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Mexico Map Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, is a country in the southern portion of North America. According to Mexico export data, Mexico was 10th largest exporter country in the world during 2019. Based on Mexico trade data, Mexico shipped goods valued USD 460.7 billion in 2019, an uptick from 2018’s USD 450.9 billion.

Mexico is bordered with the United States, the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, Belize, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Based on Mexico trade statistics, dollar amount of Mexico’s total exports in 2019 translated to roughly USD 3,800 per resident in the southernmost North American country, given Mexico’s population of 125.9 million people.

Mexico has a developing market economy, which is the 16th largest in the world in nominal terms and 10th largest by purchasing power parity. As per Mexico customs data, Mexico’s top economic sector is agriculture, in which potatoes, sugarcane and avocado are top growing crops. Other major industries of Mexico are electronics, oil, energy and automobile manufacturing, Mexico export data reveals.


Mexico Export Data

Mexico Export Data is a type of Customs Data, in which you will find a vast data coverage, bringing you and your trading partners closer. It helps you find real exporters in Mexico and discover new business opportunities. In terms of data quality, we collect Mexico trade data from Custom Departments, Port Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Government Bodies and Trade Associations and filter raw data to provide you clean shipment records.

Mexico trade statistics are based on Shipping Bills, Import Bills, Invoices and other major documents required in import-export business. Whether you are looking for previous years’ shipping records or latest data, we have Mexico export data available from 2010 onwards. Mexico export data covers 72000000+ shipment records and 65000+ exporters.


Mexico Export Data

Mexico Export Data is of Customs Type, covering all business activities between Mexican exporters and overseas importers. Besides company names, Mexico trade data also covers product specifications, port, destination country, value, quantity and so on. Here is a sample, which shows full list of columns available in Mexico trade data.

Date 01-Jul-2020 Exporter State ****
Exporter Name **** Exporter Address ****
Buyer Name **** Buyer Address ****
Destination Country United States of America
HS Code 96039099 Product Description Brushes
Quantity 849 Unit Piece
Gross Weight KG 1030 FOB Value USD 393.38
Port of Loading Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas Mode of Transport Road

Mexico’s Top Exports

Mexico’s Top 10 Export Goods

Mexico export data shows Mexico’s top 10 exports in 2019 were Vehicles (25.68%), Electronics (17.14%), Machinery (17.09%), Mineral Fuels & Oils (5.63%), Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment (4.21%), Plastics (2.28%), Furniture (2.18%), Edible Vegetables (1.65%), Beverages, Spirits & Vinegar (1.59%) and Edible Fruits & Nuts (1.58%).

According to Mexico customs data, Mexico’s top 10 exports accounted for 80% of total value of exports in 2019. On the basis of Mexico shipment data, we reveal fruits & nuts represent the fastest growing among country’s top 10 export categories, up 13.3% in value from 2018 to 2019. Mexico’s main declining export category was mineral fuels & oils (-10.6%). Mexico export statistics show dollar amount of Mexico’s top 10 exports.

Mexico’s Top 10 Export Goods

Mexico Export Partners

Mexico’s Top 10 Export Partners

Based on Mexico export data, Mexico’s top 10 export partners in 2019 were United States (USD 358.8 billion), Canada (USD 14.2 billion), Germany (USD 7.0 billion), China (USD 6.9 billion), Taipei, Chinese (6.6 billion), Brazil (Brazil (USD 4.2 billion), Japan (USD 3.9 billion), Colombia (USD 3.5 billion), United Kingdom (USD 3.4 billion) and South Korea (USD 2.8 billion).

The latest available country-specific Mexico shipment data shows Mexico’s top 10 export partners shared 88.7% to total value of exports in 2019. According to Mexico trade statistics, about 84.2% of Mexico’s exports by value were shipped to North American countries in 2019, while 5.5% were delivered to buyers in Asia. Below given chart shows percentage share of Mexico’s top 10 export partners reported in 2019.

Mexico’s Top 10 Export Partners

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