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Heading 5901HS Code for Textile fabrics coated with gum or amylaceous substances, of a kind used for the outer covers of books or the like; tracing cloth; prepared painting canvas; buckram and similar stiffened textile fabrics of a kind used for hat foundations.Import DataExport Data
Heading 5902HS Code for Tyre cord fabric of high tenacity yarn of nylon or other polyamides, polyesters or viscose rayon.Import DataExport Data
Heading 5903HS Code for Textile fabrics impregnated, coated, covered or laminated with plastics, other than those of heading 59.02.Import DataExport Data
Heading 5904HS Code for Linoleum, whether or not cut to shape; floor coverings consisting of a coating or covering applied on a textile backing, whether or not cut to shape.Import DataExport Data
Heading 5905HS Code for Textile wall coverings.Import DataExport Data
Heading 5906HS Code for Rubberised textile fabrics, other than those of heading 59.02.Import DataExport Data
Heading 5907HS Code for Textile fabrics otherwise impregnated, coated or covered; painted canvas being theatrical scenery, studio backcloths or the like.Import DataExport Data
Heading 5908HS Code for Textile wicks, woven, plaited or knitted, for lamps, stoves, lighters, candles or the like; incandescent gas mantles and tubular knitted gas mantle fabric therefor, whether or not impregnated.Import DataExport Data
Heading 5909HS Code for Textile hosepiping and similar textile tubing, with or without lining, armour or accessories of other materials.Import DataExport Data
Heading 5910HS Code for Drive Belts, Conveyor Belts Or Belting, Of The Texts. Mat-Voc, Impregnated Or No, Coated Or Uncoated, Duplicate Or No Polymer. Mat-Mi Or Not Reinforced. Metal Or Others. Mat-ScrapImport DataExport Data
Heading 5911HS Code for Textile products and articles, for technical uses, specified in note 7 to this chapter.Import DataExport Data

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