Search HS Code List of Plants And Parts Of Plants (including Seeds And Fruits), Of A Kind Used Primarily In Perfumery, In Pharmacy Or For Insecticidal, Fungicidal Or Similar Purpose, Fresh, Chilled, Frozen Or Dried, Whether Or Not Cut, Crushed Or Powdered”; in India

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HS Code Product Description
  1211Plants and parts of plants (including seeds and fruits), of a kind used primarily in perfumery, in pharmacy or for insecticidal, fungicidal or similar purpose, fresh, chilled, frozen or dried, whether or not cut, crushed or powdered”;
          12112000Ginseng roots
          12113000Coca leaf
          12114000Poppy straw
          12119011Ambrette seeds
          12119012Nuxvomica dried ripe seeds
          12119013Psyllium seed (isobgul)
          12119014Neem seed
          12119015Jojoba seed
        1211902Leaves powder flowers and pods:
          12119021Belladona leaves
          12119022Senna leaves and pods
          12119023Neem leaves powder
          12119024Gymnema powder
          12119025Cubeb powder
        1211903Bark husk and rind:
          12119031Cascara sagrada bark
          12119032Psyllium husk (isobgul husk)
          12119033Gamboge fruit rind
        1211904Roots and rhizomes:
          12119041Belladona roots
          12119042Galangal rhizomes and roots
          12119043Ipecac dried rhizome and roots
          12119044Serpentina roots (rowwalfia serpentina and other species of rowwalfias)
          12119045Zedovary roots
          12119046Kuth root
          12119047Sarasaparilla roots
          12119048Sweet flag rhizomes
          12119050Sandalwood chips and dust
          12119060Vinca rosea herbs
          12119070Mint including leaves (all species)
          12119093Unab (indian jujuba or chinese dates)
          12119094Basil hyssop rosemary sage and savory