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  0307Molluscs, whether in shell or not, live, fresh, chilled, frozen, dried, salted or in brine; aquatic invertebrates other than crustaceans and molluscs , live , fresh , chilled , frozen , dried , salted or in brine ; flours , meals nad pellets of aquatic inveribrates other than crustaceans, fit for human consumption smoked molluscs, whether in shell or not, whether or not cooked before or during the smoking process; flours, meals and pellets of molluscs, fit for human consumption
          03071100Live fresh or chilled
    03072Scallops including queen scallops of the genera pecten chlamys or placopecten:
          03072100Live fresh or chilled
    03073Mussels (mytilus spp. perna spp.):
          03073100Live fresh or chilled
          03073910Clams clam meat (bivalves-victorita spp. mertrix spp. and katalysia spp.)
    03074Cuttle fish and squid
      030742Live fresh or chilled:
          03074210Cuttle fish
          03074310Cuttle fish
          03074320Whole squids
          03074330Squid tubes
          03074910Cuttle fish
          03074920Whole squids
          03074930Squid tubes
          03074940Dried squids
    03075Octopus (octopus spp.):
          03075100Live fresh or chilled
          03076000Snails other than sea snails
    03077Clams cockles and ark shells (families arcidae arcticidae cardiidae donacidae hiatellidae mactridae mesodesmatidae myidae semelidae solecurtidae solenidae tridacnidae and veneridae):
          03077100Live fresh or chilled
    03078Abalone (haliotis spp.) and stromboid conchs (strombus spp.):
          03078100Live fresh or chilled abalone (haliotis spp.)
          03078200Live fresh or chilled stromboid conchs (strombus spp.)
          03078300Frozen abalone (haliotis spp.)
          03078400Frozen stromboid conchs (strombus spp.)
          03078700Other abalone (haliotis spp.)
          03078800Other stromboid conchs (strombus spp.)
    03079Other including flours meals and pellets fit for human consumption:
          03079100Live fresh or chilled
          03079910Sea shell flesh
          03079920Jelly fish (rhopelina spp.) dried salted or frozen

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