Search HS Code List of Locust Beans, Seaweeds And Other Algae, Sugar Beet And Sugarcane, Fresh, Chilled, Frozen Or Dried, Whether Or Not Ground; Fruit Stones And Kernels And Other Vegetable Products (including Unroasted Chicory Roots Of The Variety Ci- Chorium Intybus Sativum) Of A Kind Used Primarily For Human Consumption, Not Elsewhere Specified Or Included in India

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HS Code Product Description
  1212Locust beans, seaweeds and other algae, sugar beet and sugarcane, fresh, chilled, frozen or dried, whether or not ground; fruit stones and kernels and other vegetable products (including unroasted chicory roots of the variety ci- chorium intybus sativum) of a kind used primarily for human consumption, not elsewhere specified or included
      121221Seaweeds and other algae: fit for human consumption:
          12122190Other algae
          12122990Other algae
          12129100Sugar beet
          12129200Locust beans
          12129300Sugar cane
          12129400Chicory roots
          12129910Kokam (cocum) flowers
          12129920Mohua flowers