Ukraine Import Data of Acid Cam | Ukraine Import Statistics of Acid Cam

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of acid cam collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of acid cam imports.

Acid Cam Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Acid Cam

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20172106909200"1.Harchovi products not elsewhere specified, dietary supplements, not containing milk fats, sucrose, isoglucose, glucose, starch or containing less than 1.5 wt.% Milk fat, less than 5 wt.% Sucrose or isoglucose, less than 5 wt.% glucose or starch for use as dietary supplements to the diet of people as an additional source of biologically active substances are not drugs: -Art. 674,509 dietary supplements Top Fegato (Liver) -135shtSklad: microcrystalline cellulose, choline bitartrate, dry leaf extract artysho Ku (Cynara scolymus L., maltodextrin) tit. 5% in kofeilfinoviy acid, dry extract of thistle (Silybum Marianum Gaert., maltodextrin) tit. 2% silymarin, dry leaf extract of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L., maltodextrin) E / D: 1/4, aloe vera juice (aloe barbadensis Miller) 200: 1, glazing agent: metyloksypropiltsellyuloza, polyethylene glycol, protyzlezhuvalna additive: sterat magnesium, silicon dioxin, dyes: titanium dioxide at (E171), copper complexes of chlorophyll (E141) . Improves liver function and lipid absorption has cleansing effect, helps the body get rid of accumulated gases. Packaged in cardboard packages of 30 tablets, net weight 15.6 g, Art. 674515 Dietary Supplements Aloe Vera Extra (Aloe Vera Extra) -258shtSklad 100% natural juice of Aloe Vera (Aloe vera var. Barbadensis Miller) (99,55%); acidity regulator: citric acid (E330); preservatives: sodium benzoate (E 211), potassium sorbate (E202). Has physiological function of cleansing the body. Packaged in plastic bottles of 500 ml Art. 674568 Dietary supplement Caffe Verde Drenante (green coffee) -102shtSklad: purified water, stabilizer: sorbitol; flavors, dry extract of green coffee beans (Coffea canephora Pierre ex Froehner) es tit.45% chlorogenic acid, dry extract of leaves of birch (Betulla pendula Roth. 90%, Betulla pubescens Ehrh. 10%) tit 0,3% flavonoids as hyperoside dry extract, dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale Weber) tit 2% inulin, acidity regulator: citric kyslotat (E330); thickener: ksanatova gum (E415); preservative, potassium sorbate (E202), dry extract of Handles and pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.) tit 250 GDU / g, the leaves of green tea (Camelia sinsesis (L) Kuntzel) tit. 15% polyphenols, coloring, sugar and simple Kohler (E150 a); sweetener, sucrose (less than 5 wt.%.). Contains ingredients from celery. Dietary supplement with green coffee extract, green tea and mint has a tonic effect, normalizes metabolism, helps maintain normal weight. Pineapple extract, which is also part of helping swelling of the legs, and with the appearance of cellulite. Birch and dandelion extract helps to excrete the excess fluid. Packaged in plastic bottles of 500 ml. art. 674589 Dietary supplement Melatonina (Melatonin) -153shtSklad: filling: microcrystalline cellulose, calcium phosphate dvuosnovnyy, protyzlezhuvalna additive, plant sterat magnesium, melatonin. The addition Recom "ITALY0UA125220364.356024.359571 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/20172103909000"1.Smack additives for use in the food industry: Cma-aromatic additive" "crab" "Crab K-246506, powder from pink to orange, for use in the food industry - 10000 kg / net, 400 card cartons; contains in its composition: Salt, sugar, whey powder, sodium glutamate E621, fructose, lactose, glucose wheat syrup, silicon dioxide E551, fish, spices, sodium guanylate, E627, paprika extract, cappantina E160c, potassium phosphate E340, carotene E 160a and alpha-tocopherol, E307 Less than 0,01%. Made: batch MA00154433, МА00154434, МА00154435, МА00154436, 11 /04/2017 to use until 08/10/2017 Cambodia aromatic additive "" crab "" QG36340, beige powder, for use in the food industry - 5000 kg / not, 250 cartons, contains: salt, Sugar, serum wheat, sodium glutamate E621, fructose, lactose, glucose, vegetable fat (coconut), maltodextrin, fish, herbs and spices, sodium guanylate E627, silicon dioxide E551, potassium phosphate E340 carotene and E 160a and alfatcoferol E307 less than 0,01%, flavor. Made: batch МА00154375, МА00154377 10/04/2017 to use until 07/10/2017. Mushroom aroma "" Р-041816 Mushroom "" - 100 cards. 000 kg, beige powder, for use in the foodindustry; contains in its composition: maltodextrin (potato), modifiedcapish tapioca, sugar, salt, vegetable oil (palm, coconut), onion, gum arabic, sodium citrate, silicon dioxide, citric acid, Trisodium phosphate, acid ascorbic acid, spices. Made: batch МА00154486 -11 / 04/2017, to be used until 11/04/2018. It is used in the production of foodproducts: chips, nuts, etc. "HUNGARY0UA2091801600057793.16233
24/Apr/20178708109098"1.Produkt" "Vana-23H Sarah '', art.0567162 which is a composition yakaskladayetsya a mixture of food (vegetable fat, glucose syrup (10% glucose), skimmed milk) and food additives (stabilizer E340) used in food industry as a dried vegetable cream. The product "" Vana-Blanca 37K "" art.0592478 which is a composition comprising izsumishi food (vegetable fat, glucose syrup (9.5% glucose), caseinate, lactose ) and food additives (stabilizers, emulsifiers, acidity regulators, dye). used in food yaksuhi vegetable cream industry. The product "" Vana-Monte DP563 RSPO MB "" (art.0591751) schomistyt composed of refined coconut oil (50.4%), glucose syrup (vmisthlyukozy more than 5%), caseinate (2.7%), stabilizers and emulsifiers intended for use in the food industry in the preparation of creams. usedin food industry as a dried vegetable vershky.Torhivelna mark: Vana-Sarah, Vana-Blanca, Vana-Monte.Vyrobnyk: Friesland Campina Kievit BV.Krayina production: NL. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA100120196.972820.729456
21/Apr/20173808932720"1. Plant protection products, in the form of a finished preparation, herbicide ArgumentFort 500 SL, RK, English name: Argument Forte, 500 SL, water soluble concentrate; active substance - potassium salt of glyphosate 614 g / l, in acid equivalent 500 g / l chemical Name: (N- (phosphonomethyl) glycine); is a liquid-white color; not aerosolized; Total - 11300 liters; Used for the destruction of weed vegetative plants. Trademark - Nertus. Producer of the active substance: "Yangzhou Nishinel Kemikal Westgong Campani, China ("YANGZHOU NATIONAL CHEMICAL WESTZHONG CO., LTD"), CN.Producereparatyvnoyi form: "" End Peters Burg, Ltd. "", HU. ( "" Peters & Burg Kft ""), Country of origin - HU.. "HUNGARY0UA8071901548131912.31523
19/Apr/20173004900000"1.Likarski for the treatment of people not contain ozone-depleting substances, aerosol packaging is not intended for trading rozdri bnoyi. Marking available andcorresponds Pa cameras installed law standards. SALOFALK, tablets, vkrytiobolonkoyu, for yshkovorozchynni, in 500 mg, 10 tablets in a blister , on 10blisteriv in a box made of cardboard, №100, series №16I14259L-360up. Active ingredients: 1tabletka contains: 500m g mesalazane (5-aminosalicylic acid). (UA / 3745/04/02 dated 04/11 / 15r. to 04 / 11/2 0r.) trade mark: "" SALOFALK "". Producer (s) drug, a charge kintsevohoproduktu series launch and weigh alternative secondary Reference: "" Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH "," Nimechchyna.Vyrobnyky dozovannoyi forms, primary and secondary packaging: "" Lozan Pharma GmbH "," Germany. "" Rotendorf Pharma GmbH "," Germany. "" Katalent Germany ShorndorfHmbH "" Silent chchyna.Krayina production: Germany, DE.. "GERMANY0UA1251305216728.01177
14/Apr/20173401300000"1.Zasoby for washing the skin put up for retail sale, without aerosol packaging: BLACK CLEAN foaming wash that absorbs, 200ml. - 1440sht .; EXOTIC FRESH Gel Cream d / soul" "avocado and Jasmine", "300ml. - 24sht .; EXOTIC FRESH gel Cream d / soul "" avocado and Jasmine "," 515ml. - 60sht .; EXOTIC FRESH gel Cream d / soul "" figs and Sakura "," 300ml. - 60sht .; EXOTIC FRESH silicon A gel / shower "" FLOWER coconut and goji "" 300ml. - 36sht .; EXOTIC FRESH gel Cream d / soul "" papaya and paradise flower "," 300ml. - 12p .; fOR MEN MAX Sport shower gel washing hair and body 400ml - 216sht .; Happy Family shower Gel ALOE + Chamomile, 1000ml.N - 50sht .; Lift INTENSE shower gel that wi box with hyaluronic acid and ginger, 500ml. - 100 pieces .; PHARMACos Facial Wash "" sponge effect "" Face 150ml. - 60sht .; Shower gel PARFUM Perfumed Shower Gel FLOWERS Passion, 350ml. - 40sht .; Shower gel for men PARFUM shower gel for men Perfumed ocean energy, 350ml. - 100 pieces .; Aqua Active Active Hydrating cleansing PI NCA to wash skin, 200ml. tuba. - 600sht .; Baby pharmacy miracle child soft foam shampoo for babies and toddlers, 250ml. - 144sht .; GEL d / soul ultram'yakyy FOREST ZEMLYANYKA-AMBROVAYA vanilla on birches. juice that moisturizes, 470ml. - 70sht .; GEL d / soul ultram'yakyy cassis, mint WILDLIFE on birch sap refreshing, 470ml. - 42sht .; Perfect figure cellulite gel scrub shower 400ml. - 54sht .; Cashmere and white orchid Cream Shower Gel, 500ml. - 200sht .; Dead Sea Cosmetics SPA-Mineral Shower Gel, 400ml. - 36sht .; Rate deep cleansing facial wash delicate cleansing + toning, 200ml. - 150sht .; BEST RECIPES Gel for daily gentle wash that exfoliates, 150 ml. - 20pcs .; Mama and baby Gel d / soul and intimate hygiene D-panthenol and camomile mother, 200ml. - 75sht .; Pink d / face wash with antibacterial complex. d / teenagers 240ml. "" F / C "" - 272sht .; Juicy pomegranate shower gel "" The freshness and energy "," 400ml - 90sht .; Thermal line shower gel for intimate hygiene in thermal water 200ml. - 75sht .; Producer ZAO "" VYTЭKS. ' "Trademark" "Vitex" ". Country of BY."BELARUS0UA1250101277.242813.236377
14/Apr/20173307100000"1.Zasoby used before shaving, shaving and aftershave in aerosol packaging, free of ozone-depleting rechovynh: VITEX FOR MEN CLASSIC shaving foam for all skin types 250ml. New - 45sht.; Ingredients: water, Bhutan, isobutane, propane, stearic acid, triethanolamine, laureth, sodium laureth-23, sorbitol, Eau composition, creatine, C12 - 13 alkyllaktat, fenyltrymetykon, PPG-15 stearyl ether, myristic acid, methylparaben, propylparaben, EDTA dynatryya, caffeine extract, Inula helenium (Elecampane), limonene, linalol.Vyrobnyk profile "" VYTЭKS "" .Torhovelna mark "" Vitex "". Country of BY.. "BELARUS0UA12501013.5946.23288927
14/Apr/20173808932790"1. means for plant protection, herbicide as a finished product, lemur, KEnazva English. English: (Lemur, EC), emulsion concentrate (active substance / base -hizalofop p-tefuryl 40g / l) refers to derivatives aryloksypropionovyh acids Chemical name: 2-chloro-N- (methyl ethyl) -N- (2-ethyl-6-methylphenyl) acetamide, not in aerosol packaging, as ridynyzhovtoho color, used to kill weeds in crops shyrokolystyhkultur, total - 1920 liters; Trademark - Nertus, manufacturer of the active substance: "" Yanhzhou Neshynel Chemical Vestzhonh campaigns "" CNVyrobnyk prep ratyvnoyi form: "" End Peters Burg, Ltd. "", HU. ( "" Peters & Burg Kft ""), Country of origin - HU.. "HUNGARY0UA8071901689.614352.46577
14/Apr/20172106909890"1.Produkty baby food packaged for retail sale: Art UA1789Chay with fennel" "Bebivita" ", 200 g, the granules dissolve in primary packaging, 5358sht (893 corr). Ingredients: dextrose, fennel extract 2.5% sugar, bezaromatyzatoriv, ​​no dyes, no preservatives, no milk fats, hlyukoza82,1 +/- 0.2 wt%, without sucrose, fructose no, no flavorings, no colorings, no preservatives. art-UA1791 camomile tea "" Bebivita "", 200 grams of granules, soluble in primary packaging unit, 4350 (725kor). Ingredients: dextrose, chamomile extract 3.2%. sugar, bezaromatyzatoriv without coloring s, no preservatives, no milk fats, bezfruktozy without sucrose hlyukoza- 83.4 +/- 0.1 wt%. art-UA1788 Fruit tea "" Bebivita "", 200 g, the granules dissolve in primary packaging -1710sht (285 corr). Ingredients: sugar, dextrose 11%, lemon balm extract 1.0%, 0.3% vysushenyyyabluchnyy juice, chopped dried pears 0.1% 0.5% natural yabluchnyyaromatyzator, maltodextrin, caramel syrup, citric acid. zhyriv not contain animal pohodzhennya.Torhovelna mark: "" Bebivita "" Manufacturer: "" Domaco AG "". Country of origin: CH "SWITZERLAND0UA1251102283.610997.93968
13/Apr/20173808932790"1. means for plant protection, herbicide as a finished product, lemur, KEnazva English. English: (Lemur, EC), emulsion concentrate (active substance / base -hizalofop p-tefuryl 40g / l) refers to derivatives aryloksypropionovyh acids Chemical name: 2-chloro-N- (methyl ethyl) -N- (2-ethyl-6-methylphenyl) acetamide, not in aerosol packaging, as ridynyzhovtoho color, used to kill weeds in crops shyrokolystyhkultur, total - 5000 liters; Trademark - Nertus, manufacturer of the active substance: "" Yanhzhou Neshynel Chemical Vestzhonh campaigns "" CNVyrobnyk prep ratyvnoyi form: "" End Peters Burg, Ltd. "", HU. ( "" Peters & Burg Kft ""), Country of origin - HU.. "HUNGARY0UA807190440037334.18377
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Acid Cam Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Acid Cam Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""СІЛЬПО-ФУД"""
Importer Address
Exporter Name EQUILIBRA S.R.L.
Product Description
"1.Harchovi products not elsewhere specified, diet.........
HS Code 2106909200Value 6024.359571
Quantity 0Unit UA125220
Net Weight 364.35
Origin Country ITALY

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