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Heading Code Heading Description Import Data Export Data
Heading 8801HS Code for Balloons And Dirigibles; Gliders, Hang Gliders And Other Non-Motorized Letatel Nye MachinesImport DataExport Data
Heading 8802HS Code for Other aircraft (for example, helicopters, airplanes); space vehicles (including satellites) and its launch vehicles and vehicles suborbital.Import DataExport Data
Heading 8803HS Code for Parts of vehicles and equipment of positions 8801 or 8802.Import DataExport Data
Heading 8804HS Code for Parachutes (Including Control Of Parachutes And Paragliders) And Rotochutes Parts And AccessoriesImport DataExport Data
Heading 8805HS Code for Apparatus and devices for air vehicle launch; devices for landing (landing *) of aircraft on aircraft carriers and apparatus and similar devices; flight ground training equipment; parts.Import DataExport Data

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