List Of Notifications

Notification DateNotification No.Issuing AuthorityHeading
2013-05-0710 (RE-2013) / 2009-2014DGFT-Public NoticeAmendment/modifications in the Handbook of Procedures, Vol.II (SION Book).
2013-05-0711 (RE-2013) / 2009-2014DGFT-Public NoticeEnlistment under Appendix 4C- Agencies Authorized to issue Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential).
2013-05-0812 (RE-2013) / 2009-2014DGFT-Public NoticeThe Director General of Foreign Trade hereby makes the following amendments in Appendix 5 of the Handbook of Procedures (Vol. I) 2009-14
2013-05-1714 (RE-2013) / 2009-2014DGFT-Public NoticeAmendment in Para 2.43.2 (c) of Handbook of Procedure Vol.I, 2009-2014.
2013-06-0315 (RE-2013) / 2009-2014DGFT-Public NoticeAmendments in Appendix 5 of the Handbook of Procedures (Vol. I).
2013-07-0916 (RE-2013) / 2009-2014DGFT-Public NoticeModification of SION A-1442.
2013-07-0917 (RE-2013) / 2009-2014DGFT-Public NoticeNotifies a new SION A-3643.
2013-07-1018 (RE-2013) / 2009-2014DGFT-Public NoticeModification of the description of the export product under SION bearing Nos. A-3530 and A-3529
2013-07-1019 (RE-2013) / 2009-2014DGFT-Public NoticeAmendments in the Reward/Incentive Schemes of Chapter 3 of Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14 - Appendix 37D of Handbook of Procedure (Vol. I).
2013-07-1920 (RE-2013) / 2009-2014DGFT-Public NoticeInclusion of Kattupalli Sea Port as a Port of Registration under Para 4.19 of HBP (Vol. I)

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