Ukraine Import Data of Brass Table | Ukraine Import Statistics of Brass Table

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of brass table collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of brass table imports.

Brass Table Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Brass Table

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of brass table. Get Ukraine trade data of Brass Table imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20176042090001. Leaves, branches and other parts of plants suitable for drawing bouquets or for ornamental purposes, fresh, without flowers or buds, Latin / Ukrainian name length in cm: BRASS CRANE / BRASIKA 70-cm-50sht, CHAMELAUCEIUM / HAMELATSIUM -70sm-225sht, DRAC BAMBOO SPIRAAL / Dracena, 80cm-30sht, EUCALIPT / eucalyptus-70 cm 9sht, HYPPERICUM / hiperikum 70-cm-205sht, LEUCADENDRON / LEUKADENDRON-60cm-80sht, SYMPHORICARPUS / SIMFORIKARPUS 70-cm-10pc, TRAHELIUM / TRAHELIUM-65 cm-10pc, aSPIDISTRA BLAD / aspidistra-60 cm 140sht, BEARGRASS / BERHRAS-60 cm 75sht, CHICO JUMBO ORCA / Chico-55 cm 65sht, LEDERVAREN / Fern-60 cm 25sht, PHOENIX ROEBELEN . BL / PHOENIX-80 cm 160sht, SALAL / Salalah 90-cm-15sht, Total 1099sht. Net weight is 128,92kh Country of manufacturer NL No data.NETHERLANDS0UA401010128.92193.3800007 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20179405209100"1.Elektrychni lighting, electrical svitylnyky nastilni, new, home working voltage of 220V for use with lampamyrozzharyuvannya in a disassembled state, Lamp INL-6141T-01 Antique Brass Table Lamp -49sht .; INL-6141T- 01 Polished Nickel - 34sht .; Board lampaINL-6142T-01 Ivory White- 50sht .; lamp INL-6142T-01 Polished Nickel - 24sht .; Board lampaINL-6142T-01 Antique Brass - 29sht.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - ALTALUSSEVyrobnyk - ALTALUSSE sro industrial facilities Top Notch Impex Limited. "CHINA0UA125120506.85008.799921
28/Apr/201712099180001.Zrazky vegetable seeds for sowing: Coriander seeds (lat.Coriandrum sativum L.) variety Marino / Marino art.42.917 -16 upakovok.Kapusta Broccoli (lat.Brassica oleracea var.italica) sort Corato F1 / Corato F1, art .2.107.505 - 2 upakovky.Kapusta cauliflower (lat.Brassica oleracea L.var.botrytis L.) variety Novaria F1 / Novariya F1, art.2.028.781 - 8 upakovok.Torhovelna mark - Enza ZadenVyrobnyk - Enza Zaden Seed Operations BV .FRANCE0UA1251000.821061.77692
28/Apr/201712099180001.Nasinnya for sowing vegetables: broccoli (lat.Brassica oleracea var.italica) sort Corato F1 / Corato F1, art.2.107.505 - 800 upakovok.Kapusta cauliflower (lat.Brassica oleracea L.var.botrytis L.) sort Novaria F1 / NovariyaF1, art.2.028.781 - 1000 upakovok.Torhovelna mark - ENZA ZADENVyrobnyk - Enza Zaden Seed OperationsB.V. .FRANCE0UA12510023.04229835.80936
27/Apr/20179403208000"1.Mebli, metal cutlery and Housing's rooms: art.1600-85004-DKW (console (metal frame - brass, shelf - rubber tree, tabletop - glass)) - 1 pc., Art.1600-90016-DKW (Bedside bedside table (metal frame - brass, shelf - rubber tree, tabletop - glass)) - 2sht.Torhovelna brand: HOOKER.Vyrobnyk: HOOKER.Krayina production: VN.. "VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA1000101662560.508763
27/Apr/201794052091001.Svitylnyk electric table designed for use with lampamyrozzharyuvannya: art.RL1080NB-WP-EU (floor lamp (brass, silk)) - 1 pc., Art.RL3080PN-WP-EU (table lamp (brass, silk)) - 2 pcs ., art.RL3082NB-WP-EU (table lamp (brass, silk)) - 2 pcs., art.TOB1201PN-NP (floor lamp (brass, paper)) - 1 pc., art.TOB3023CG-NP (Svitylnyknastilnyy (glass, brass, paper)) - 2sht.Torhovelna mark: VISUAL COMFORT AND CO.Vyrobnyk: VISUAL COMFORT AND CO.Krayina production: CN. .CHINA0UA100010503094.000664
27/Apr/20179405209100"1.Svitylnyk electric table designed for use with lampamyrozzharyuvannya: art.6704 (table lamp (metal frame - brass, ozdoblenyyhranitom, shade - silk shantunh)) -2sht.Torhovelna mark: CURREY & COMPANY.Vyrobnyk: CURREY & COMPANY.Krayina production: CN.. "CHINA0UA10001012557.193166
27/Apr/20179403208000"1.Mebli, metal cutlery and Housing's rooms: art.P219S (console (metalevyykarkas - brass, wooden table top - maple)) - 1sht.Torhovelna Brand: VANGUARD.Vyrobnyk: VANGUARD.Krayina production: CN.."CHINA0UA100010641237.420867
24/Apr/201772284090001.Ihry table without electrical or electronic components (material: metal, wood, rubber, brass, alabaster, leather), a set of chess pieces from 32 pieces D3 x H10 cm - 3komp., Set of chess pieces from 32 pieces D3 x H10 cm - 2komp., set of chess pieces from 32 pieces D4 x H12, D3 x H10, D4 x H9 cm - 7komp., set of chess pieces from 32 pieces D3 x H10, D4 x H12 cm - 2komp. , a set of chess pieces from 32 pieces D3 x H8 cm - 12komp., set pieces from 24 pieces D5 cm - 1komp., board chess size 35h35 cm - 14sht., board chess size 40x40 cm - 1 pc., board chess 53h53 cm in size - 4pcs., 45x45 size chess board, 33h33 cm of drawers - 4pcs., Size chess board 55h55, 47h47 cm of drawers - 3pc., A chess board measuring 50x50 cm with drawer - 2 pcs., Table size chess 60h60hN70 cm - 1 pc. .RUSSIA0UA1120801555030477.69779
22/Apr/20176031980901.Fresh cut flowers suitable for bouquets, from November 1 to May 31: -Alchemilla Robus / cuff 80 cm-50 pc. -Allium Purple Sen / alium 40 cm -10 pcs.-Alstro berlin / alstroemeria 80 cm -10 pcs.-Alstro Virginia / alstroemeria 80 cm-10 pieces-Alstroemeria H / alstroemeria 60 cm-340 pieces-Alstroemeria No / alstroemeria 50 cm-80 pieces-Amaryllis Ferrari / amarillis cm -15 pieces-Amaryllis Mont Blanc / Amarillis cm -15 pieces-Amaryllis Royal Velvet / amarillis cm-15 pieces.-ANANAS OV / pineapple decorative 40 cm-30 pcs.-ANEM CO GALIL WIT / anemone 46 cm -50 pc.-Anigoz. Bush D / Anigozantos 50 cm -10 pieces.-Anigoz. Anthurium midori / anthurium cm -12 pieces.-Anthurium midori / anthurium cm -12 pieces.-Anthurium mix / anthurium 80 cm -12 pcs. -Anthurium Leaf Exciting Love Mini / anthurium cm -60p.-Anthurium midori / anthurium cm -20s. Anthurium tropical / anthurium cm -10 pieces Antirrhinum Co / antiirinum 60 cm -10 pieces Antirrhinum Coo / antirinum 70 cm -10 pieces Antirrhinum Coo / antirinum 70 cm -30 pieces Antirrhinum wh / antiirinum 70 cm -10 pieces-Astilbe Erica / astilba 65 cm -10 pieces-astilbe eur opa / rastel 65 cm -20 pieces-astilbe europa / astilba 65 cm -30 pieces-astilbe Europa / astilba 80 cm -50 pieces-Astilbe Paul Ga / astelba 50 cm -20pcs. -Astilbe washington / Astilba 55 cm-50 pc. -Astilbe Whasin / Astilia 55 cm -10 pc. -Astilbe Whasion / Astilia 55 cm -60 pc. -Astrentia Million / Astencia 55 cm-50 pc. -Berzelia galpinii 4 / Bercele 50 cm-10 pcs.-Berzelia galpinii 4 / Berceleli 55 cm-10 pcs.-Bouvardia and / bourdie 50 cm -10 pp.-Bouvardia and R / Bourdieu 50 cm -40 pc.-Bouvardia and R / burudi 65 cm -20 pc.-Bouvardia Brilliant mix in bucket / bourdie 70 cm -50 pc.-Bouvardia dbl mixed in * BUCKETS * / bourdie 70 cm -100 pc.-Bouvardia dbl mixed in * BUCKETS * / bourdie 70 cm -50 pc.-Bouvardia Diamond Pearl / bourdie 70 cm- Bouvardia Du / Buardia 80 cm -20s.-Bouvardia Du Di / Bourdieux 60 cm -10s.-Bouvardia du Dia / Buardia 90 cm -40s.-Bouvardia Du Dia / Buardia 60 cm -40s.-Bouvardia du Dia / Bourdieu 40 cm -60p.-Bouvardia du Dia / Bourdieu 80 cm -20p.-Bouvardia du Dia / Bourdie 80 cm -10p. Bouvardia en royal two tone pink / Bourdie 70 cm -10p. Bouvardia Royal Daphne Fresco / Bourdie 60 Cm -20s. Bouvardia Royal White Verde / Bouva Action 70 cm -20 pieces-Brassica Red Cra / Brassica 60 cm -80 Pcs.-Brassica White C / Bracelet 55 cm -60 pcs.-BRUN ALBIFLORA KAAPS BRUNIA ALBIFLORA GREEN / BRUNE sm-50 pc.-Brunia albiflora / Brunch 80 cm -20 pc Brunia albiflora 4 / brunch 40 cm -10 pc.-Brunia albiflora 4 / brunch 70 cm -20 pc.-Brunia Silver Laevis spray / brush 50 cm-10 pcs.-Brunia Silver Laevis spray / bar 50 cm-10 pcs. -Calla Capt. Ventura / Calla 60 cm -30 pieces-Calla Gold Medal / Calla 45 cm -20sq.-calla zantedeschia Captain Melrose / Calla 50 cm -80sq.-calla zantedeschia Colombe de la Paix / Calla 80 cm -80sq.-calla zantedeschia White Dream / Calla 80 cm -90 pc.-Campanula Cham / Campaign 70 cm -10 pc-Cel. Caracas 6 / Ceylon 60 cm -10 pc. -Cel.C. Act Dara 7 / Celosia 50 cm -10 pcs. -Cel.C. Act Inca / Celia 60 cm -10 pcs. -Cel.C. Act Rim / Celosia 60 cm -10 pcs. -Cel.C. Act Rima / Celosia 60 cm -10 pieces-Celosia Act Rima / Celosia 55 cm -30 pieces-Celosia mix in bucket / Celozia 7NETHERLANDS0UA1000103209.43131.732371
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Brass Table Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Brass Table Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ДАНТАРБУД-ДТБ"""
Importer Address
03191, м.Київ, вул. Смолича Юрія, буд. 2 А
Exporter Name Long Life s.r.o.
Product Description
1. Leaves, branches and other parts of plants suit.........
HS Code 604209000Value 193.3800007
Quantity 0Unit UA401010
Net Weight 128.92
Origin Country NETHERLANDS

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