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India Export Data

India’s Exports Increased by 60% in March 2021 – India Export Data

India’s exports in March 2021 increased by 60% and stood at USD 34.45 billion, as compared to USD 21.49 billion in March last year. As per Export Genius India export data, the positive growth in exports has put the overall trade deficit for April-March 2020-21 to estimated USD 12.74 billion as compared to the deficit of USD 77.76 billion in April-March 2019-20.
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China Import Export Data

China’s Imports and Exports Rise in March 2021 – China Trade Data

China’s exports increased at a robust pace in March 2021 in yet another boost to the nation’s economic recovery as global demand of goods picks up amid progress in worldwide Covid-19 vaccination. Also, China’s imports surged to the highest in four year during March 2021. As per Export Genius China trade data, China’s exports in dollar terms soared 30% in March from a year earlier, but a slower pace from a record 154% growth in February.
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China Export Data

China's Automobiles Industry Sales Increased Up To 75%

China automobile market, considered to be the biggest car market in the world, has received a spike in sales of the year 2021. The values of world’s biggest car market show a recovery for the automobile industry after the crisis of pandemic. China car market was receiving gains each consecutive month after the pandemic. It made a consecutive gain for the automobile sales in the 12th month as well, making year-on-year sales figure reaching the highest peak.
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Global Trade Data

Semiconductor Shortage Has Brought A Crisis in The Global Market

Semiconductor shortage has brought a technological crisis in the global market in electronics manufacturing, but especially the semiconductor industry and chip industry. The increasing usage of digital products and services has raised the demands for building the component. Semiconductor supply has come down due to the surging demand after the pandemic. A pre-pandemic environment is suspected to worsen it.
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India Export Data

The Highest Ever Export in Electronic Goods of India Reported in Dec

Electronics export from India reached the highest by a number of ₹8,806 Crore, as per stated by India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) for the month of December, on Tuesday (05th March 2021). India electronics exports recorded mobile phones accounting for 35% alone in the electronics export data of India, as per added by an official of ICEA. Value for the export of mobile phones was counted to ₹3,061 Crore accordingly to same electronics export data of India.
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