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US Import Export Data

U.S. Import Export Prices Up in November 2020 – U.S. Trade Data

U.S. import prices ticked up by 0.1% in November 2020, after edging down by 0.1% in October. Prices for U.S. exports also rose in November 2020 by 0.6% following advanced of 0.2% in October. According to Export Genius import export data and intelligence reports, higher fuel prices in November and lower non-fuel prices were the major considerations to rise in import prices.
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UK Trade Data

No Deal Brexit Impact on UK Import Export – Understand UK Trade Data

Britain and the European Union are seeking a post-Brexit trade deal, with failure likely to impact UK’s imports & exports. This would also result to increased chaos in mutual trade between UK and European Union countries, financial markets tumbling and huge economic costs. Brexit withdrawal agreement was officially signed on 24th January 2020. A no-deal Brexit is the potential withdrawal of the UK from the EU without a withdrawal agreement. Let’s discuss more about no deal Brexit and its impact on UK import & export from Export Genius UK trade data and business intelligence reports.
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Global Trade Data

Global Trade and New Year Holidays – Considerations for Your Business

New Year Holiday Season is a time when people enjoy the occasions, but at the same time, import-export businesses get affected, if they do not have planned early. Companies who have import or export goods ahead before holidays would not be affected that much and continue with their business in local market. However, companies who haven’t stock up their inventory, their business could be affected during New Year holidays.
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Singapore Export Data

Singapore Mobile Phone Exports – Singapore Export Data & Market View

The value of mobile phone exports from Singapore totaled USD 11,444 million in 2019, which rose as compared to the previous year. That dollar amount was the highest since the last 10 years. According to Singapore export data of mobile phones, Singapore shipped mobile phones the most to China, which shared 13.2% value to total exports. Get the latest updates on Singaporean export market of mobile phones right here.
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Singapore Import Data

Singapore Imports Crude Petroleum Oil – Singapore Import Data

Crude oil imports into Singapore valued USD 24,224 million in 2019, a drop of about USD 4,000 million as compared to the previous year. Singapore imported about 48,754,474 tons of crude petroleum in last year. According to Singapore import data of crude oil, Singapore imported crude oil the most from United Arab Emirates, which shared about 27.3% value to total imports in 2019. Check more facts and figures about Singapore import market of crude oil and analyze Singapore import statistics of crude oil.
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