Ukraine Import Data of Remover | Ukraine Import Statistics of Remover

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of remover collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of remover imports.

Remover Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Remover

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of remover. Get Ukraine trade data of Remover imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni preparations for skincare, without aerosol packaging, plastic tubes and plastic jars: (Slimming SPA) Wraps d / Ginger perfect body silhouette (1000g BODY) - 2 pcs .; (Slimming SPA) Wraps d / body strengthening SMUSI and lifting (1000g BODY) - 4 pieces .; (Multykysl. peeling) facial gel facial 300ml converter TL - 45sht .; BEAUTY SHOP 25+ Cosmetic set - 4 pieces .; BEAUTY SHOP 35+ Cosmetic set - 8 pieces .; SPA-WRAPPING anti-cellulite mud-algal 1,3kh - 10pcs .; Active serum for face (100ml tube submarine Expert White) - Active gel 5pcs .; nyzkomol. hialur. sour. 2% bi orevit skin (5 ml h5sht. hardware) - 6 pcs .; Aroma scrub for feet 100ml (tuba) FC - 105sht .; balm against the crack foot 100ml (tuba) FC - 30sht .; BB Cream Cleanser (30ml tube Belita Young ) - 240sht .; gel concentrate vysokomol. hialur. sour. biorevit 2%. skin (5 ml h5sht. hardware) - 6 pcs .; PEPTIDE COMPLEX Gel Cleanser (200ml tube ACT. HYALF hardware) - 5pcs. ; Tanning gel (145ml Solaris) - 12p .; Gel-balm for cooling foot that '' burn '' 100ml (tuba) FC - 75sht .; Hidrobalansuyuchyy Cream-gel for hand and body moisturizing absolute (150ml tube hydro) - 180sht .; Homazh delicate scrub for face to combined. oily skin (Calendula 100ml tube) - 100 pieces .; Make up remover for face and eyelids (150 ml FACE COLLAGEN) - 48sht .; Makeup remover biphasic with Q10 Face 150ml - 32sht .; Filler for the eye and lip 55 (20ml tube Ultra Lift Olive) - 126sht .; IntensyvnaSYROVATKA-corrector for face (30ml tube GOLDEN AGE) - 36sht .; COCKTAIL polirevitalizuyuchyy stem cells for face (3 mL TL Cell Intense) - 320sht .; Softening cream for dry and rough skin stop (300ml PRO Pedicure) - 30sht .; Body cream BeautyMoisturizer dragged heavily. moisturize. (Tuba 200ml Body Sculptor) - 45sht .; Day cream for smoothing facial wrinkles and age (50 mL Royal Care) - 80sht .; Night cream for smoothing facial wrinkles and age (50 mL Royal Care) - 80sht .; MATRIKS cream facial for dry and normal skin (50 ml FACE COLLAGEN) - 80sht .; Cream-FACTOR of stem cells for the face, neck, décolleté) - 30sht .; Biokrem that corrects, Eye (20ml tube GOLDEN AGE) - 30sht .; What biokrem corrects facial NIGHT (50ml GOLDEN AGE) - 48sht .; Cream Eye precision laser effect (20ml tube LASER Like System) - 375sht .; Antiseptic cream for legs 100ml (tuba) FC - 105sht .; Rejuvenating cream shadow that pulls (50 mL TL FC) - 16sht .; Eye cream with sea buckthorn oil (sea buckthorn 30ml tube) - 255sht .; Eye Cream Q10 20ml of energy (tuba) - 20pcs .; Face Cream Perfect skin (50ml tube Belita Young) - 540sht .; Soothing Foot Cream 300ml PL - 450sht .; Hand Cream Express power with flax oil (100ml tube Power of Nature) - 200sht .; Hand Cream with avocado and sesame oils Power and mitigation (tuba 100ml OIL) - 20pcs .; Hand Cream with Argan and Jojoba oils Intense Care (tuba 100ml OIL) - 20pcs .; Cream"BELARUS0UA1250101775.8116220.60985 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173401300000"1.Zasoby for washing the skin put up for retail sale, without aerosol packaging: bath concentrate feet (1000ml PRO Pedicure) - 8 pieces .; Vechirnyavanna foot of flavor. 250ml FOOT CARE - 18sht .; Shower Gel 400ml ORANGE - 40sht .; grapefruit shower Gel 400ml - 60sht .; shower Gel Green Apple (345ml Sweet moments) - 12p .; shower Gel 250ml olive - 60sht .; shower Gel FRANCE Romantic (345ml Happy moments) - Gel that 24sht .; clears to wash for combination to oily skin (Calendula 200ml) - 36sht .; gel with microgranules for washing face optimal purification (200 mL Belita Young) - 192sht .; EL cream that moisturizes and shower 400ml - 120sht .; shower gel for intimate hygiene 150ml (nov.) - 84sht .; shower gel to wash your hair and body for men MEN (nov.) 400 mL - 1710sht Hidrobalansuyuchyy gel .; shower body Absolute moisture (hydro 345ml) - 300sht .; cream shower gel oils and grape seed oils Self cleaning (430ml OIL) - 36sht .; foaming cream wash I f all skin types (250ml Seabuckthorn) - 156sht .; Mousse foaming face wash for all skin types (175ml SO Beauty) - 12p .; Foaming wash that cleans deep (175ml ACNE) - 60sht .; Pink d / washed. face with Argan and Jojoba oils Delikat. sewa. d / standards. and dry. Skin (250ml OIL) - 24sht .; Foam for intimate hygiene for a chutl. Skin (175ml intimate.) - 12p .; Pink daisy for washing 250ml - 84sht .; Pink make up remover "" 2 in 1 "" for fat. and regulations. LIFT Skin 150ml - 36sht .; Producer SP "" belite "" OOO.Torhovelna mark BIELITA.Krayina production BY. "BELARUS0UA1250101210.92024.771676
28/Apr/20173304300000"1.Zasoby for manicure or pedicure without aerosol packaging: Cream Manicure cuticle remover (50ml tube PRO Manicure) - 144sht .; scrub thalasso crystal for pedicure (360h PRO Pedicure) - 6 pcs .; tool to remove the cuticle (80 mL PRO Pedicure ) - 18sht .; Producer SP "" belite "" OOO.Torhovelna mark BIELITA.Krayina production BY.. "BELARUS0UA12501011.86177.7236071
28/Apr/20173304300000"1.Zasoby for manicure or pedicure without aerosol packaging: LUXURY BB-base repair nails, 8 ml - 30sht .; LUXURY SS shining coating ruggedized d / nails 8 ml - 24sht .; LUXURY Elixir-9 recovery nail 1, 8 ml - 42sht .; PRO nail 2 in 1 Base + fixing nail polish, 9ml.H - 30sht .; PRO nail active calcium to strengthen nails 9 ml H - 48sht .; PRO nail nail polish remover without acetone with vitamin a, 70 ml - 15sht .; PRO nail Fixer proteins for brittle nails, 9ml.N - AGENT 66sht .; d / remove the cuticle with essential. fir oils and tea tree 20ml. "" PERI "" - 230sht .; Producer ZAO "" VYTЭKS " ".T rhovelna mark "" Vitex "". Country of BY.. "BELARUS0UA12501019.28253.1545072
28/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni preparations for skincare, without aerosol packaging, plastic tubes and plastic jars:" "RETINOL + MG" "correction of wrinkles Day cream SPF10 + protection profound effect photoaging, 45 ml. - 180sht .;" "RETINOL + MG '' correction of deep wrinkles day cream acts 45 ml. - 108sht .; "" RETINOL + MG "" correction wrinkle Creams deep action, 45 ml. - 144sht .; "" RETINOL + MG "" correction of wrinkles Lifting mask-intensive. action d / face, neck, chest 100ml. - 100 pieces .; "" RETINOL + MG "" wrinkle correction peeling-pack for purification and rejuvenation of skin, 100ml. - 140sht .; "" RETINOL + MG "" wrinkle correction CREAM make up remover for face cleansing and skin around the eyes, 150ml. - 12p .; "" Sugar "" Children cream on natural oils with vitamins A and E, 75ml. - 340sht .; "" Sugar "" cream baby diapers Extreme . chamomile, 75ml. - 140sht .; ALOE VERA Cream skin care around the eyes and lips 30ml. -100sht .; ALOE VERA Cream d / person saturating juice Aloe and Shea butter night, 75ml. - 40sht .; ALOE VERA Cream d / region ychchya rejuvenating aloe juice and vitam. A and E daily, 75 ml. - 120sht .; ALOE VERA Cream d / person that moisturizes with aloe juice and extreme. cucumber agenda 75ml. - 180sht .; ALOE VERA Cream Facial Scrub, 100 ml. - 100 pieces .; ALOE VERA Facial cleansing facial 180ml. - 12p .; ALOE VERA toner that moisturizes, 180ml. - 24sht .; CLEAN BLACK MASK film face black 75ml. - 2400sht .; BLACK CLEAN mask facial scrub that polishes, 75ml. - 1200sht .; LUX CARE BLUR-cream to restore radiance skin 50ml. - 24sht .; LUX CARE Global Anti-aging balm, the elixir for eye and lip contour for mature skin 20ml. - 30sht .; LUX CARE Global Anti-aging cream daily e / face intense formula d / mature skin 45 ml. - 72sht .; LUX CARE Precious Oil Facial Care for dry or mature skin 30ml. - 30sht .; LUX CARE Night Cream Complex anti-aging facial for mature skin 45 ml. - 48sht .; LUX CARE cleansing lotion with exfoliating effect, 145ml. - 36sht .; LUX CARE Express Mask indelible 3min., 75 ml. - 75sht .; Lift INTENSE Gel Eye Roller lifting of hyaluronic acid and caffeine 15ml. - 57sht .; Lift INTENSE Cream-lifting d / face daily. Pulling and SOM. with hialur. sour. and ginger, 45 ml. - 180sht .; Lift INTENSE Lifting Cream d / person ROZHLAD night. and Vienna. with hialur. sour. and ginger, 45 ml. - 300sht .; Lift INTENSE A mask / face, neck and dec resume. ELASTICITY with hialur. sour. and ginger, 100ml. - 100 pieces .; Lift INTENSE CLEAN Facial Cleanser and moisture from hialur. sour. and ginger, 150ml. - 70sht .; Lift INTENSE Cream Body hydration and elasticity of hialur. sour. and ginger, 200ml. - 180sht .; Lift INTENSE Serum-concentrat. d / EXPRESS pulling faces with hialur. sour. and ginger, 20 ml. - 450sht .; Lift INTENSE toner hydration and firmness hialur with. sour. and ginger, 150ml. - 250sht .; PERFECT SKIN Perfect BB Cream skin corrector 50ml. tuba - 600sht .; PERFECT SKIN Perfect skin cream Intensive Serum 4 in one 45 ml. Banks in Coro "BELARUS0UA1250103013.916883.52121
27/Apr/201733049900001.Kosmetychni preparations for the care zashkiroyu, not aerozolniyupakovtsi: Emulsion for Face 80 mlVsoho 12shtKrem Face 30hr 18shtRidyna Total Makeup Remover, 150 mlVsoho 36shtRidyna makeup remover, 150 mlVsoho 30shtSupervidnovlyuyucha emulsion activating cells 50g Total 6shtKrem, 70hr Total 6shtKrem 180 ml Total 6shtKrem, 420 ml Total 6shtMaska for sensitive skin, 150 ml (25 ml * 6) Total 12shtPinka for cleaning the face, 100ml Total 6shtOmolodzhuyucha mask, 186ml (31ml * 6) Total 6shtOmolodzhuyuchyy cream, 40g total 24shtOmolodzhuyucha raw Atka Face 47ml Total 12shtOchyschuyucha facial skin, 130g Total 6shtKrem for the face, 30g total 6shtMaska scrub for oily skin, 100g Total 6shtSyrovatka (lotion), 38 ml Total 12shtSyrovatka (lotion) 100ml Total 12shtMasazhnyy cream modeling body 5shtBB Total 200g cream, 35g 162shtTonizuyucha Total body water, 200 ml Total 6shtKosmetychne body lotion, 200 ml Total 12shtKr eat tone, 30 ml Total 24shtRum'yana face, 5 g total 36shtProbnyk cream Serum 3hr Total 150shtProbnyk (lotion), 6 ml Total 50shtTorhivelna mark : WamilesVyrobnyk: WamilesKrayina production: CN ChinaCHINA0UA10001073.3129.0080859
27/Apr/20173402209000"1.Zasib universal antibacterial series" "Home faberlic" "art.11136-2 300ml 448sht.Zasib cleaning stoves and ovens Series" "Home faberlic" "art.11119-2 016sht.Universalnyy 500ml liquid spray stain remover series" " Home faberlic "" 150 ml art.11151-12 150sht.Zasib cleaning bathroom versatile series Home faberlic 500ml art.11220-5 400sht.Ultra kondytsiyoner-laundry "" Brightness and Whiteness "" Series "" Home faberlic "" 500 ml art .11237-4 400sht.Ne in aerosol packaging. prekursoriv.Torhovelna free of FaberlicVyrobnyk brand profile "" Faberlyk "" Country of RU. "RUSSIA0UA1001109741.93620165.77459
27/Apr/201782075090001. Tools variables for hand tools, power-driven or without, or for machine tools (for threading, drilling, boring, stitching, milling, turning or screwdriving). Art.0714131150 set for removing broken bolts, complete internal removers, head helical, extension / Marking: EXTR-BLT-KIT-15PCS - number - 1 sht.Torhovelna WURTH brand Brand ADOLF WURTH GmbH & Co.KGKrayina production TW.TAIWAN0UA1000102.14371.08762326
26/Apr/201734013000001.Zasoby for washing the skin in the form of liquid or cream and put up trade dlyarozdribnoyi containing or not containing soap ayerozolniy not in the package: -art. 80010 Kloran Flower cornflower water with soothing for eye makeup remover oblychchyata -48sht 400 ml., Country of origin - FRTorhovelna mark - KloranVyrobnyk - PIERRE FABRE DERMO-COSMETIQUE.FRANCE0UA10005022.13358.618964
26/Apr/201782055980901. Spare parts for agricultural machinery Claas, new instrumentyruchni special purpose: Art Removers dowels. -3sht.Torhovelna 0001818341 Brand: ClaasKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: CLAAS Service and Parts GmbH.GERMANY0UA1252502.157.62802949
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Remover Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Remover Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Владіком"""
Importer Address
УКРАЇНА м. Київ вул. Лаврська 9, корп. 19
Exporter Name "СП ""Белита"" ТОВ"
Product Description
"1.Kosmetychni preparations for skincare, without .........
HS Code 3304990000Value 16220.60985
Quantity 0Unit UA125010
Net Weight 1775.81
Origin Country BELARUS

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