Ukraine Import Data of Linoleic Acid | Ukraine Import Statistics of Linoleic Acid

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of linoleic acid collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of linoleic acid imports.

Linoleic Acid Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Linoleic Acid

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of linoleic acid. Get Ukraine trade data of Linoleic Acid imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
12/Apr/20173808932790"1. Herbicide based kletodymu: Herbicide of South Africa (prylypachem Friend) Hramidin EC CE (Appearance: clear liquid light brown color, composition, kletodym and aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene and naphthalene alkilovanipohidni relates to sulfur compounds and vyyavlyayeherbits ydnu effect) Active substance: kletodym 240 g / l number CAS: 99129-21-2.Pakuvannya: in plastic canisters 5l, number - 3060l Friend (prylypach300h / l) (appearance - clear liquid yellow yellow color, composition, substance zpoverhnevo -aktyvnymy natural properties and anion (ester / ether and phosphoric acid) tametyl Peninsula esters of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids x (myristic, palmitoleyinovoyi, palmitic, linoleic, stearic) Packaging: in 5lplastykovyh number of canisters - 9180l herbicide has two komponentivv ratio: 5l "" Hramidin "" 3 Flac on to 5 l prylypacha "" Friend. ' "Zahalnakilkist: 612 kart.korobok, 2448 layer. cans Purpose: pislyashodovyyselektyvnyy herbicide against annual and bug atorichnyh monocots weeds naposivah sunflower. Supplied to retailers, not aerozolniyupakovtsi.Vyrobnyk formulation: Clove (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, KytayVyrobnyk active ingredient: Dzhyanhsu Sevenko ntynent Green Chemical CO., LTD., KytayKrayina production - CNTorhovelna Brand: Hramidin "CHINA0UA5000301224055053.34039 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
12/Apr/20173808932790"1. Herbicide based kletodymu: Herbicide of South Africa (prylypachem Friend) Hramidin EC CE (external Appearance- clear liquid light brown in color, composition, kletodym and aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene derivatives and alkylated naphthalene), refers to sulfur compounds and reveals herbicidal effect) Active substance: kletodym 240 g / l number CAS: 99129-21-2.Pakuvannya: in plastic canisters 5l .Kilkist - 3060l, Friend (prylypach 300g / l) (appearance - transparent ridynazhovto yellow color, composition : substance with surface-active properties and anionic natures (air / efi ri phosphoric acid) tametyl Peninsula esters of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids x (myristic, palmitoleyinovoyi, palmitic, linoleic, stearic) Packaging: in 5lplastykovyh canisters, number - 9180l, has dvohkomponentiv herbicide in the ratio: 5l "" Hramidin "" 3 Flac to 5 liters prylypacha "" Friend "." Total: 612 kart.korobok, 2448 layer. cans, Assignment: post-selective herbicide against annual and perennial odnodolnyhbur'yaniv so on sunflower crops. Supplied to retailers, not vaerozolniy upakovtsi.Vyrobnyk formulation: Clove (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., KytayVyrobnyk active ingredient: Dzhyanhsu Sevenkontynent Green Chemical CO., LTD., Country of origin - CNTorhovelna Brand: Hramidin "CHINA0UA5000301224055053.34039
12/Apr/20171517909999"1.Biolohichno active additives (BAA), which are dietary supplements for humans ratsionuharchuvannya not a drug, based on vegetable oils, without vmistukomponentiv animal molochnihzhyriv, sucrose, isoglucose, glucose, starch and GMO S is not milk zhuschenymyproduktamy, including with supplements and food concentrates are not suhymysnidankamy packaged in packaging for retail, not aerozolniyupakovtsi in stock: -Kontsentrat fish oil omega-3- (Omega-3 Fish Oil concentrate Softgels) -art.-1760; -2486sht (208sht.upakov) .seriya: 4668010-00 466,810 and -04.Vyrobleno (month / year): 01 / 2017.Terminprydatnosti (month / year): 01 / 2020.sklad: fish oil concentrate, 1000 mg in 3: -300mh, eicosapentaenoic acid / EPA / -160mh, docosahexaenoic acid / DHA / -100mh.dopomizhni ingredients: gelatin, glycerin, a mixture of natural tokoferoliv.-EZHK 1300 mg Omega 3-6-9 - (EFA 1300 mg Omega 3-6-9 Softgels) series: 467317 -00-2000 pcs. (87 sht.upakovok) Produced (month / year): 10 / 2015.Terminprydatnosti (month / year): 10 / 2018.sklad: Fish oil, 433.3 mg Flax oliya- 433,3mh, borage oil, 433.3 mg a-linolenic acid (omega-3) -215mh, eicosapentaenoic acid (omega-3) -130 mg dokozahek sayenovoyi acids (omega-3) -86.6 mg linoleic acid (omega-6) -190 mg gamma-linolenic acid (omega-6) -95 mg of oleic acid (omega-9) -112 mg dopomizhnirechovyny: gelatin, vegetable glycerin, a mixture of tocopherols. Production - SOLGAR company SOLGAR VITAMIN & HERB.Torhova mark - SOLGAR. "UNITED STATES0UA1251901756.3335397.11015
11/Apr/201738231990001. NUTRIPID TG 100- mixture of fatty acids high in palmitic acid (C16: 0) is derived splitting (hydrolysis) of the solid fraction (stearin) ochyschenoyirafinovanoyi palm oil fractionation, followed by thermomechanical, bezhlitserynu without carrier with a melting point of 59, 10 ° C, Lot number (batch) N012 in 25kg packs in an amount 720sht paper bags (18000kh net) is a solid fraction, fine, free-flowing white granules of specificodor and consists of a mixture of fatty acids min.99% the actual vmistompalmitynovoyi acid 80.1 %. The composition of fatty acids: - C12: 0 (lauric acid) - 0.1% - C14: 0 (myristic acid) - 1.1% - C16: 0 (palmitic acid) - 80.1% - C18: 0 (stearic acid) - 4.7% - C18: 1 (oleic acid) - 11.4% - C18: 2 (linoleic acid) - 2.6%. Free fatty acids 0.03%, Jodis chyslo14,3, moisture and impurities 0.09% kolir- 2,0R. Used yakostisyrovyny for the manufacture of feed cattle. Date vyhotovlennya27 / 02/2017 720sht packaged in brown paper bags of 25kg p / e upakovokv each bag, labeled in Ukrainian.MALAYSIA0UA5003101800016832.1202
05/Apr/20172106909200"1. Drink 'Artichoke Extract' in sklyanyhplyashkah capacity of 500 ml. That pryznachenyydlya use by rozvedennyavodoyu juice in yakostibiolohichno-active additives ratsionuharchuvannya and contains artichoke extract, herbal extracts (peppermint, fennel), barley malt extract, maltodextrin, citric acid, fructose, glucose, sodium benzoate, purified water extract of artichoke art. 206 D Artischocke-Apero artichoke extract 500 ml - 600 pcs., Dietary supplement diet Harpahin art. Harpagin Harpahin D 221 - 100 pcs .; Dietary supplement diet 'Linof IT '63,60h. comprising conjugated linoleic acid, vitamins C, E, B6, B1, auxiliary components, modified potato starch, mono- and diglycerides of food fatty acids, glyceryl, dyes, iron oxides and hydroxides, cover , carnauba wax, Linofit art. Linofit Linofit D 223 - 20 pcs .; Dietary Supplements 'Sabal' 16,02h. capsules made from palm oil extract of Sabal, additional ve ingredients: gelatin, glycerin, water, Sabal capsules art . S 10 Sabal Sabal capsules - 100 pcs .; Dietary supplement 'Hlyukohon forte "tablets 91,9h. Containing glucosamine sulfatdikaliy chloride, hondroitynsulfat, auxiliary components: olivinilpolipirrolidon, carboxymethyl cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, silica, stearic acid, magnesium salts of food fatty acids (magnesium stearate), coating: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose glycerin, Hlyukohon forte tablets art. S 13 Hlyukohon Glucochon forte forte tablets - 50 pcs .; Trademark VIVASAN Producer Dr. Country of Duenner AG CH "SWITZERLAND0UA100120610.756118.362313
03/Apr/20172309909690"1.Produkty used for Godiva Lee animals alifatychnyhzhyr calcium salt containing these acids vilnyoyi oil and idroksydu g Calcium: 33094-1 NUTRACOR88 long-chain fatty acid calcium salt (25kh.mish) - 4000 Misch. -100MT.Kaltsiyevi salt CS84DX / T106 / D0071. Seriya№ D0104. Date of manufacture: 19.02.2017r.Bez content reconstructive-regenerative sugars (including glucose, lacto Oz, maltose, fructose), starch / ing productivity rozschyplennya starch, protein / vilnoyuaminohrupoyu substances, milk fat. ombinatsiyazhyrnyh K kyslotpalmovoyi oil and for altsiyu that zvya "" zani between soboyuna chemical in equal and form a salt. It is used as a source of energy in diets for dairy Hur 100dib first lactation and dlyatelyat, goats and sheep brought in kormtvar ins as high as during its preparation shlyahomri vnomirnoho mixing rate: Corot you, 1-calves, 0-3,01% of the total diet, sheep, goats -5 0-150 g, per day. Sypuchasumish poroshkopo Dibon substances and beige granules ru glycol, which is soboyukaltsiyevu salt alifat ychnyh fatty acids containing free oil and hidroksydukaltsiyu. W Rath defined mass at vysushuvanni- (3.32 + 0.02)% vmistvilnohozhyru pererahunkuna in dry matter) is (ash (in terms ondry matter) - (13.88 -0.01)% 2,69-0, 1)%. The crude oil not less than 90.0%., Kaltsiy9,0%. Free fatty acids: not less than 84.5% 9 g myristic acid; kyslotapalmit Inova; stearic acid; Peninsula olein acid, linoleic acid; kyslotalinolenova; lauric acid; others. "MALAYSIA0UA11011010000086844.6157
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Linoleic Acid Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Linoleic Acid Importer Sample

Date 12/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Агротех-Гарантія"""
Importer Address
с. Бакумівка, Миргородський р-н, Полтавська обл., Україна, 37632
Product Description
"1. Herbicide based kletodymu: Herbicide of South .........
HS Code 3808932790Value 55053.34039
Quantity 0Unit UA500030
Net Weight 12240
Origin Country CHINA

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