Coal Imports in India – Imports of Coal from North America Increased

26 December 2017
India Coal Import

India’s coal imports amounted to USD 12707 million in 2016, which declined from 2015’s USD 14115 million. Despite being one of the largest producers of coal, India belongs to group of top importer countries of coal to meet the demand. Since 2014, the country has been recording a decline in the total imports of coal. Despite the fact that India imports coal maximum from Australia, Indonesia and South Africa; the imports of coal from North American countries have been rising since 2015. As per a report on India coal imports 2017, the country’s total coal imports from North America quadrupled to 2.1 million tonnes in October this year. Let’s analyse this trade information from the India import statistics of coal. 

Kinds of Coal Imported by India

India imports mainly two kinds of coal namely Coal, whether or not pulverized & non-agglomerated, Bituminous Coal and Anthracite Coal, whether or not pulverized & non-agglomerated. It imported coal whether or not pulverized & non-agglomerated type the most in 2016, which was followed by bituminous coal. Check out the tabular and graphical presentation on kinds of coal imports in India with their trade statistics right here.


HS Code

Product Description

Import Value


Coal, whether or not pulverised & non-agglomerated

USD 11734262000


Bituminous Coal

USD 868300000


Anthracite Coal, whether or not pulverised & non-agglomerated

USD 104763000


India Coal Imports from North America

According to media reports, India’s coal imports from North America increased to 2.1 million tonnes in October 2017, which was the highest since January 2015. And it is expected that India will buy more coal from the United States of America after pet coke ban in some states due to rising pollution levels in major cities including Delhi. Every cement company is looking for an alternative to petroleum coke, so they are going for US coal. In 2016, India imported USD 380 million of coal from US. It shared 3% value to total Indian coal imports in the said year.

Trade data shows that cement companies in India account for nearly 75% annual petcoke demand of 27 million tonnes. Apart from big players, small industries are also considering the use of US coal, which is almost as efficient as petroleum coke. And now the pet coke ban may deter government’s plan to cut India’s coal imports. As far as custom duty on imported coal is concerned, Basic Custom Duty (BCD), Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) and Compensation Cess if applicable are charged after Goods and Services Tax implementation.

India Coal Imports by Country

India coal imports from which countries? India coal imports data shows that the country imported coal the most from Australia, which was followed by Indonesia, South Africa, the United States of America, Russia and Canada. India coal import from Australia amounted to 38.3% in the year 2016. How much coal was imported by India from these countries? Let’s found out from the chart and table below.



Share in Value (%)

Import Value (USD Million)







South Africa













India Coal Imports of Last 5 Years

If we see India coal imports of last five years, we found that since 2014, the country has been recording a decline in total imports of coal. However, after petcoke ban in India, coal imports are likely to increase, despite the government initiative to reduce coal consumption dependency. Follow up the chart and table below to get India import statistics of coal recorded in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.



Import Value (USD Million)












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