Ukraine Import Data of Wall Ball | Ukraine Import Statistics of Wall Ball

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of wall ball collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of wall ball imports.

Wall Ball Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Wall Ball

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of wall ball. Get Ukraine trade data of Wall Ball imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20179405109190"1.Elektrychni lighting, yakipidvishuyutsya or are fixed on the ceiling stinichy home office svitylnykyz shades of ferrous metals, chrome, designed for use with lampamyrozzharyuvannya, 35-60W halogen and energy-efficient, operating voltage of 220V, (supplied with mounting and to the instructions on installation: Total 18sht = W / h: BALL Kinkiet 1L Bialy wall, b / l art.106616; EKELUND Kinkiet 1L Czarny wall, b / l art.104636; ROMA Kinkiet 1L Chrom wall, b / l art.105299; URN Kinkiet 1L Zloty wall, b / l art.106315; EKELUND Wiszaca 2L Czarny chandelier, b / l art.104635; KUPOL Kinkiet Szary wall, b / l art.105479; LAMMHULT Kinkiet 1L Czarny br A halogen, art.102655;. "CHINA0UA20918026.2406.1796543 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20179405109890"1.Elektrychni lighting devices that are attached to or hung on the wall steliabo, new, home working voltage of 220V, designed foruse with LED lamp in a disassembled state, which can skladatysyaz: Lamps with ballast and electric z'yednennyamy, remote withelements control the power and decorative halogen or LED bulb lights yakavykonuye function: Bra INL-9278W-10 Antique brass - 20pcs .; BraINL-9279W-06 Antique brass - 50sht .; Lyustratra INL-9368P-36 White & Gold - 52sht., Ceiling lamp INL-9368C-48 White & Gold - 52sht., Ceiling light ylnykINL-9368C-60 White & Gold - 42sht., Ceiling Light INL-9368C-72 White & Gold- 32sht.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - ALTALUSSEVyrobnyk - ALTALUSSE sro industrial facilities Top Notch Impex Limited. "CHINA0UA125120609.612623.88
28/Apr/20179405109190"1.Elektrychni lighting devices that are attached to or hung on the wall steliabo, new, home working voltage of 220V, designed foruse with incandescent lamps, in a disassembled state, which can skladatysyaz: Lamps with ballast and electric z'yednennyamy, remote withelements control the power and decorative halogen or LED bulb lights yakavykonuye function: Bra INL-9288W-01 Chrome & Silver White - 60sht., Sconce INL-6092W-01 Brushed antique black - 80sht .; Bra INL-6092W-01 Brushed antiqueblack - 1pc ., Chandelier INL-6100P- 01 Golden coffee - 24sht .; Chandelier INL-6100 P-01Golden coffee- 6 pcs .; Bra INL-9215W-01 Chrome & Dark wengue - 50sht .; BraINL-9286W-01 Ivory Gold - 60sht .; Bra INL-9286W-03 Golden Brass - 50sht .; LyustraINL-9329P-01 White - 30sht .; Bra INL-9333W-11 Antique brass - 156sht .; BraINL-9333W-11 Chrome - 132sht .; Bra INL-9333W-01 Antique brass - 108sht .; BraINL-9333W-01 Chrome - 108sht Bra .; INL-9333W-02 Antique brass - 90sht .; BraINL-9333W-2 0 Chrome - 100 pieces .; Bra INL-9333W-03 Antique brass - 80sht .; BraINL-9333W-03 Chrome - 80sht .; Bra INL-9333W-04 Antique brass - 32sht .; BraINL-9333W-04 Chrome - 24sht .; Ceiling Light INL-1143C-04 Vintage Bronze -30sht .; Ceiling Light INL-1143C-04 Silver Leaf - 30sht .; LyustraINL-1143P-03 Vintage Bronze - 20pcs .; Chandelier INL-1143P-03 Silver Leaf - 20pcs., Chandelier INL-1143P-05 Vintage Bronze - 16sht .; Chandelier INL-1143P-05 Silver Leaf - 20pcs .; Chandelier INL-1143P-06 Vintage Bronze - 20pcs .; LyustraINL-1143P-06 Silver Leaf - 20pcs .; Chandelier INL-1144P-05 Polished Nickel- 4pcs .; Chandelier INL-1144P-05 Ivory White- 8 pieces .; Chandelier INL-1144P-08 Ivory White- 5pcs .; Bra INL-6141W-01 Antique Brass- 60sht., Sconce INL-6141W-01 Polished Nickel- 40sht .; Bra INL-6141W-02 Antique Brass- 60sht .; Bra INL-6141W-02 Antique Brass- 10pcs .; Bra INL-6141W-02 Polished Nickel - 48sht .; Chandelier INL-6141P-03 AntiqueBrass - 56sht .; Chandelier INL-6141P-03 Polished Nickel - 56sht .; Chandelier INL-6141P-05 Antique Brass - 68sht .; LyustraINL-6141P-05 Antique Brass - 2 pcs .; Chandelier INL-6141P-05 Polished Nickel - 68sht., Chandelier INL-6141P-05 Polished Nickel - 2 pcs .; Chandelier INL-6141P-08 Antique Brass - 44sht .; Chandelier INL-6141P-08 Polished Nickel - 38sht .; BraINL-6142W-01 Ivory White - 60sht .; Bra INL-6142W-01 Ivory White - 19sht .; BraINL-6142W-01 Polished Nickel- 60sht .; Bra INL-6142W-01 Antique Brass - 80sht .; BraINL-6142W-02 Ivory White - 48sht .; Bra INL-6142W-02 Ivory White - 11sht .; BraINL-6142W-02 Polished Nickel- 60sht .; Bra INL-6142W-02 Antique Brass - 48sht., Chandelier INL-6142P-03 Ivory White - 60sht .; Chandelier INL-6142P-03 Polished Nickel- 48sht .; Chandelier INL-6142P-03 Antique Brass - 40sht .; Chandelier INL-6142P-05 IvoryWhite - 60sht .; Chandelier INL-6142P-05 Polished Nickel - 60sht .; Chandelier INL-6142P-05Antique Brass - 60sht .; Chandelier INL-6142P-08 Ivory White - 50sht .; LyustraINL-6142P-08 Polished Nickel - 45sht .; Chandelier INL-6142P-08 Antique Brass- 48sht .; Bra INL-9369W-01 Chrome & Wengue - 36sht .; Bra INL-9369W-01 AntiqueBrass + Walnut - 36sht .; Ceiling lamp INL- "CHINA0UA1251204326.175835.38996
28/Apr/20173305900000"1.Zasoby hair care without aerosol packaging in plastic tubes and jars: KERATIN ACTIVE Lotion biphasic with keratin d / hair restoration and shine, 200ml. - 36sht .; ALOE VERA Balm for oily hair" "daily improvement" "450ml. - 306sht .; bAMBOO CARE 2 phases and spray-condition. indelible d / Vol. on extra. TERMOZAH bamboo + volume 145ml. - 24sht .; bAMBOO CARE MASK intensive d / hair from extreme. bamboo RECOVERY + Protection, 450ml. - 54sht .; bAMBOO STYLE GEL d / UKL Wall. "" Prykorn. volume of zmits. bamboo action SUPER / C fixed. 150ml. - 120sht .; bAMBOO STYLE Spray FIKSYN d / styling hair with zmits. bamboo action ylnoyi fix, 215ml. - 180sht .; CLEAR & BEAUTY Hair balm "" Glitter and Recovery "," 450ml. - 54sht .; CLEAR & BEAUTY Hair balm "" POWER AND STRENGTHENING "" 450ml. - 18sht .; KERATIN ACTIVE mask recovery keratin hair 300ml. - 98sht .; kERATIN ACTIVE oil of burdock from keratin d / Extreme hair restoration, 100ml. - 16sht .; kERATIN ACTIVE Serum keratin d / hair I deeply rESTORATION, 200ml. - 150sht .; KERATIN STYLing Liquid Keratin Spray d / styling hair straightening and ironing balls 200ml. - 80sht .; KERATIN STYLing Smoothing Serum d / hair "" Brazilian keratin. straightening "" 150 ml. - 72sht .; KERATIN & OIL Argan oil Balm-d / all types of hair, "" Recovery and Power "", 300ml - 14sht .; KERATIN & Proteins Cashmere balm for all hair types, "" Restoration and volume "," 300ml - 28sht .; Stem cells KERATIN & Balm d / all types of hair, "" Restoration and rejuvenation "," 300ml - 42sht .; KERATIN & Active Peptides whey d / all types Vl. nezmyv against hair loss, 170ml - 153sht .; KERATIN & Peptides Balm Mask d / all types of hair against hair loss 300ml - 28sht .; KERATIN & Terme. WATER BB Balm d / all type. Vol. "" Two-level restore. "" Indelible, 75ml - 42sht .; KERATIN & thermal water Balm Mask d / all type. Vol. "" Two-level restore. "" 300ml - 350sht .; Line INTENSE VOLUME Hair conditioner and moisturizing for all hair types, 450ml. - 36sht .; BALM-silk for recovery weakened. hair, 450ml. "" Live SILK "" - 270sht .; Shine and nourish. Two-minute mask-shine Argan Oil + liquid. A silk / debilitated and poshk. hair, 200ml. - 15sht .; Shine and nourish. Serum Argan oil, fluid, liquid silk + d / all types of hair indelible, 200ml. - 150sht .; Lip Balm and power-glare Argan Oil + liquid silk d / all types of hair, 500 ml. - 54sht .; Glitter and shine POWER Spray Argan Oil, for all hair types, 75ml - 525sht .; Lip Balm and Hair Restoration BASIC HAIR CARE, 500 ml. - 54sht .; Hair balm POWER AND STRENGTHENING BASIC HAIR CARE, 500 ml. - 18sht .; Dead Sea Cosmetics Conditioning Balm Mineral / all types of hair, 200ml. - 15sht .; Dead Sea Cosmetics mask against hair loss mud, 200ml. - 15sht .; Course A deep cleansing / hair SPRAY control fat hair, 100ml. - 32sht .; BEST RECIPES hair balm, 450ml. - 18sht .; Oil of burdock from keratin hair extra-RECOVERY "BELARUS0UA1250101274.113087.108641
28/Apr/201784716070001. Device for entering information (no memory devices) - hand-held touch-sensitive ballpoint wallet controller (mouse-type trackball, protected by USB) of the brand roda IP66 USB, dust and damp, 3-key, short - IP66, MIL-STD 810F, CE, (not containing radio equipment - transmitters or transmitters and receivers), not for military use = 3pcs.GERMANY3UA20918023357.000086
28/Apr/201794036010001. wood furniture for dining and living rooms, disassembled staniKomod composition: Solid poplar / rattan, quality Basicart.3833206-OURE, size 36 * 76 *, size 36 * 76 * 37cm -5sht.Polytsi room wall composition: Solid wood Paulownia quality Basicart.3600035-ILBRO, size 39 * 33.8 * 15cm, 3 pcs / emb-room 4nab.Polytsi composition: laminated chipboard / bamboo quality Basicart.3606118 -BROBY, size 150 * 70 * 37cm-room 1sht.Polytsi composition: Solid poplar Basicart.3600003-OURE quality, size 100 * 30 * 20cm 3sht.Polytsya-mounted, for photographs, composition: laminated chipboard, quality Basicart. 3672200-PRICE STAR, size 115 * 6 * 7cm-12sht.Serva t Composition: laminated chipboard, quality-Goldart.3612365 STEGE, size 160 * 75 * 50cm-dining 1sht.Stil composition: laminated chipboard / metal-BALLERUP Basicart.3680052 quality, size 120 * 76 * 72cm-1sht.Stil dining, composition: laminated chipboard / metal-Goldart.3648109 OMME quality, size 160 * 90 * 76cm 1sht.Stil-written composition, laminated chipboard, quality Basicart.3605301-PRICE STAR, size 60 * 77 * 42cm, 2 pcs. coffee table, structure: laminated chipboard / bamboo series Price Star quality Basicart.3648084-TAPS, size 55 * 55 * 45cm-2sht.Stolyk coffee composition: laminated chipboard / metal quality Goldart.3612351-STEGE, size 60 * 120 * 40cm for extra-1sht.Stolyk composition: laminated chipboard, quality GOLD rt.3612357-STEGE, size 50 * 50 * 40cm 1sht.Tumba-TV, structure: laminated chipboard, quality Plusart.3649150-AAKIRKEBY, size 180 * 38 * 45cm-1sht.Tumbochka bedside composition: laminated chipboard, quality Basicart .3674090-BROBY, size 45 * 50 * 38cm-3sht.Tumbochka bedside composition: Solid pine / MDF-quality Plusart.3600033 DALL, size 50 * 69 * 37cm-bedside-table 3sht.Tumbochka composition: Solid pine, quality Goldart.3674081-STENLILLE, size 31 * 55 * 38cm 3sht.Torhovelna-grade production JyskKrayina CN ChinaCHINA0UA100050393.146892.2046564
27/Apr/201784679200001. Replacement parts for pneumatic tools. Art.0709735244 Gaskets / sealing rings for pnevomhaykoverta to art. 070373HH / Marking: O-RING SET - number - 1 sht.Art.0709735218 Replacement parts (the puck) to Pneumatic shock art. 0703735 / Marking: OIL SEAL - number - 2 sht.Art.0709736024 Gasket pneumatic wrenches Art. 07037360 / Marking: SP-GASKET - number - 1 sht.Art.0709735207 Gaskets / Rings for Pneumatic shock to the art. 07037360 / marking: SAFTY RING - number - 5 sht.Art.0709735214 Kulkotrymach pneumatic tools for art. 0703735214 / Marking: FITT-BALL HOLDER-0703 735-214 - number - 1 sht.Art.0709735210 Spring for pnevmoshlifmashyny art. 0703735 / Marking: SPRING - number - 1 sht.Art.0709735224 Replacement parts (rear wall bearing) for Pneumatic art. 070373HH / Marking: BALL BEARING - number - 2 sht.Art.0709735212 actuator for pneumatic tools art. 0703735212 / Marking: F ITT-DRIVE-0703 735-212 - number - 1 sht.Torhovelna WURTH brand Brand ADOLF WURTH GmbH & Co.KGKrayina manufacture CNCHINA0UA1000100.08622.17807176
27/Apr/20178482109000"1.Pidshypnyky roller outer diameter of more than 30 mm, for use in a passenger / m" "Great Wall" ": Ball bearing primary shaft - diameter 60 mm., Art. 038-1701114 - 2 pcs. Ball bearing Shaft Gearbox - diameter 45 mm., art. 9009003476 - 2 pcs. bearing ball shaft Gearbox - diameter 45 mm., art. 9009049471 - 4 pcs. bearing ball shaft Gearbox - diameter 55 mm., art. 98WT-7C043-AA - 4 sht.Torhivelna mark: GREAT WALL. Manufacturer: "" GREAT WALL MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED "". Country of origin: China, CN.. "CHINA0UA5000302.49169.7002912
26/Apr/201790219090001.Medychni products. Devices in the body to which implantuyut to co mpensuvaty disadvantage (defect) body. The stent system with duodenal WallFlex that rnoyu systemoyudostavky, 22mm x 90mm, 270sm-3pc, kat.№M00565020. Stent system for thick cat WallFlex anchor systemoyudostavky, 25mm x 120mm, 270sm-3pc, kat.№M00565060. Represents stentkoronarnyy asthma lonoviy delivery system for use yakpostiyni implanted device to increase lumen diameters that are related graphics sudyn.Prystroyi tion deklaratsiyiyi mark of conformity Vuk Raina №042-BSC / UA from 20.12.2016Torhovelna Marco WallFlex.Vyrobnyk-BOSTON SCIENTIFIC Limited Ballybrit Business Park, Galway, Ireland.Krayina production-IE.IRELAND0UA1002300.64647.777892
26/Apr/20179405109890"1.Elektrychni lighting for homes, which are fixed on the ceiling or on the wall and used with LED bulbs in a partially disassembled state, the voltage of 220V, 2-8 W, containing electronic devices, radios and transmission, which are fixed on the ceiling : 1 ceiling chandelier (metal) -20 sht.Lyustra 3 shades (metal) -10 sht.Lyustra for 6 lampshades (metal) for 8 -10 sht.Lyustra ceilings (metal) -10 sht.Svitylnyk as "" headlights "" (metallic) -100 sht.Svitylnyk pidvisnoy (aluminum) -90 sht.yaki fixed on the wall: luminaire "" tripod "" (metallic ) -20 sht.Svitylnyk (metal) -10-sht. are fixed on the ceiling and used with LED bulbs (included), the voltage of 220V, 0.3-0.5 W: Chandelier in the form of '' balls '' ( metal) 42 -5 bulbs sht.Lyustra as '' balls '' (metal) 48 -5 lampochek sht.Torhovelna mark - vidsutnyaVyrobnyk-Beijing Harvest & Van Trading Co., LTDKrayina production-CN. "CHINA0UA50001011653494.999893
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Wall Ball Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Wall Ball Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Приватне підприємство ""Арт-Енерго"""
Importer Address
Сокільники вул. Скнилівська ,2181130 Пустомитівськийр-н Львівська обл.
Exporter Name MARKSLOJD Sp.z.o.o.
Product Description
"1.Elektrychni lighting, yakipidvishuyutsya or are.........
HS Code 9405109190Value 406.1796543
Quantity 0Unit UA209180
Net Weight 26.2
Origin Country CHINA

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