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Heading Code Heading Description Import Data Export Data
Heading 4401HS Code for Wood in any shape; wood chips or particles; sawing (sawdust), scrap and waste, wood, particle board same in log (log), briquettes, pellets or similar forms.Import DataExport Data
Heading 4402HS Code for Charcoal (including the peel of coal or stones), even crowded.Import DataExport Data
Heading 4403HS Code for Raw wood, bark same, or roughly squared.Import DataExport Data
Heading 4404HS Code for Wood arcos; cuttings slit; stakes pointed, but not sawn lengthwise; wood roughly trimmed, not turned, bent or any worked otherwise for manufacturing sticks, umbrellas, tools and similar cables; wood in shingle, blades, ribbons and similar.Import DataExport Data
Heading 4405HS Code for Wool Wood Or Thin Fiber; Flour TreeImport DataExport Data
Heading 4406HS Code for Wood sleepers railways or similar.Import DataExport Data
Heading 4407HS Code for Wood sawn or chipped lengthwise, sliced ​​or peeled, not planed, sanded or ends, thickness exceeding 6 mm.Import DataExport Data
Heading 4408HS Code for Sheets for veneering (including wood obtained by slicing laminated) sheets for plywood (plywood *) or similar laminated wood and other wood, sawn lengthwise, sliced ​​or peeled, planed same, sanded, spliced ​​edges or the ends, thickness not exceeding 6 mImport DataExport Data
Heading 4409HS Code for Wood (including strips and friezes park, not mounted) continuously shaped (tongued, grooved, rebated, chamfered, v-jointed, beaded, rounded or the like) along one or rims, faces or ends, planed, sanded or ends.Import DataExport Data
Heading 4410HS Code for Particle panels panels referred oriented strand board (osb) and similar panels (waferboard, eg), wood or other matter woody, even with crowded resins or other organic binders.Import DataExport Data
Heading 4411HS Code for Wood panels fiber or other matter woody, even with crowded resins or other organic binders.Import DataExport Data
Heading 4412HS Code for Plywood (plywood *) wood, veneered panels and similar laminated woods.Import DataExport Data
Heading 4413HS Code for Wood Pressed Into The Form Of Slabs, Blocks, Strips Or Profile (Product) FormsImport DataExport Data
Heading 4414HS Code for Wooden Frames For Paintings, Photographs, Mirrors Or Similar ObjectsImport DataExport Data
Heading 4415HS Code for Cases, boxes, crates, drums and similar packings, of wood; cable-drums, of wood; simple pallets, pallet-boxes and other platforms for cargo, wood; boards wood pallets.Import DataExport Data
Heading 4416HS Code for Casks, Barrels, Vats, Tubs And Other Coopers Products And Parts Thereof, Made Of Wood, Including StavesImport DataExport Data
Heading 4417HS Code for Tools Case And Handles For Tools, Wood, Wood And Handles, Broom Or Brush; Wooden A Shoe Pads And Extensions For FootwearImport DataExport Data
Heading 4418HS Code for Construction joinery and carpentry parts for buildings, including cell panels, panels floor mounted coat (floors) and shingles (shingles and shakes), of wood.Import DataExport Data
Heading 4419HS Code for Wooden items for table or kitchen.Import DataExport Data
Heading 4420HS Code for Wood marquetry and inlaid wood; cases and umbrella for jewelry jewelery and goldsmith, works and similar wood; statuettes and other ornamental articles of wood; furniture items, wood, which do not include in chapter 94.Import DataExport Data
Heading 4421HS Code for Other articles of wood.Import DataExport Data

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