Ukraine Import Data of Gasket Set | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gasket Set

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of gasket set collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of gasket set imports.

Gasket Set Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gasket Set

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20174016930090"1.Vyroby nonporous sealing of vulcanized rubber, other than hard, rubber-shaybaart.BR 765 -5sht., Valve cover gasket art.EV-952 -2sht., Prokladkaart.EPL-610 -2sht., Art.OR ring-487 -6sht., laying art.EPL-538 -6sht., humoveuschilnennya art.RS -10sht-254. set of rings art.RK-948 -6sht., prokladkaart.EPL-656 -1sht., art.OR ring-980 -10sht. used backhoe tanavantazhuvachi Volvo.Vyrobnyk: "" Swedish Lorry Parts AB "", trademark "" Swedish Lorry Parts "". Country of origin SE.. "SWEDEN0UA1250200.413109.9760667 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201784213920001.Filtruvalne industrial air filtration equipmentfor naderevoobrobnyh enterprises, non-medical purposes: Set the filtering equipment dlyapovitrya with fans, filters, pipe lines and components typZWF 07/04/30 - 1komplekt in chastkovorozibranomu state of metoyutransportuvannya consisting of: Interim filter type ZWF 7 / 4 (vkl.obolochku, extinguishing system, base and power elements) - 1 complex., fan 22 kW - 1pc. Filter bags diam. 230 mm - 82 pcs. Trymachfiltruvalnoho hose diam. 230 mm - 72 pcs., Sealing tape - 5m., Filter element -32sht., Fan 3 kW -4sht., Tube clamp with uschilnyuvachemdyam. 400mm - 95 pieces. Tube clamp with gasket diam. 560mm - 7 pcs., Trubnyyhomut the sealant diam. 450mm- 30 pcs. Tube clamp with gasket diam. 180mm - 52 pieces. Zdyam Tube clamp. 200mm - 25 pieces. Tube clamp with gasket diam. 350mm - 100 pieces. Pipe collar with seal diam. 160mm- 8 pcs. Tube clamp with gasket diam. 300mm - 70 pieces. Zuschilnyuvachem Tube clamp diam. 250mm -17sht., Pipe collar with seal diam. 200mm -33sht. Pipe collar with seal diam. 500mm- 32 pcs. Pipe collar with seal diam. 140mm -40 pieces. Flange diam. 710mm- 44 pcs., Flange diam. 800mm - 50 pieces. Flange diam. 630mm - 30 pieces. Flanetsdyam. 400mm -30 pieces. Flange diam. 350mm- 70 pcs. Pipe knee 90 degrees. diam. 710 mm 2D inc. Flange s = 1 mm - 1 pc., Tube knee 90 degrees. diam. 140 mm 2D - 3 pcs., Tube knee 90 degrees. diam. 350mm 2D - 3 pcs., Tube knee 90 degrees. diam. 400 mm 2D - 8 pcs., Pipe 45hrad knee. diam. 180 mm 2D - 1 unit., Tube knee 45 degrees. diam. 140 mm 2D - 1 unit., Tube knee 45 degrees. diam. 300 mm 2D s = 0,75 mm - 1 pc., Pipe diam. 400 mm L = 1000 mm. s = 1 mm. -54 pcs. Pipe diam. 560 mm L = 1000 mm. s = 1 mm. - 1 pc., Trubadyam. 710 mm L = 1000 mm incl. Flange s = 1 mm - 1 pc., Pipe diam. L = 630 mm 1000mmvkl. Flange s = 1 mm - 3 pieces. Pipe diam. 500 mm L = 1000 mm. s = 1 mm. - 1 pc., Trubadyam. 180 mm L = 1000 mm. s = 0,75 mm. - 2 pcs. Pipe diam. 350 mm L = 1000 mm s = 1 mm. - 56 pcs. Connecting to the machine diam. 350-352 mm s = 1 mm. - 2 pcs. Perehidnykdyam. 350-400 mm mm L = 180 mm s = 1 mm - 3 pcs., Adapter diam. 500-400- 300 MMS = 1 mm - 1 pc., Adapter diam. 180-140-140 mm s = 0,75 mm. - 1 pc., Manzhetadyam.350 mm. - 4 pcs., Adapter diam. 250-350 mm L = 300mm s = 1 mm. - 2 sht.Pidklyuchennya to the machine diam. 250-252 mm - 2 pcs., Cuff dyam.400 mm. - 4 pcs. Tube clamp with a seal diam. 120mm- 1 pcs. Tube clamp with a seal diam. 200mm - 26 pieces. Zuschilnyuvachem Tube clamp diam. 450mm - 1 pcs. Tube clamp with gasket diam. 350mm- 71 pcs. Pipe collar with seal diam. 400mm - 90 pieces. Zuschilnyuvachem Tube clamp diam. 500mm - 2 pcs., Flange diam. 400mm - 230 pieces. Flange dyam.350 -203 mm pieces. Flange diam. -20sht 200mm. Roll of sealing tape (112m.) - 2 pcs., Transport fan type TS-EN 09/560 / 35/01 kW engine 22 - 1 pc., For the fan impeller TS-RN Serial Number 16/0507 art . №0816012,GERMANY0UA100110503528612.79268
28/Apr/20174016930090"1.Zapasni of the gas engine with spark ignition vn.zhoryannya" "GE Jenbacher" "kohirentnoyi installation. Not for military or dual use: - A set of gaskets for the oil heat exchanger, art. 272 ​​473 - 1.; Trademark - GEVyrobnyk - GE Jenbacher GmbH & Co OGKrayina production - GB. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA1250200.125136.5653817
28/Apr/201740169300901.Komplekt seals (gaskets, washers) with vulcanised rubber holder for fiksatsiyipnevmo: -art.3330-1-18305 - 10 sets. .GERMANY0UA1250201.51697.155607
28/Apr/20174016995790"1. Spare parts for motor vehicles" "Mercedes-Benz" ": Vulcanite, unsteady non porous rubber, mud flaps, set of 2 pcs., Including kriplennyaart.A1668900478-1od. Art.b66528232-2od. Art.A1668900578-2od. art.A2228900900-1od. art.A0009882911-2od bump. art.A6420940785-10od.vstavka reference art.A2226710000-20od. sleeve. art.A1644601237-2od. rem.komplekt gaskets z3sht compressor. art.A0001306815-1od. art.A0159976246-1od seal. kapotuart.A6510940122-2od focus. art.A6020780586-1od lock. art.A6020780486-1od.Krayina production - DETorhovelna brand - Mercedes-BenzVyrobnyk - Daimler AG. "GERMANY0UA10011010.303675.4353519
28/Apr/201740169300901.Inshi articles of vulcanized rubber: Rubber -kiltse to forklift art.3978743-2sht. - Gasket Set for hidravlichnohotsylindru loader (10 humovyhkilets) art.13899889-1sht. - Gasket Set for hydraulic loader cylinder (7 rubber rings) Art .9318087-1sht., brand TVH PARTS NVTorhivelna mark TVHKrayina production BE.BELGIUM0UA1250200.109105.9770259
28/Apr/20178484100090Sheet metal 1.Prokladky passenger motor vehicles, sets and gaskets for the engine cylinder head, only 615 sets. Trademark TENACITY. Manufacturer TENACITY AUTO PARTS CO., LTD. Country of origin TW. .TAIWAN0UA500010196.28492.6626803
27/Apr/20174016930090"1. linings, gaskets, seals, washers, etc. from vulcanized rubber to not porous agricultural machinery: Upper Gasket Set (catalog number with the seller CU-4025271) - 1pc, lower set of pads (lining of the pallet) 6CT8.3 Cummins (No. catalog merchant of CU-3802389) - 1pc, front cover gasket ST 6CT8.3 Cummins (vendor number from CU-3938737) - 50sht, exhaust manifold gasket SPX-3310 (a number from the seller CU-3927154) - 36sht, Gasket final collector (vendor number from CU-3929012) - 240sht, crankshaft seals CT front Cummins (number of cat alohu seller CU-3921927) - 90sht; Gasket thermostat (vendor number from CU-3914310) - 110sht, Construction turbocharger (without partitions) (vendor number from CU-3911941) - 20pcs, crankshaft stuffing box (a number from the seller CU- 3933384) - 8 pieces; seals the inlet / exhaust valve (a number from the seller CU-3927642) - 560sht, Laying pipes drain oil from the turbine (number of cat alohu seller CU-3937706) - 50sht, Laying pipes maslozabornyka (a number from the seller CU -3914302) - 30sht; Construction corps seal crankshaft (vendor number from CU-3914301) - 40sht; Proklos ka front cover DIC SPX-3310 (a number from the seller CU-3938156) - 5pcs, Laying pipes maslozabirnyka (a number from the seller CU-3938157) - 10pc; Gasket Oil coolers (a number from the seller CU-3942914) - 10pc; padding ( vendor number from CU-3917779) - 10pc, Upper Gasket Set (catalog number with the seller CU-4025271) - 10pc; ring sealing nozzle (T80 .., Mag310) (vendor number from CU-4890926) - 300sht, oil coolers Construction (vendor number from CU-3929011) - 10pc; kit (SEM) front crankshaft seals (a number from the seller CU-3925343) - 65sht; Gasket exhaust manifold (vendor number from CU-3932063) - 6 pieces; seals nozzles (vendor number from CU-3909356) - 36sht. "CHINA0UA11015047.761854.455224
27/Apr/201784842000001.Zapasni parts for cars, mechanical seals, gaskets (with spring ring): KT valve seals, art.: EL702706-1 sht.k t-pads (set of seals valves), art.: EL199440-1 sht.salnyk crank shaft, art.: EL342093-2 sht.salnyk cranked shaft, art.: EL431420-1 sht.Torhovelna mark ELRINGVyrobnyk ELRING KLINGER production AGKrayina DE.GERMANY0UA4000300.31630.40609448
27/Apr/20178484900090"1.Zapasni parts for cars and trucks / m: Gasket Set holovkybloku cylinders (metal strip with rubber inserts - 4 pieces, seal - 2 pcs, washers, bolt), art.010.877-6sht .; Gasket Set cylinder head (metal strip vstavkamy- 4 pieces of rubber, oil seal - 2 pcs, washers, bolt), art.010.877-2sht .; gasket Set CPR (metal gasket - 3pc, rubber - 2 pcs, bolt - 6 pieces) Clutch seals art.030.747-1sht .; hub (seal ring, prokladkauschilnyuyucha) art.085.523-2sht .; Clutch hub seals (-2sht gasket, seal - 2sh ) Art.085.524-6sht., Country of origin - TRTorhovelna mark - SampaVyrobnyk - Sampa Otomotiv San. Ve Tic.AS. "TURKEY0UA1001108.74135.5198317
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ВОЛЬТЕХ"""
Importer Address
03164, м.Київ вул. Ак.Булаховського, 5-Б, офіс 13
Exporter Name Swedish Lorry Parts AB Vissbergagatan 12
Product Description
"1.Vyroby nonporous sealing of vulcanized rubber, .........
HS Code 4016930090Value 109.9760667
Quantity 0Unit UA125020
Net Weight 0.413
Origin Country SWEDEN

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