Ukraine Import Data of Decorative Show Piece | Ukraine Import Statistics of Decorative Show Piece

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of decorative show piece collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of decorative show piece imports.

Decorative Show Piece Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Decorative Show Piece

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of decorative show piece. Get Ukraine trade data of Decorative Show Piece imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/20178301600090"1.Products of sanitary purposes: mixing brass cranes.Completion of mixers: bath mixers: complete with a funnel for a bath; eccentrics; a hose for a funnel; a holder for a funnel (bracket) with coils; decorative cups made of stainless steel or plastic, gaskets, instructions, branded Cardboard gift bag, packed in a box. Mixer in the kitchen: complete with a hose liner for cold and hot water (polypropylene metal pipe and needle-tip and nut), nuts or bolts, base for the mixer, gaskets, ins Designed by the company: Mixer model / quantity in pieces (set ah). Mixer ZEGOR, Premium series: 1201-A037 (Premium) for sink (washer) 30; 1201-A038 ( Premium) for the sink (wash) 30; 1205-A038 (Premium) for the shower (baths) 50; 1404-B043 (Premium) for the toilet (wash) 30; 1608-A043-KS (Premium) for the kitchen 30; 1608- A043-KH (Premium) for the kitchen 20; 2104-A722 (Premium) for kitchen 20; 2104-B722 (Premium) for the kitchen 50; 2104-D722 (Premium) for the kitchen 20; 2107-A722 (Premuim) for bath 50; 2107-A827 (Premuim) for bath 50.Care produced by CN. Trademark ZEGOR PREMIUM.Producer: ZHEJIANG TUOZHEN SANITARY WARE CO., LTD "ROMANIA0UA1251900.3742.94166188 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
11/Apr/201739263000901. Spare parts made of plastic, decorative to passenger cars, new, art.009331221A - PLASTIC MILLING-1 pc. Art 0128101371 - CLIPSPPLASTIC-1 pc. Art.0155305233 - PLASTIC CLIPS-4pcs. Art. 0155305933 - KLIPSAPPLASTIKOVA-16 pcs. Art. 0155305933 - PLASTIC CLIMATE-14pcs.Art. 0155305933-CLIPS PLASTIKOVA-5pcs. Art. 0155305933 - PLASTIC CLIENT-4pcs. Art.0155305933-CLIPS PLASTICOVA-2pcs. Art 0155305933 - PLASTIC CLIMATE-10pcs. Art. 0155305933-CLIPS PLASTIKOVA-5pcs.Art.0155309611 - PLASTIC CLIPS-5pcs.Art.0155309611-PLASTIC CLIPS-3pcs.Art.0155310501 - PLASTIC CLIPS-7pcs.Art.0155310501-PLASTIC CLIPS - 4pcs.Art.0155310501 - PLASTIC CLIPS-2pcs.Art.0155310501-PLASTIC CLIPS-10pcs.Art.0155330001 - PLASTIC CLIPS-4pcs.Art.165544BE0A -PRODUCTION PLASTIC-1 pc. Art.165544BE0D - AIR-PLASTIC-1 str. ART.175715L30A - PLASTIC PLATES-8pcs. Art.175748H300 - PLASTIC PLATES-2pcs. 2.14401LA0A - RADIATOR-PLASTIC-1pc. Art.214401LA0A - ZAGLUSHKARADIATOR-1 pc. Ar t.243824BA0D - PLASTIC CRUSHER OF THE COMBINING UNIT-1pc. 2443824BA1B - CHAIN ​​OF STOPPING UNIT-1 pc. Art.243824BE0A - PLASTIC CRUSHER OF THE STOPPING UNIT-1pc.Art.2438351E00 - PLASTIC CORROSION BLOCAREL-1 pc. Art.27276JN20A - PLASTIC CORPUS FILTER-1pc.Art.286584CD4A -FEATER MASTER PHAR-1 pc. Art.321031MG0B - PLASTIC CUTTING-1pcs. Art.331414N20A- SETTING UP ROOF-1 pc. Art.403431CJ4A - PLASTIC KOVPACKOLESA-4pcs.Art.62319AU000 - PLASTIC CLIPS-2pcs.Art.628223UC0A - PLASTIC MANAGER AIR-1pc. Art.638241CJ0A - SET OF PLASTIC BRUSHERS-1pc. Arth. 638424CB0A - FRONT RIDGE BUTTON-1pc. Art.63843EL05B - ​​PIRTS-1 - PLASTIC CLIPS-2pcs.Art.6384835F00 - PLASTIC CLIPS - 2pcs. Art.638544CE0A - FRONT PLASTIC BROKEN K-T-1sht. Art.638601CB0B -TLEARING OF ARKY CRYLA-1 pc.Art.638601CB0B- SILICON ARKY CRYLA-1 pc. Art.638604CE0A - ACCESSORIES OF THE FRONT PATTERN-1 6.38604CE0A - Lining of the front wing-1pc. Art.638614CE0A - Arkaiklya-1 str.Art.638614CE0A- SILICON ARKY CRYLA-1 pc. Art.684114BA1A - PLASTIC LABELING-1 - PLASTIC CLIPS-2pcs. Art.727511LA0A - MOLDING-1 st.arts.727524CC0B - MOLDING OF LOB SHOW-1pc. Art.739104CD5A - CARD STELI-1 - BALL (PLAS) -8pcs. Art.76848JG00A - PLASTIC CLIPS - 4pcs. Art.76848JG00B - PLASTIC CLIPS - 4pcs. Art.768501CJ5A - WRAP CLEANING-1pcs. 7.768501CJ5A - 1-piece paste.Art.76881JG00A - PLASTIC CLIPS-12p. Art.768820M000 - PLASTIC CLIPS-8pcs.Art.768820M060 - PLASTIC PLATES-2pcs. 7.788124CE0A - PLASTIC BACK-1 PLASTIC BLOCK. Art.788601CB0B - PLASTIC IMOLINDINGS-1pc.Art.788604CE0A - LINING OF ARKY CRYLA-1 pc. Art.788611CB0B - MOLDINGS WHEELS-1 pc.Art.788614CE0A - MOLDING ARKY WHEEL-1 st. Art.808701CJ1A- PLASTIC MOLDINGS-1pcs. Art.828764CE0A - MOLDING OF REAR DOORS-1 - PLASTIC LABEL-1 pc.Art.88989JG00C - Lining on top of 1 pc.Art.84920JN20A - PLASTIC LABEL-1pc.Art.84966JN90JAPAN0UA12519016.9891425.835086
03/Apr/20173921904100"1.Lysty of aminoaldehidnyh resin, laminated, high pressure, with a decorative surface on one side, not shown, embossed, rozmiry listed as follows length * width * thickness (in mm.) For purposes of design in the interior: RESOPAL- 4339-WH 3050x1320x0.8, kilk.-1pc.; RESOPAL-4941-KS 3050x1320x0.8, kilk.-7sht.; RESOPAL-4200-WH 3050x1320x0.8, kilk.-5pcs.; DUROPAL-U1115-MP 4100x1300x0. 8-kilk. 2 pcs.; DEKODUR-A251 2440x1220x0.8, kilk.-3pc.; DEKODUR-A245 2440x1220x0.8, kilk.-15sht.; DUROPAL-F8194-VV 4100x1300x0.8, kilk.-15sht.; DUROPAL -U1379-HG 4100x1300x0.8, kilk.-4 pieces.; RESOPAL-4325-EM 3050x1320x0.8, kilk.-2 pcs.; DUROPAL-R4223-ML 4100x1300x0.8, kilk.-2 pcs.; DUROPAL-U1027-VV 4100x1300x0 .8, kilk.-15sht.; RESOPAL-4122-WS 3050x1320x0.8, kilk.-3pc.; DUROPAL-F 7431-TC 4100x1300x0.8, kilk.-2 pcs.; PRZECIWPR ^ ZNY-MODEKOR-L aminat 3050x1310x0,8-B.Mat, kilk.-30sht.; DUROPAL-R5618-VV 4100x1300x0.8 - Folia, kilk.-6 pieces .; RESOPAL-4137-WH 3050x1320x0.8, kilk.-1pc.; RESOPAL-D96-60 3050x1320x0.8, kilk.-1pc.; RESOPAL- 3505-XX 3650x1320x0.8, kilk.-2 pcs.; PROBNIK BLACK BOX 2015, kilk.-4 pieces.; Probnik Tabu kolekcja 2016, kilk., 2 pcs., Manufacturer Duropal GmbH; Trademark DUROPAL, Country of DE; "GERMANY0UA1251806113336.823732
03/Apr/201732141010901.Budivelna mix for grouting (compaction) joints WIM FUGA, in powder form, multicomponent (nT portlandtseme white -30% quartz sand, 35%, 30% vapnyanyyporoshok, resin metyltsellyulo for pigments 3% .Upakovano in paper po2kh packages: WIM FUGA 1/00 ​​-380sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/11 -10sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/13 2 kg-30sht., WIM FUGA 1/14 -110sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1 / 20 -50sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/29 2kg -100sht., WIM FUGA 1/30 -10sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/31 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/322 kg -10sht., WIM FUGA 1/33 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/34 -10sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA1 / 35 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/42 -200sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/43 2 kg -70sht., WIMFUGA 1/44 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/45 -30sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/46 -20sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/48 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1 / 49 -200sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/60 2 kg-20pcs., WIM FUGA 2/16 -10sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 2/59 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 2/60 2kg -10sht., WIM FUGA 2/63 2 kg -10sht. - One-component permanently elastic mass uschil nyuyucha based sylikonovohokauchu ku.WIM SILIKON. (Polidimetylsy loksan with hydroxyl groups on kintsyah50-60% polidimetylsyloksan -20-30% -2-5% etyltryatset oksysylan oxide kremniyu5-10%). Used for all mobile joints that are exposed to water vsanitarnyh and kitchen areas, pools, showers as well inazovni space inside, packed into plastic tubes in 310ml neaerozolni: WIMSILIKON 1/11 -3sht., WIM SILIKON 1/14 -3sht. , WIM SILIKON 1/20 -3sht. - decorative two-component epoxy grout mixture (seal) joints, WIM DIAMOND gROUT (quartz sand, 77%, 13% epoxy resin, pigment applications + 10% component B - epoxy smola- 100%) in plastic buckets of 1 kg: WIMDIAMOND gROUT 305 -1sht 1 kG., - mixes for grouting (compaction) joints WIM BROKAT FUGA, to you hlyadiporoshku, multicomponent (-30% white Portland cement, quartz sand 30%, dolomite filler (VAP nyanyy powder) -30% -5% brocade, resin, methyl cellulose, pigments -5% .In paper bags 2 kg: WIM BROKAT FUGA 5/41 2 KG -1sht. - Construction pasty mixture charged ment (seal) joints WIM EPOXYD, two component (13% epoxy resin, quartz sand tion -77% pigment applications 10% Component B: epoxy smola100%) but Packing in plastic buckets 5kg: WIM FUGA EPOKSYDOWA 5KG 1/12 -1sht., Total 1892 pieces. In neaerozolnyh upakovkahSfera application maintenance and constructionPOLAND0UA2091803771.423315.350285
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Decorative Show Piece Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Decorative Show Piece Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Приватне Акціонерне Товариство ""Рено Україна"""
Importer Address
01033,Київ, вул.Гайдара, 50
Exporter Name Renault Polska Sp.z o.o
Product Description
"1.Products of sanitary purposes: mixing brass cra.........
HS Code 8301600090Value 42.94166188
Quantity 0Unit UA125190
Net Weight 0.37
Origin Country ROMANIA

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