List Of Notifications

Notification DateNotification No.Issuing AuthorityHeading
2003-09-17Circular - 15DGFT-CircularExemption from registration procedure for import of all types of approved and unapproved drugs under the Advance Licensing Scheme
2003-08-29Circular - 14DGFT-ClarificationImport of crude palm stearin.
2003-08-18Circular - 13DGFT-CircularReview of DEPB rates and submission of fresh data – reg.
2003-07-11Circular - 12DGFT-CircularGuidelines for the fixation of ad-hoc DEPB rates
2003-07-10Circular - 11DGFT-CircularIssuance of EPCG licences by units having RCMC as merchant exporters
2003-07-03Circular - 10DGFT-CircularDuty Free of Import of Natural Rubber
2003-06-30Circular - 09DGFT-CircularImports of approved & unapproved drugs under the Advance Licensing Scheme – Exemption from Registration procedure
2003-06-20Circular - 08DGFT-CircularReview of the DEPB rates submission of fresh data- reg.
2003-06-16Circular - 07DGFT-CircularExport obligation fulfilment criteria against EPCG licence
2003-06-13Circular - 06DGFT-ClarificationClarification regarding the admissibility of DEPB

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