Ukraine Import Data of Pet Sheet | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pet Sheet

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pet sheet collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pet sheet imports.

Pet Sheet Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pet Sheet

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20177312104100"1. Wired wire ropes, ropes from ferrous metals, without electrical insulation, with a maximum cross-sectional dimension of not more than 3 mm, with galvanic coating (brass), fabrication material - steel grade 70B: brass metal card 9L30NT-I (2 + 7x0,30 NT), mass of brass -3.29 -3.64 g / kg, net weight - 7001 kg, brass metal sheet 3Л30НТ-І (3х0,30 НТ), brass mass -3,37 -3,42 g / kg, net weight - 8613kg, for own production needs, for the tire industry. Production line OOO "Beckar-Lipetsk" Trademark - trademark: BEKAERT.RUSSIA0UA1252701561423814.50951 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20177005103000"1. Glass sheet thermally polished, not reinforced With reflective, absorptive layer, colored throughout the mass, transparent, not strengthened, not Multilayer without images and ornaments, not processed in other ways, manufactured by float technology, covering: - glass low-emission carpeting, providing HIGH TEPLOYIZOLYATSIYI glass, according to GOST 31364-2014, Mark And, thickness of 4 mm, 3 keys, swing. 2250H3210MM - 6630.272 M2.SFERA USE: The production of glass AND VIKON.VYROBNYK: AO " "SALAVATSTEKLO" ". Country of origin: RU. TRADEMARK: No data.".RUSSIA6630272UA9020506318822693.95426
27/Apr/201739269097901.Yemnisti for the collection and storage of samples of liquids or dry (non-transport) of cylindrical covers with a capacity of less than 2 liters and supplies for laboratory studies of plastic produced by injection molding, with no sheet: - 25185E urine container 60 ml polypropylene with red cap and label is screwed in ind. packaging, sterile - 12000 sht.- 25165E Kala container 60 ml polypropylene with red cap and label is screwed in ind. packaging, sterile - 12,000 24,062 sht.- cuvette of polystyrene type to avtoanalizatora 1000 - 12000 24205 sht.- 2 ml cuvette for spectrophotometer semimikro type of polystyrene - 10,000 24,204 sht.- 4 ml cuvette for spectrophotometer Macro type of polystyrene - 20,000 units. - 28,063 yellow tip type Hilson 0 to 200 ml - Loop 30020 250000 sht.- 10 ml polystyrene blue pack of 20 pcs. sterile - 16000 30010 sht.- Loop 1 ml of polystyrene green pack of 20 pieces. sterile - 16000 27054 N. t.- Pasteur Pipette 1 ml of polyethylene - 15,000 27,055 sht.- Pasteur Pipette 3 ml of polyethylene - 15,000 23,053 sht.- 1.5 ml microtube polypropylene cone with a field recording graded, neutral colors - sht.- 21052 200000 Test tube 11,5x55 mm 3 ml cylindrical polystyrene - 6000 sht.- 21058 Test tube 12h56 mm 3 ml cylindrical flat-bottomed rim with a polystyrene - 12,000 21,152 sht.- test tube 16h100 mm 10 ml cylindrical polystyrene with red cap and label sterile - 10400 21432 sht.- test tube 16 * 120 mm 15 ml cylindrical polystyrene with red cap, which is screwed, sterile - 8400 sht.- 21404 Test tube 30 * 115 mm 50 mL conical polypropylene with red cap that zahvynchuyet be of lasting bottom, graduated, sterile - 5400 29062 sht.- polystyrene Petri dish with a diameter of 90 mm, the height is 16.2 mm vented, sterile - 25,440 27,072 sht.- serolohychna Pipette 25 ml, 1/5 ml in ind. packaging, sterile (100 pcs. in package) - 4000 sht.Vyrobnyk - FL MEDICAL srl Unipersonale, Italy. Country of IT. Trademark FL MEDICAL.ITALY0UA500060132910289.3665
26/Apr/201739206290001.Lysty of polyethylene terephthalate, non-porous, reinforced, nesharuvati, bezpidkladky and nepoyednani of this method with other materials, thickness 0.35 mm bilshyak: STANDART FLAT SHEET PETg CLEAR 0.75MM * 1250MM WIDE art.GPFS0075S1250-1562,5m2.Torhovelna Brand: Marlon CSKrayina production: GBVyrobnyk: Brett Martin LTD.UNITED KINGDOM0UA10001016084594.640729
26/Apr/201739269092901.Vyroby made of plastic sheet: Petals exhalation valve silicone (membranes) .art. 9400A-V2Zovnishniy diameter - 27 mmVnutrishniy diameter - 3 mm. .CHINA0UA110030541.535200.00014
26/Apr/20174802562000"1.Papir for uncoated writing and printing of sheets, bleached, not containing fibers obtained by mechanical means without watermarks, stamping and drawing, not steeped spets.rechovynamy without punching and fluting, single layer, class" "C" "mark "" BRILLIANT "", mas.80 (+/- 3) g / m2, A4 rozm.21h29,7sm. (7995pachok) invoysovanoyu ideal net weight - 19987,5kh.Vyrobnyk - "" Radece Papir Nova "" , Sloveniya.Krayina production - SI.Torhivelna mark - "" BRILLIANT "". "SLOVENIA0UA10012019987.515395.68251
25/Apr/201739269097901.Tovary Pet: Plastic, polymeric materials not sheet Cast: art.200592-box for plastmassovyy MS20 cells, korychnev. 1 shtart. 57082499 - CAVIE 80 DELUXE plastic cage d / guinea pigs 76h45h33,5sm -4 shtart. 57926499 - COMBI 1 Lodge for rodents plastic with aksesaromy shtart -3. 70202916 - SIESTA DELUXE -2 a place d / plastic animals. Pink 61,5h45h21,5sm -2 shtart. 70202921 - SIESTA DELUXE 2 bed d / plastic animals. silver 49h36h17,5sm -5 shtart. 70202929 - SIESTA DELUXE 2 bed d / plastic animals. Bordeaux 49h36h17,5sm -6 shtart. 70212917 - SIESTA DELUXE 12 bed d / plastic animals. Bronze 111h80,5h33,5sm shtart -3. 70212923 - SIESTA DELUXE 12 bed d / plastic animals. green 111h80,5h33,5sm -2 shtart. 70212925 - SIESTA DELUXE 12 bed d / plastic animals. blue 111h80,5h33,5sm shtart -3. 73000099 - ALADINO SMALL plastic cage. Animal 20h16h13,5sm -12 shtart. 73005099 - ALADINO MEDIUM plastic cage. I f -9 shtart 30h23h21sm animals. 73006099 - ALADINO LARGE plastic cage. tvaryn36h26h23sm shtart to -6. 73009799EL - ATLAS 30 EL cell plastic. Animal 60h40h38sm -30 shtart. 73011021 - ATLAS 40 cell plastic. Animal 68h49h45,5sm -30 shtart. 73040899 - ATLAS DELUXE 20 OPEN Cage plastic. Animal 58h37h32sm -12 shtart. 90061012 - Stand F61 plastic, brown., H = 76cm for cells Regina, Katy -2 shtTorhovelna mark FerplastVyrobnyk Ferplast SpAKrayina production ITITALY0UA101070264.941704.687206
25/Apr/201739269097901.Tovary Pet: Plastic, polymeric materials not sheet Cast: art. 84639799 - PA 4639 plastic house for hamsters in a cage 11,5h9h8sm -2 shtart. 85200799 - PA 5200 Ball plastic. with crystals (2 pieces) -ihrashka d / animals d.4sm -12 shtart. 85204799 - PA 5204 Ball transparent plastic d.4sm (2 pieces) -ihrashka d / -6 shtart animals. 85214799 - PA 5214 Plastic Ball d.6,5sm mouse - toy d / -6 shtart.85222799 cats - PA 5222 balls for hamsters plastic, medium, d.18sm -15 shtart. 85224799 - PA 5224 Ball (toy) plastic d / -3 animals d.25sm shtTorhovelna mark FerplastVyrobnyk Ferplast SpAKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA101070597.41506774
25/Apr/201739269097901.Tovary Pet: Plastic, polymeric materials not sheet Cast: art.73008199PB ATLAS 20 EL cell plastic. Animal 58h37h32sm -72 shtart. 84602799 - FPI 4602 hamster wheels plastic, small, d.14,5h9,8sm -6 shtart. 84806099 - FPI 4806 Tunnel TUBE U-shaped plastic maze for dia. 6cm / 180? -6 shtart. 84810099 - TUBE FPI 4810 Tunnel - turn to plastic labyrinth diam. 6cm / 90? -12 shtart. 84812099 - FPI 4812 Tunnel TUBE 4 sectional diameter plastic for the maze. 6cm / 11cm -6 shtart.84814099 FPI 4814 Tunnel cells to plastic -6 shtart. 84821099 - FPI 4821 Tunnel TUBE connectors (2 pieces) Plastic d / labyrinth diam. 5,2sm / 1 cm -2 shtart. 84824099 - GYM Athletic field Plastic hamster 32,3h23h26,3sm -2 shtTorhovelna mark FerplastVyrobnyk Ferplast SpAKrayina production SK.SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA101070125.11614.0618603
25/Apr/201739269092901.Tovary Pet: Plastic, polymeric materials, made of sheets: art. 66700015 - BLUMEC 700-1100 to-CT sponges made of polyurethane (coarse + fine) d / filter BLUEXTREME -1 shtart. 66710017 - BLUCLEAR 700-1100 to-CT sponge with foam. of the act. coal (coarse + fine) d / filter BLUEXTREME -1 shtTorhovelna mark FerplastVyrobnyk Ferplast SpAKrayina production IT.ITALY0UA1010700.1311.10832143
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Pet Sheet Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Pet Sheet Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ПРЕМІОРІ"""
Importer Address
09100,м.Біла Церква вул.Леваневського,91,УКРАЇНА
Exporter Name "ООО ""Бекарт Липецк"""
Product Description
"1. Wired wire ropes, ropes from ferrous metals, w.........
HS Code 7312104100Value 23814.50951
Quantity 0Unit UA125270
Net Weight 15614
Origin Country RUSSIA

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