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Heading Code Heading Description Import Data Export Data
Heading 9801HS Code for Edible Flesh And Edible Offal Of Pheasant (Japanese Chicken), Chopped, Fresh, Chilled Or Frozen.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9802HS Code for Carp, For Breeding (Except For Heading 0301.93.10).Import DataExport Data
Heading 9803HS Code for Swimming Bladder.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9804HS Code for Crustaceans, was smoked.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9805HS Code for Tide, Chick Peas, Suitable For Breeding.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9806HS Code for Surface treatment agents used in the production of coated fabrics and imitation leather fabrics.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9807HS Code for Kraft Paper, Bleached.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9808HS Code for Textile Fabrics Impregnated, Coated, Covered Or Laminated With Plastics Other Than Those With Polyvinyl Chlorite And Polyurethane As The Backing For Rubber Coated Fabrics.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9809HS Code for Glass Eyes.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9810HS Code for Products Made Of Iron Wire Or Steel, The Type Used To Produce Tires.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9811HS Code for Alloy Steels Containing Bo Elements Excluding Flat Rolled, Flat Rolled Steel.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9812HS Code for Diesel engines, for vehicles of heading 8701 with a capacity exceeding 60kw.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9813HS Code for Power Transformers Using Liquid Dielectrics For Measuring Instruments With A Nominal Power Not Exceeding 1 Kva And A Maximum Voltage Of 110 Kv Or Higher.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9814HS Code for Optical Discs For Laser Reading Systems, Of The Type Used For Cinematography, Recorded.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9815HS Code for Other hand-held firearms and the like operate by burning the loaded explosive charge.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9816HS Code for Lamp Frame For Miners Or Quarry Workers; Other Parts For Miners' Lamps, Surgical Lights.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9817HS Code for Exploiting machinery and equipment used exclusively for coal mining in the pit and a number of supplies and equipment for the manufacture and assembly of anti-explosion machinery and equipment used exclusively for coal mining in pits.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9818HS Code for Products for the building, repair and maintenance of locomotives, wagons.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9819HS Code for Supplies And Equipment Imported To Produce Key Mechanical Products And To Invest In The Production Of Key Mechanical Products.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9820HS Code for Components And Supplies For Aircraft.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9821HS Code for Complete and synchronous sets of automobile components for automobile assembly and assembly.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9822HS Code for Materials and equipment serving the project to manufacture equipment for production of lightweight non-baked building materials and production of aggregate cement bricks with a capacity of 7 million standard-sized members / year or more.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9823HS Code for Vehicles Designed To Carry MoneyImport DataExport Data
Heading 9824HS Code for Vinyl Chloride Monomer (Vcm)Import DataExport Data
Heading 9825HS Code for Skin Filler (Restylane)Import DataExport Data
Heading 9826HS Code for Nylon Screen Cloth 1680D / 2 And 1890 D / 2Import DataExport Data
Heading 9827HS Code for 2 "3/8" to 20 "diameter cast iron pipe and tube for oil or gas drilling.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9828HS Code for Steel Welded Steel Pipe With Attachment, Diameter From 20 Inch To 36 Inch, Used In Oil Or Gas Drilling.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9829HS Code for Tubular welded tube and pipe, diameter 2 - 3/8 inch to 20 inch, for oil or gas drilling.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9830HS Code for Copper Wire Has A Maximum Cross-Sectional Dimension Of More Than 6 Mm But Not More Than 8 Mm.Import DataExport Data
Heading 9831HS Code for Automatic Circuit Breaker, Cast Type Box With Current Over 1000 AImport DataExport Data
Heading 9832HS Code for Hydraulic crane trucksImport DataExport Data
Heading 9833HS Code for Concealers To Check In At The Airport Or Train StationImport DataExport Data

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