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Mexico’s total export shipments valued US$ 450 billion in 2018. Mexico trade data shows the dollar amount reflects a 10.1% increase in exports as compared to the previous year.

View Mexico trade statistics with up-to-date market research information. Get our data to access shipment details of Mexican exporters, trading partners and export commodities.

Mexico export data

What Does Mexico Export?

Top 10 Mexico Export Products are Vehicles (25.64%), Electronics (18.18%), Machinery (16.73%), Mineral Fuels & Oils (6.59%), Optical, Medical Equipment, etc. (4.23%), Furniture (2.35%), Plastics (2.12%), Edible Vegetables (1.57%), Articles of Iron & Steel (1.50%) and Beverages (1.49%). According to Mexico customs data, top 10 exports accounted 80% share to total value of its global shipments in 2018.

Mexico export products

Top 5 Export Partners of Mexico

United States (US$ 344 billion), Canada (US$ 14 billion), China (US$ 7.1 billion), Germany (US$ 7 billion) and Brazil (US$ 4 billion).

Almost 80% of Mexican exports by value were delivered to the United States, Canada and Canada-fellow members under the old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

According to Mexico export statistics, the value of Mexican shipments to European importers was 5.9%, while Latin America & the Caribbean accounted for 5.1% of total Mexican exports.

Mexico trade statistics also show exporters of the country supply goods of 4.3% to Asian purchasers and much smaller percentages to buyers of Oceania & Africa.

Mexico export partners

About Mexico Export Data

Mexico Export Data unfolds country’s exporting activities from shipment details collected from Mexican Customs, Port Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Trade Associations, Government Bodies and other genuine sources. The customs information on Mexico exports is based on import-export documents such as Shipping Bills, Invoices and Import Bills.

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Data Field Statistical Both Side (All Modes) Both Side (Sea Mode Only)
HS Code 2, 4, 6 & 8 Digit Level 8 Digit Level Only 2, 4, 6 & 8 Digit Level
Product Description Standard Actual Actual
Company Names No Covers Both Mexican Exporters & Foreign Importers Covers Both Mexican Exporters & Foreign Importers
Transport Mode All Modes (Sea, Air & Land) All Modes (Sea, Air & Land) Sea Mode Only
Historical Data Available (Since 2010) Available (Since 2010) Available (Since 2010)
Subscription Available ( Monthly, Half-Yearly, Annually ) Available ( 4 Months, Half-Yearly, Annually ) Available ( Monthly, Half-Yearly, Annually )
Major Data Fields Date, HS Code, HS Code Description, Quantity, Value, Transport, Destination Country, etc. Date, HS Code, Product Description, Mexican Exporter, Foreign Importer, Quantity, Value, Port, Transport, etc. Date, HS Code, Product Description, Mexican Exporter, Foreign Importer, Quantity, Value, Port, Transport, etc.

Samples of Mexico Export Data

Our Mexico shipment data contains comprehensive market intelligence information. Check Mexico export samples of all three data types and understand which columns are covered in Mexico Statistical Data, Both Side Data (All Modes) and Both Side Data (Sea Mode Only).

Sample of Mexico Export Statistical Data - Type 1

Mexico Export Sample # Type 1
Year2018Fob (usd)58509
Month5Unit Price (usd)2.79
HS Code29071902Gross Weight (kg)21622
HS Code Descriptionp-tert-Butylphenol.TransportCARTER
Quantity21000Origin CountryU.S

Sample of Mexico Export Both Side Data - All Modes - Type 2

Mexico Export Sample # Type 2
Date11-01-2019HS 4 Digit8501
Exporter IDFDM0606269VAChapter85
Exporter NameFisher Dynamics Mexico S DE R.L.DE C.V.HS Code85011004
Exporter AddressDiagonal Lorenzo DE LA Garza between Avenida Pedro Hinojosa and North 4Product DescriptionElectric Motor Moves Seat
Exporter CityMataamorosCustoms/State/PortManzanillo/Manzanillo/Colima
Exporter StateTamaulipasFOB Value (USD)19716.24
Buyer NameKM & I Co. Ltd.Gross Weight2070
Buyer AddressKajwa-DongCommercial UnitPiece
Buyer CityThis KU IncheanCommercial Quantity2304
Destination CountrySouth KoreaQuantity2304
Transport TypeBy SeaUnitPiece

Samples of Mexico Export Both Side Data - Sea Mode Only - Type 3

Mexico Export Sample # Type 3
Date11-01-2019HS 4 Digit8403
Exporter IDBWM530121BA4Chapter84
Exporter NameBabcock and Wilcox Mex SA CVHS Code84039001
Exporter AddressBhia DE LAS Palmas / 24 / 1st Floor / Veronica Anzures / Miguel HGO DFProduct DescriptionCoupling, Yokeassy, KM-3 Armed Atomizer Coupling, MK-3 P / N MK-3 (Atomizer Coupling)
Exporter CityTlahuacCustoms/State/PortVeracruz, Veracruz, Veracruz
Exporter StateFederal DistrictFOB Value (USD)350
Buyer NameMOA Nickel S.A.Gross Weight39.2
Buyer AddressPuerto RoadCommercial UnitPiece
Buyer CityMOA, HolguinCommercial Quantity1
Destination CountryCubaUnitKilogram
Transport TypeBy SeaQuantity 4

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