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Heading Code Heading Description Import Data Export Data
Heading 6401HS Code for Footwear burberry of sola exterior and top of rubber or plastic in the top has not been assembled to sola outside in or sewing for rivets means, nails, screwing, plugging or devices like or formed in different parts of the aggregate for same processes.Import DataExport Data
Heading 6402HS Code for Other footwear with sole and outdoor party or plastic rubber top.Import DataExport Data
Heading 6403HS Code for Footwear with sole rubber outside, plastic, natural or composition leather and top of natural leather.Import DataExport Data
Heading 6404HS Code for Footwear with sole rubber outside, plastic, leather or composition and natural top of textile.Import DataExport Data
Heading 6405HS Code for Other footwear.Import DataExport Data
Heading 6406HS Code for Shoe parties (including tops, fixed even solas the solas not be as foreign); insoles, ribs interior and the like, removable; gaiters, leggings and the like, and parts.Import DataExport Data

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