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11 September 2018
Vietnam Synthetic Rubber Export

Rubber is one of the most important agricultural exports of Vietnam and the country stood as 7th largest exporter of natural and synthetic rubber, the country exports around 90% of the total volume produced every year. Vietnam exports of synthetic rubber to the global market worth USD 1276 million while it was USD 731 million in 2016. As per HS Code List, synthetic rubber HS Code is 4002 which also includes factice derived from oils in primary forms. China is its biggest import market purchased almost all of the synthetic rubber.

Export Genius has released a report on synthetic rubber exports from Vietnam in 2017 and analysed on the basis of value, quantity, HS Codes, types, monthly trends, partner country, exporters and importers. Let’s take a comprehensive look at the detailed analysis of synthetic rubber export report.

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Month Wise Analysis of Vietnam Synthetic Rubber Exports

According to Vietnam rubber export statistics, the country has exported highest synthetic rubber during third quarter of 2017 and lowest exports recorded in second quarter of the year. It was recorded that last two quarter of year exports worth over 63% of the total value and first two quarter recorded 36% value of the total synthetic rubber exports in 2017.

After the quarter wise analysis, let’s analyse the Vietnamese market by monthly values. Vietnam has recorded highest export sales in August (USD 155.58 million) while the lowest exports sales recorded in May (USD 41.19 million). Refer the below to check Vietnam export statistics of synthetic rubber during 2017.


Value (USD Million)

Share Value (%)





































How to Get Vietnam Synthetic Rubber Export Data?

It is not easy to find genuine overseas buyers and to boost your business in the global market. All the solutions related to business growth will be available in our market research report. Here is the sample of synthetic rubber export data which will give you a fair idea about major data fields that we cover in our report such as Date, HS Code, Product Description, Quantity, Value, Port of Loading, Vietnam Exporter Name, Foreign Importer Name, Origin Country, etc.


29 December 2017

HS Code



Synthetic Rubber

Product Description

Mixed natural rubber and rubber synthetic svr10 sbr1502 (mixtures svr10 of 1502 and sbr). Synchronized products packing 33.33 KGS / cake.


220 Tons


USD 309100

Exporter Name

Company Limited A Member Duc Hien Quang Tri

Importer Name

Haoyuan Qingdao Rubber Technology Co Ltd

Origin Country


Destination Country


Export Port

Tien Sa Port

Import Port



Vietnam Export Data is received from Vietnamese customs, port authorities, shipping & logistics companies, trade associations and government bodies. Our data is authentic and based on actual shipment records. It is based on shipping bills, export bills, invoices and other operational documents, which are required in import export business.

We at Export Genius basically provide the customized reports on products and countries. In our business intelligence report on Vietnam synthetic rubber exports in 2017, you will get answers of following main trade-related questions that are helpful in import-export business.

               ·         How much was synthetic rubber supplied by Vietnam in 2017?

               ·         Which are the main export markets of Vietnamese rubber?

               ·         At what value and quantity, the product is exported from Vietnam.

               ·         Who are the top synthetic rubber exporters in Vietnam?

               ·         Which global companies purchased rubber from Vietnam?

Rubber Industry in Vietnam

Vietnam exports two types of rubber to the global market such as natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The rubber price increases during the dry season when the rubber trees stop tapping and decrease when rubber trees are mined back in the rainy season. The rubber consumption increased in volume but slow due to the fact that the European economy is weakened by the public debt crisis. The price of crude oil also affects the price of synthetic rubber made from crude oil.

Affected by US-China trade war, the average export price of Vietnamese rubber down with the global price as China is its largest export market. The domestic market has been gloomy and besides increasing productivity, the producers should pay attention to improve the quality of rubber latex and diversify kinds of rubber products for exports. Vietnam rubber industry need to focus on the production of automobile tyres, gloves and mattresses.

Vietnam export sales of synthetic rubber have been boosted in last three years and it replaced the natural rubber in terms of exports during 2017. Vietnam rubber export statistics shows that the country recorded growth in exported value by 316% and 353% growth in value in terms of quantity since 2013 and growth of 75% of value during 2016-17.

Synthetic Rubber Exporters in Vietnam

Vietnam export data reveals that more than 150 companies are exporting synthetic rubber to the global market. Corporation Import Export General Binh Phuoc is the largest synthetic rubber exporter in Vietnam which recorded 20.28% sales of the total exports in 2017, followed by Company limited Van Loi which recorded 14.90% sales of the total exports during the same period and both companies only exports all its products to China. Check the names of some synthetic rubber exporters in Vietnam and the list of suppliers and their trading details are available in our report.

             ·         Corporation Import Export General Binh Phuoc

             ·         Company Limited Van Loi 

             ·         Company Limited Thuan Hoa Trading

             ·         Southland International Public Company Limited

             ·         Company Limited Production Trading Thanh Long

             ·         Industrial Limited Company Van Xuan

             ·         Import and Export Company Limited Tan Thai Rubber

Top Synthetic Rubber Export Partners of Vietnam

Vietnam export data shows that the country has exported synthetic rubber to more than 20 countries around the world including China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, USA, Sri Lanka, Taiwan etc. China is the biggest market purchase almost all of the synthetic rubber from Vietnamese companies. Our report shows that 98.5% of the synthetic rubber shipped to China in 2017, as the demand for this product has been increased by 875% of value in last five years. The exports to Malaysia and Indonesia have also been increased during this period. Let’s check Vietnam export statistics of its top three partner countries recorded during 2017.


Share Value (%)








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