List Of Notifications

Notification DateNotification No.Issuing AuthorityHeading
2008-01-01Circular - 25DGFT-ClarificationService not originating from India and Served From India Scheme(SFIS) for service providers, clarification thereof.
2008-01-01Circular - 24DGFT-ClarificationMerger(s) & Acquisition(s) of companies and /or firms during 1.4.2002 to 31.3.2006 & consequential grant of benefits under DFCE for status H
2007-12-31Circular - 23DGFT-CircularImport of Sandal Wood.
2007-12-24Circular - 22DGFT-CircularImport Policy of 1-Bromo-3-Chloro Propane
2007-12-14Circular - 21DGFT-CircularImport of vehicles used in off-highway operations such as mining, industrial undertakings, irrigation, general construction etc.
2007-12-05Circular - 20DGFT-CircularNorms Committee-Para 4.7 cases Guidelines
2007-11-05Circular - 19DGFT-CircularApplicability of Public Notice No 36 in respect of pending claims for TED refunds as per amended Para 8.3.1(iii) of HBP Volume I
2007-10-30Circular - 18DGFT-ClarificationClarification regarding procedure to be followed for destruction of drugs imported from un-registered sources under the Advance Authorisatio
2007-10-26Circular - 17DGFT-CircularVishesh Krishi Upaj Yojana benefits for export of Cashew, Pepper, Chilly, Cardamom and Sesamum Seeds for exports from 1.4.2004 till 31.8.200
2007-10-22Circular - 16DGFT-ClarificationIssuance of End Use (No Objection) Certificate for import of Boric Acid – Clarification regarding

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