List Of Notifications

Notification DateNotification No.Issuing AuthorityHeading
2000-06-14Circular - 10DGFT-CircularConsideration of application under paragraph 6.8 of the Handbook (Vol.1)
2000-05-26Circular - 09DGFT-CircularTo consider ICD, Jalandhar as a notified port under paragraph 7.56 of Handbook (Vol.1) (RE-00)
2000-05-25Circular - 08DGFT-CircularAttention is invited to Notification No. 3(RE-2000)/97-2000 dated 31.03.2000
2000-05-04Circular - 07DGFT-CircularFulfilment of export obligation under EPCG through deemed exports under paragraph 6.5 (iv) of Policy.
2000-05-02Circular - 06DGFT-CircularExport of goods to RPA countries against payment in Indian Rupees in respect of irrevocable letter of credit
2000-04-19Circular - 05DGFT-CircularExport of Sandalwood Oil
2000-04-07Circular - 04DGFT-CircularAttention is invited to Para 2 (3)(7) of Notification No. 9 (RE-99) dated 19. 05.99 Notification No. 15(RE-99) dated 02.07.99
2000-04-07Circular - 03DGFT-CircularConsideration of application under paragraph 6.8 of Handbook (Vol.1) without reference to Headquarters EPCG Committee.
2000-04-07Circular - 02DGFT-CircularTransitional arrangement regarding various provisions of Handbook (Vol.1) (RE-99)
2000-04-03Circular - 01DGFT-CircularDebonding of EOU/EPZ units under EPCG Scheme.

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