Ukraine Import Data of Prism | Ukraine Import Statistics of Prism

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of prism collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of prism imports.

Prism Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Prism

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20179004109100"1. Sunglasses with lenses of plastics: Max MaraMM PRISM IV -50sht; MM STONE II -30sht; MM STONE II -50sht; MM STONE II-2 pcs; MM STONE II-2 pcs; MM ILDE II-2 pcs; Includes: case, cleaning cloth for passport producer.. "CHINA136UA12510022.27497.341106 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201769089091001.Plytka coated with ceramic stone, interior finish, wall tapidlohy. Ceramic tile 44,6x44,6 cm. Art. MARMOL GRIS -5,97m2. Plytkakeramichna 33,3x100 cm. Art. PRISMA BRONZE -6,99m2. Ceramic 33,3x100 DALIA BLANCO -10,66m2. Ceramic 33,3x100 cm. Art. ARTIS WHITE-10,99m2. Ceramic tile 33,3x59,2 cm. Art. MADAGASCAR BEIGE -11,83m2. Plytkakeramichna 33,3x100 cm. Art. CUBICA SILVER -1,33m2. Ceramic 33,3x100 LIZ WHITE -5,33m2. Ceramic tile 33,3x44,6 cm. Art. RUGGINE PLATINO-5,35m2. Ceramic tile 59,6x59,6 cm. Art. ASSUAN BROWN -4,26m2. Plytkakeramichna 59,6x59,6 cm. Art. FANTASY BLUE -4,26m2. Ceramic 33,3x100 BALTIMORE BEIGE -73,26m2. Ceramic 33,3x100 cm. Art. CAPPUCCINO-73,26m2. Ceramic 33,3x100 cm. Art. BIANCO CARRARA -73,26m2. Plytkakeramichna 33,3x100 cm. Art. RUGGINE ALUMINIO -73,26m2. Ceramic 33,3x100sm. Art. MARMOL GRIS -73,26m2. Ceramic 33,3x100 cm. Art. NEWPORTNATURAL - 73,26m2. Ceramic 33,3x100 cm. Art. PARK NATURAL-54,95m2. Ceramic 14,3x90 cm. Art. HAMPTON BROWN -61,78m2. Plytkakeramichna 33,3x59,2 cm. Art. MADAGASCAR NATURAL -14,19m2. Facing keramichna44,3x44,3 cm. Art. FERROKER ALUMINIO-10,99m2. Ceramic tile 33,3x59,2 cm. Art. SHINE ALUMINIO -21,29m2. Plytkakeramichna 33,3x100 cm. Art. NEWPORT DARK GREY -73,26m2. Ceramic art.SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES -3,26m2.Torhovelna Brand: VenisKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Venis, SA Ceramic tile art. SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES -13,76m2.Torhovelna Brand: KeratileKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Keratile, SLU Ceramic Art. SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES-8,6m2.Torhovelna Brand: Nueva AlaplanaKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Nueva Alaplana SL Ceramic tile 30x60 cm. Art. DA VINCI-8,82m2. Ceramic tiles 30x60 cm. Art. DALIA BLANCO -30,24m2. Facing keramichna30x60 cm. Art. GOYA -35,28m2.Torhovelna mark: Azulejos el MijaresKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Azulejos el Mijares, SL Ceramic tile 14,8x14,8 cm. Art. LISOTIMBERLINE -12,72m2. Ceramic tiles 15x15 cm. Art. ARABSCO BISELADO TIMBERLINE-3,14m2. Ceramic 7,3x14,8 cm. Art. LISO TIMBERLINE-9,68m2. Ceramic tile 14,8x14,8 cm. Art. DECORADO FLORES DUSK -2,93m2.Plytka ceramic art. SAMPLES DECS-21m2. Ceramic 7,5x15 cm. Art. BISELADO SAND -7,95m2. Facing keramichna7,5x15 cm. Art. LISO SAND -13,18m2. Ceramic tiles 15x15 cm. Art. DECORADOMIMOSA ROSA -16,25m2. Ceramic 7,5x15 cm. Art. BISELADO VERDE OSCURO-6,82m2. Ceramic Art. SAMPLES DECS -6,06m2.Torhovelna Brand: AdexKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Adex, SL Ceramic 20x114 cm. Art. CALCUTTA MATT RECTIFICADO-5,7m2. Ceramic 20x114 cm. Art. MARMY GREY GLOSS RECTIFICADO -5,7m2.Plytka Ceramic 20x114 cm. Art. NEWTRON NATURAL RECTIFICADO -5,7m2. Plytkakeramichna 20x114 cm. Art. RIALTO BLACK RECTIFICADO-5,7m2. Ceramic 20x114 cm. Art. RIALTO PRALINE RECTIFICADO made of -5,7m2.PlytkaSPAIN113406UA100020192657958.371619
28/Apr/20179031499000"1.Kontrolni and gauges, sensors produktaart.A7112-1sht; art.A7112-1sht, (fotodatchykpry represents a value for control products in line with lenses and prisms) .Torhovelna mark NovexxVyrobnyk Novexx Solutions GmbHKrayina production of IT."ITALY0UA1250200.34125.9981806
28/Apr/20177318240090"1. Dowels prismatic without thread and without holes made from vuhletsevoyistali, size: 10h8h1000mm; 12h8h1000mm; 16h10h1000mm; 25h14h1000mm.Zastosovuyutsya in the engineering industry and are used to transfer obertalnohomomentu. Spring cylindrical pins without thread, spiral shape, made of carbon steel , size: 4h16mm; 4h20mm; 4h24mm; 4h26mm; 4h28mm; 6h24mm; 6h28mm; 6h40mm. tapryladobudivniy applied in the engineering fields as fasteners to connect fixed parts taelementiv not have a large power load.. "GERMANY0UA20914011.24105.8537173
27/Apr/20178507308000"1.Nikel cadmium prismatic open batteries designed for electric ground power supply, the power of communication and automation. (Supplied with the electrolyte): KL-70P-US-40 units; nominal capacity-70A.CH nominal voltage of 1 2 B battery specific energy-20VT.CH / kg battery weight, 3.52 kg ZhYuYK.563336.025TU.Rozmiry battery: length, 136 mm in width, 61 mm height, 271 mm.Harantiynyy term zberhiannya -2 5 year warranty lifetime after commissioning - 3 roky.Vyrobnyk: OOO "" SOURCE + "." "RUSSIA40UA110030140.82325.182155
27/Apr/20178530900000"1.Zapasni parts svitlosihnalnoho bladnannya at the airport: Forward IDM fire sklozelenoho 2982/1 50W-G 4-piece, front glass of red fire IDM 2982 / 65W-R 2-piece, glass lens outer side heat IDM 5848 / 150W-C 15 pieces; internal glass lens transparent 360 ° heat IDM 5848 / 150W-C 10 pc; Vnutrishnyasklyana lens transparent 180 ° right heat IDM 5848 / 150W-CR 5 pieces; Vnutrishnyasklyana lens yellow 180 ° right heat IDM 5848 / 150W-YR 5 pieces; internal sklyanalinza transparent fire left 180 ° IDM 5848 / 150W-CL 5 pieces; internal sklyanalinza yellow fire left 180 ° IDM 5848 / 150W-YL-5 pc; Basis IDM 6485 zakrytohotypu 12 'for enhanced lights IDM 4351 and IDM 2051 3-piece, Prism fire IDM4651 S / 40W-R 10 pc; Hasketka Fire IDM 4651 S / 40W-R 10 pc; Svitlofiltrvohnyu IDM 6005 (PAPI) 2 pc; Lens Fire IDM 6005 2 -sht, Glass fire IDM 6005perednye 1 pc; Do not contain radio receivers and transmitters in. trademark: ADBSafegate manufacturer: ADB Safegate Finland OY, production country: FI. "FINLAND0UA80719043.059165.370134
26/Apr/20177318240090"1.Zapasni parts for combines, ferrous metals without thread, pins and shtifty: Dowels prismatic (speed variator) A 18X11X 40 art.0002393480-15sht; shponkah prismatic (Part gear) A8X 5X 75 art.0006311150-10sht, Producer : CLAASTorhovelna brand: CLAASKrayina production: DE. "GERMANY0UA1251803.07515.5742196
26/Apr/201732064970901. Dispersions of inorganic dyes (pigments) in the polymer dye materiali.Superkontsentrat golden color in the form of cylindrical pellets PRISMAPE GOLD 12314 code 0021012314 - 60 kg. General chemical description: metalevyyporoshok as cereal-based alloy of copper, zinc, Pigment Yellow 110, mica coated with titanium dioxide and tin oxide, polyethylene low hustyny.Polimernyy material - polyethylene. The content of the inorganic component is: 36.3 + -0.1%. Used for coloring polymers in the industrialproduction caps for sealing bottles. .ITALY0UA805180601316.506878
26/Apr/201773182400901. Spare parts for agricultural machinery Claas, new products, metals zchornyh without thread, pins and snap: Dowels prismatic art.0009510003-1sht. Shponkah prismatic art. 0006674190-1sht. Spacer pin art. 0002167370-50sht. Spacer pin art. 0002356812-50sht.Torhovelna Brand: ClaasKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: CLAAS Service and Parts GmbH.GERMANY0UA1252501.07495.09034151
25/Apr/20179031499000"1.Kontrolni and gauges: Sensor labels zkabelem art.A101974-1sht, (It is a photosensor purpose control products in line with the help hoyulinzy and prisms) .Torhovelna mark NovexxVyrobnyk Novexx Solutions GmbHKrayina production DE."GERMANY0UA1250201.168147.0208648
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Prism Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Prism Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""НОВА ВІСТА"""
Importer Address
Київ,вул.Кіквідзе,б.26, оф.62Київ,пр.Московський,21-Б
Exporter Name SAFILO S.p.A
Product Description
"1. Sunglasses with lenses of plastics: Max MaraMM.........
HS Code 9004109100Value 7497.341106
Quantity 136Unit UA125100
Net Weight 22.2
Origin Country CHINA

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