countries’ data

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About India Import Data

Import data of India includes all the relevant information on India imports and exports with the statistics of India’s trade for the respective countries, as per measurement by other countries’ trade records. From origin country to port names, the India mirror data consists of all the trade insights that your business requires and will propel your business.


India Import Data

India's shipment data shown on the right side provides an overview of the information persisting in the import records of India trade data. India mirror data is made with all the information of partner countries, consisting of the same data specifications. Data specifications shown in the table format on the right side ranges from the information on shipment’s date and its origin country and total value of the shipment. Take a look at the India mirror data and understand the data specifications for import data of India.

Month November Year 2016
Date 26 Nov 2016 Indian Port Sahar Air Cargo (INBOM4)
Foreign Country Germany Chapter 33
HS 4 Digit 3304 HSN Code 33041000
Product Description Lakme Absolute Forever Silk Lipliner 0.35 Gm Mas Riselz-Br93 - 1080-03-Chestnut(Nt Qt2.55ml/Pcs)(Net Qty Less Tn 10gm/Pc)
Unit PCS
Invoice Currency EUR City *****
Unit Value USD Calculated by Exchange Rate 0.7 Quantity 4728
Total Value USD 3320.88 Total Value INR 228476.72
Invoice Unit Price Foreign Currency Actual 0.647001 Unit Value INR 48.32


Which are India's Major Imports?

India’s top imports are shown in the provided list of top imports in India according to the India import statistics on the right. India main imports for India imported products includes Mineral Fuels & Oils ($152.6 billion total imports); Pearls, Precious Stones and Metals ($58.9 billion total imports); Electronics ($50.8 billion total imports), Industrial Machinery and Parts ($44.5 billion total imports), Organic Chemicals ($20.5 billion total imports), and so on.

As we can see in the India trade data provided, the most demanded product was ‘Mineral Fuels & Oils’. Business in this sector will have good fortunes. Whereas the least demanded product among these top India imports was ‘Fertilizer’. Businesses dealing in this sector do have to consider the uncertain liabilities and various operations as different factors can be there regarding the low demand. Look at the India import data that shows the value of each top product entered in our country through shipments.

India Major Imports


Which countries are India’s Top Import Partners?

China has always been at the top in trading relations with India, according to India trade statistics. The trade statistics of India provided on the left shows the top 10 countries for India imports in the year 2019. According to import statistics of India, the country’s imports from China recorded a share of 14.3% ($68.4 Billion) which is the highest, followed by the USA with a share of 7.3% ($34.9 Billion), UAE with a share of 6.3% ($30.3 Billion), and so on in the list for import partners of India.

India imports from China are counted as the highest among all India's trading partners because the three major products India imports from China are nuclear & heavy machinery, chemicals and electronics. These products have a manufacturing base in China only, hence, according to the India mirror data, the demand of these products from China are at the top. Look at the India import statistics featuring India’s top imports with share value.

India Top Import Partners

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