Ukraine Import Data of Lamp Switch | Ukraine Import Statistics of Lamp Switch

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of lamp switch collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of lamp switch imports.

Lamp Switch Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Lamp Switch

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of lamp switch. Get Ukraine trade data of Lamp Switch imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178536508000"1.Elektrychna apparatus for joining inelectrical circles for a voltage not bilshyak 1000V, switches and switches (obl.pobutove, of not mistytperedavachiv, receivers taradioobladnannya): zapuskulyuministsentnyh starters for lamps for napruhy220-240V frequency of 50 / 60Hz, (set 2 pcs of vblisteri to implement) ST 151LONGLIFE / 220-240 10XBLI2 OSRAM art.AB377410204, EAN: 4050300092638 - 1000pcs .; Country of origin: DE; The manufacturer: LEDVANCE GmbH; trade mark: OSRAM.. "GERMANY0UA12523011105.9230167 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178536500700"1.Datchyk (article CT30404) - 3 pieces, trailer, electromechanical switch. 8A current intensity, voltage of 12 V. It is intended to include stop signal lamp loader. Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits, for a voltage not exceeding 60 V; electromechanical switches speed to the current strength not exceeding 11 A, intended for s / h forklift Faresin.Krayina production, IT, Brand: no data on availability torhovelnoyimarky marking on the product is missing.. "ITALY0UA9010100.105280.5619981
28/Apr/20178536699090"1.Shtyrovi and hnizdoviz'yednuvachi: Equipment for switching connector (adapter-Splicing Unit) dlyapidklyuchennya LED lamps avtomob.habarytnyh LEDriving to bortovoyisystemy car, which skladimistyt: zbilshennyaenerhospozhyvannya resistor to the level zvychaynoyilampy -1sht, cable ties - 1pc Plastic Connector - 2 pcs: (2 pcs packed in a paper box for the implementation) LEDCBCTRL101 5W 10X2 1A OSRAM art.AA6551 802HA, EAN: 4052899090873 - 100 pieces .; equipment for switching connector (Conv idnyk-Splicing Unit) for connecting LED automobile. marker lamps L EDriving board to sy tem of the car, which in part includes: resistor was hit shennya energy consumption of conventional lamps -1sht, cable ties - 1pc, 2 pcs plastic rozyemy-: (2 pcs packed in a paper box for the implementation) LEDCBCTRL102 21W 10X2 1A OSRAM art. AB3506901HA, EAN : 4052899301993 - 20pcs .; Country of origin: TW; The manufacturer: OSRAM GmbH; trade mark: OSRAM.. "TAIWAN0UA1252304.375235.7693946
27/Apr/201739263000901.Zapasni parts for trucks and other plastic vyrobyz (bushings, rings, caps vantazhnyhavtomobiliv elements, etc.), art. 06-02-02-0130 shift knob MAN TGA = 1 sht.Torhovelna mark HitechVyrobnyk RVIAN HITECHart. 15-01-02-0001 BOX MIRRORS, DAF 75,85,95, VO.F / FL podg. L = P = 1 15-01-02-0076 MIRROR BOX DAF CF, XF105 06rpodg. L = P = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-02-0304 BOX MIRRORS IV E-Tech, Str. 200x175 podg. L = P = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-02-0413 BOX MIRROR VO.FH 06r- 200x186 podg. NT = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-03-0086 mirror housing SC.4, R 96r- / L / = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-03-0087 mirror housing SC.4, R 96r- / P / = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-03-0136 PROTECTION BRACKET MIRROR MAN F / L / M2000 / F90 LEFT = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-03-0136 PROTECTION BRACKET MIRROR MAN F / L / M2000 / F90 LEFT = 4 pcs. Art. 15-01-03-0138 PART mirrors (COVER) MAN F / L / M2000 / F90 / P / = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-03-0426 BACK COVER MIRROR RVI Pre.Route 05r- szara / P / = 1 pc. Art. 15-02-99-0208 plastic lining on the door (switch) MB SK / NG -96r / P / = 1 pc. Art. 15-07-04-0302 handle lattice MB Act.1 / 2 96-08r = 1 pc. Art. 15-07-14-0092 battery cover SC.4 96r- ze stopniem = 1 pc. Art. 15-07-14-0250 battery cover VO.FH13 / FM, RVI Pre.05r = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-02-0076 MIRROR BOX DAF CF, XF105 06r- podg. L = P = 4 pcs. Trademark TD Manufacturer De Tange art. 15-01-03-0005 BACK COVER MIRROR MAN TGA / L / = 1 pc. Trademark Brand TB TB art. 15-07-14-0009 battery cover MB 1735-2435 -96r = 1 pc. Art. 01-03-00-1611 fixing COVER AIR FILTER SC.4, R 96r- / dolna / krotka = 1 pc. Trademark CONVIT Manufacturer CONVITEX art. 13-01-99-0117 Cap plastic headlight bracket SC.3 -96r = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-02-0470 BOX MIRROR MB MB Act.306x163 b.podg. = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-03-0090 mirror housing VO.FH / FM 96-02r- / L / 469x249 = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-03-0119 Protection mirror bracket VO.FH / FM dol./P/ 03r = 1 pc. Art. 15-01-03-0428 BACK COVER MIRROR VO.FH12 06r- / L = P / = 1 pc. Art. 15-07-99-0047 stub obud.stop.MB Act.2-3 03-11r / L = P / = 1 pc. Art. 20-07-00-0110 plastic clamp (coupler) podwojna dl 300 mm = 100 pieces. Art. 15-02-02-0125 HANDLE FOREIGN MB Atego, Axor, Spr.-06r zew.L / P b.wkl. = 2 pcs. Art. 15-07-14-0154 battery cover DAF CF85II, XF105 / 106 = 1 unit. Trademark MEGA Brand Przedsiebiorstwo Handlowo Uslugowo Produkcyjne Opoltrans Janusz Wiszczuk Country of CNCHINA0UA10012033.57213.5283944
27/Apr/201783024900901.Krepizhnyy metal element for switches P33036-1sht. P33033-10sht. Hnuchkyyvazhil-eccentric KXAM1-10sht. P33032-10sht rope clamp. Dlyarukoyatky metal rod GAX7300-5sht switch. GEX7536N-1sht.Krayina origin - ItaliyaTorhovelna mark - LovatoVyrobnyk - Lovato Electric S.R.A. .ITALY0UA1000106.62179.4077343
27/Apr/201785366110901.Elektrychna abozahystu apparatus for switching electrical circuits for a voltage notmore in 1000: cartridges for lamprozzharyuvannya Total 2shtTorhivelna Brand: IncipioVyrobnyk: IncipioKrayina production: CN China.CHINA0UA1000100.31.130924075
27/Apr/201785366990901. Front electrical connector for signal switching modules zadopomoho screw clamps S-20 units. At voltage 24V AC / DC, 220V AC Konektor6ES7392-1AJ00-0AA0 -10shtVyrobnyk: SiemensKrayina production: PLTorhivelna Brand: Siemens.POLAND0UA1120800.7188.5457663
27/Apr/20178536611090"1.Elektrychna apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits, or for joining electrical circuits or electrical circuits (for example, Lamp holders and other connectors), for a voltage not exceeding 1 000 V; connectors for optical fibers, fiber optic harnesses or cables: -patrony for incandescent lamps: -other: chuck E27-1200sht lamp, the lamp socket to E14 flat-600sht.patron to E27 lamp flat-1800sht.Vyrobnyk: FAR ELEKTRIK TEKNOLOJILERI SAN.VE TIC.LTD .STI.TM "" FAR "". "TURKEY0UA110150114.96930.0000671
27/Apr/20178543709000"1.Enerhozberihayucha LED lamp dimmiruyema, art.70760181 equipped with E27 socket for voltage 220-230V, power 8W, color temperature 3000-3200K not clear, is not equipped with a switch holder, plugs, transformers or other accessories, are designed for lighting industrial and residential obyektiv.Vvozytsya for personal use. No goal realizatsiyi.Krayina production: CNTorhivelna brand: SALMETVyrobnyk: JiaShan Sunovo lighting technology Co., Ltd.. "CHINA0UA100200342551.14056
26/Apr/201794051091901-Light electrical appliances for homes that are suspended or fixed to the ceiling or wall for use with incandescent lamps, with no precious metals and composite materials that contain in its composition transmitters or transmitters and receivers: Model 1301 Universal lamp Bottom E27 1x MAX 60W, IP20, color chrome (metal) -1shtartykul 1822 Universal lamp Spiral D25 E27, 1x60W, IP20 white (metal glass) -5shtartykul 1864 Chandelier Jolly D40cm E27 1x max.60W IP20 chrome color, white lampshade with a pattern (metal glass) -2shtartykul 2 472 Universal lamp Julie E27 3x Max 40W IP20 gray / multicolor (metal, glass) -1shtartykul 2587 Chandelier Olivia E27 1x MAX 60W IP20 D16 black (metal) -1shtartykul 2588 Chandelier Olivia E27 1x MAX 60W IP20 D16 color silver (metal, ) -1shtartykul 2756 Chandelier Elisett E27 1x60W color bronze (metal glass) -1shtartykul 2770 Chandelier Gordon E27 Max 40W IP20 black / bronze (metal) -1shtartykul 2772 Chandelier Reda E27 4x MAX 60W, IP20, chrome-wenge color, white ceiling ( metal glass) 2865 Universal lamp -1shtartykul Ann E27 2x MAX 40W IP20, color chrome (metal glass) -1shtartykul 2969 Chandelier Danila E27 3x MAX 60W IP20 chrome color (metal, glass) -1shtartykul 4649 yustra Ramsey E27 Max 60W IP20 black (metal, plastic) -1shtartykul 4725 Chandelier Harmony lux D40 IP20 white patterned (metal paper plastic) -23shtartykul 4727 Chandelier Mirabell D40 IP20 white patterned (metal paper plastic) 4968 Universal -12shtartykul lamp Sweet dream, 395x395, E27 2x MAX 60W, IP20, Multicolor illustrated tales (metal-glass) -4shtartykul 4969 Universal lamp Sweet dream D40, E27 2x max.60W IP20 illustrated tales (metal glass) -4shtartykul 5113 Universal lamp Ufo D30 E27 1x60W IP20 chrome color, white shades (metal glass) -1shtartykul 5827 Wall lamp in Togo nny E14, 1x40W, IP44 colors chrome, matte white ceiling (metal glass) -1shtartykul 5828 Lexo bathing Wall light IP44 G9 1x40W color chrome, matte white ceiling with halogen lamps (metal glass) -4shtartykul 5831 Universal lamp Cibyll bathing IP44 G9 1x40W 13,9sm color matte white, with halogen lamp (metal glass) -3shtartykul 5852 Lexo bathing Wall light IP44 G9 2x40W color chrome, matte white ceiling with halogen lamps (metal glass) -2shtartykul 5870 Universal lamp Dione E27 3x MAX 40W IP20 white (metal, glass) -1shtartykul 6038 Chandelier Veronica E14 4x Max 40W IP20-color satin chro m (Silver) 6045 Universal lamp -1shtartykul Norton GU10, MAX 50W, IP20, color chrome (metal) -10shtartykul 6055 Universal lamp Flaire, E14 1x MAX 40W, IP20, color chrome, white ceiling, with a switch (metal glass) - 1shtartykul 6056 Universal lamp Flaire, E14 2x MAX 40W, IP20, color chrome, white ceiling (metal-glass) -1shtartykul 6058 Universal lamp Flaire, E14 4x MAX 40W, IP20, color chrome, white ceiling (metal-glass) -1shtartykul 6060 Universal fixturesCHINA0UA305160124.731433.387684
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Lamp Switch Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Lamp Switch Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Підприємство зі 100% іноземною інвестицією ""ЛЕДВАНС"""
Importer Address
03680, м.Київ, вул.Ділова, 5
Exporter Name LEDVANCE GmbH
Product Description
"1.Elektrychna apparatus for joining inelectrical .........
HS Code 8536508000Value 105.9230167
Quantity 0Unit UA125230
Net Weight 11
Origin Country GERMANY

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