Ukraine Import Data of 15 Ltr Oil | Ukraine Import Statistics of 15 Ltr Oil

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of 15 ltr oil collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of 15 ltr oil imports.

15 Ltr Oil Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of 15 Ltr Oil

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of 15 ltr oil. Get Ukraine trade data of 15 Ltr Oil imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20172710194710"1. Heavy distillates, gas oils, diesel fuel DT-L-K4, grade C, a mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons, sulfur content is wt.%: 0.00266, the flash point in closed crucible Celsius degrees: 66.0; Fractional composition vol.%: 28.0 distilled at 250 deg. C, 96.4 vol.% distilled at 350 deg. C., filtration temperature limit minus 9 Celsius degrees in bulk. 580.981 thousand. liters. at 15 deg. C Country of BY, trademark manufacturer Naftan OAO "" Naftan "". "BELARUS0UA903020484596239875.02 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20172710194300"1.VAZHKYY distillates, gas oil. Fuel for diesel, Class C - 272.388 TYS.L .; INDICATORS UNDER quality certificate: Mass fraction of sulfur IS 0.00078% Flash point 57.0 ° C, marginal filtration temperature - minus 13 ° C; density at 15 ° C TMPERATURI IS 835.6 kg / m3; fractional composition: volume of distillate at a temperature of 250 ° C is 43% vol .; VOLUME distillate at 350 ° C is 93 % vol .; 95% stripping at a temperature of 360 Celsius degrees MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS FOR TECHNICAL REGULATIONS TO gasoline, diesel, ship AND OTELNYH fuel.. "LITHUANIA0UA903020227607114049.32
29/Apr/20172710194300"1. Heavy distillate, gas oil - diesel Class C (LST EN 590: 2014 + AC) - 343,749 according tys.l.Pokaznyky passport as: - density at 15 Celsius degrees is 835.6 kg / m3 - mass concentration of sulfur - 0.00078 wt.% - flash point - 57.0 ° C - fractional composition: at "" distillate volume at a temperature of 250 ° C - 43% vol., at "" distillate volume at 350 ° C - 93% v. 95% is distilled at a temperature of 360 ° C - marginal filtration temperature - minus 13 hrad.S.Vidpovidaye requirements of the Technical regulation on requirements for motor gasoline, diesel, judicial and boiler They fuels (Annex 3). ".LITHUANIA0UA903020287237143928.7198
28/Apr/201784212300901.Obladnannya filters for fuel and oil and gasoline in internal combustion dyzelnyhdvyhunah: Filtering elements (FUEL FILTER) KC 188FILTRUYUCHYY element (FUEL FILTER) KC 371D filter element (FUEL FILTER) KC 18 filter elements (OIL FILTER) OX 137D ECO filter element (FILTRMASLA) OZ 1D filter element (FILTER OIL) OC 289 filter elements LA154 filter element (FILTER OIL) OX 161D ECO filter element (FILTRPALYVA) KX 261D ECO filter element (FILTER OIL) OX 69D FILTRUYUCHYYELEMENT (FILTER FUEL) KC 178 filtering EL Cops (FILTER FUEL) KX 80D ECOFILTRUYUCHYY element (FILTER OIL) OX 359D ECO filter element (FILTRMASLA) OC 99 OF Filtering elements (fuel filters) KC 429D filter element (FILTER OIL) OX 426D ECO filter element (FILTER OIL) OC 234 FILTRUYUCHYYELEMENT (OIL FILTER) HX 77 ECO filter element (FUEL FILTER) KC 6FILTRUYUCHYY element (FUEL FILTER) KC 251 filter elements (FUEL FILTER) KC 214 filter elements (OIL FILTER) HX 15POLAND0UA209140235.734002.21148
28/Apr/20173304990000"1.Krem for hair removal with aloe vera series Deline 75ml Art. 2123 -54sht. Navyrobnychyh facilities of the company" "Russian cosmetics" "Anti-frame tone kremStop / Anti-aging foundation cream Stop-frame art. 6284 15ml Art. 6284-120sht . Anti foundation Freeze / Anti-aging foundation creamStop-frame art. 6293 15ml art. 6293 -150sht. tone cream #Feelfresh / FF cream # Feelfresh Model 6128 30ml art. 6128-546sht. cream SPF30 sunscreen for children series " "LETO" "100ml art. 2055-360sht. face Cream SPF15 sunscreen series" "LETO" "50ml art. 2053-108sht. Active serum collagen face series" "Expert" "30ml art. 1075-308sht. Syrovatka- haylayter Series Air Stream Line Oxygen radiance 15ml Art. 0245-350sht. Oxygen Balm Series Air Stream lyniyi legendary Oxygen 50ml art.0254 -324sht. Day Cream-Power Series Air Stream lyniyi Oxygen supply 50mlart. -216sht 0207. resheypinh Day Cream-Series Air Stream lyniyi Kysnevyyresheypinh 50ml art. 0216-972sht. Day cream lifting cascade di Series Matrigenic 50ml art. 0758-432sht. Cage Day Cream Ultra Power for dry skin series GARDERICA50ml art. 0728 -312sht. Cage Night Cream Ultra Power for dry shkiryseriyi GARDERICA 50ml Art. 0729 -96sht. Fitokrem day Aloe Vera & Blackberry seriyiBOTANICA 50ml Art. 0702 -720sht. Fitokrem day Cranberry & Primrose 50ml seriyiBOTANICA art. 0706-2700sht. Night & Fitokrem butcher Rhodiola rosea series BOTANICA 50ml Art. 0711-900sht. Cleansing, exfoliation mousse series "" Expert "" 75ml Art. 1073 -450sht. Rolinh-pore cleaning heldlya series EXPERT 75ml Art. 1081 -216sht. Tonic for all types shkiryseriyi "" Verbena "" 150ml art. 0801 -54sht. Homazh Face Series Air Stream lyniyiKyslorodnyy balance 75ml Art. 0203 -1170sht. Cleansing lotion series "" Verbena "" 150ml art. 0812 -54sht. Toniko- Activator Series Air Stream lyniyi oxygen resheypinh200ml art. 0221-1200sht. Three-roll gel from swelling and dark circles under the eyes "" Beautiful Eyes "" Series "" EXPERT "" 10ml Art. 1036 -350sht. Cell skin cream around ocheyseriya "" Garderica "" 15ml Art. 0743 -560sht. Face 40+ 10ml seriyiETNObotanica art. 0839 -50sht. Pasta exfoliant Series Air Stream lyniyiKyslnevyy balance 75ml Art. 0214 -180sht. Ultra moisturizing gel eye shkirynavkolo series AQUA SMART 15ml Art. 0718 -270sht. Gel Mask oblychchyapodviynoyi action: hydration and nutrition series Prolixir 75ml Art. 0724 -486sht.Vidnovlyuyucha face mask with white clay secret of Cleopatra SPA 75mlart series. 2421-450sht. Hand Cream Premium Protection Series PRO-hand 75ml Art. 2185 -360sht.Olivets-drain from skin rubbing feet Series Expert Pharma 4.3 g art. 1695-128sht. Cream for the neck and neck rejuvenation Complete Series "" Renovage "" 75mlart. 0756 -270sht. Cleansing Oil after depilation 100ml series DeLine art. 2124-260sht. Dry Oil Body SPA Treasures of the East series 100 mL art. 2415 -70sht.Zvolozhuyucha rose water and sandal series Orangerie 120ml art. 8643 -195sht.SOS cream for active people "" EXPERT PHARMA "" Series "" the Home kit "" 75ml art.1625 -270sht. Cream with thermo-Efe "RUSSIA0UA1001101361.29213630.38023
28/Apr/20178421230090"1. Filtration Equipment for oil and fuel in engines vnutrishnohozhorannya to s / g technology. Element filtering cleaning oil 53-1012040 A - 144sht, Element oil filtering treatment 636.1.19-1012040 - 994sht, Element fyltruyuschyyochystky oil ЭFM 703.1017040-20 - 5pcs , Element filtering treatment masla4310.3407359-10 - 20pcs, Filter cleaning oil 037-1012005-10 FM - 60sht, Эlementfyltruyuschyy cleaning oil T150-1012040 (631-1-06-1012040 631-1-06-16B) - 1000pcs, Element 645-1012040 oil filtering treatment - 60sht, Filter cleaning toplyva17.193.1117010 (2108-1117010) - 52sht, fuel Filter cleaning FT 012.1117010 -100sht, Filter cleaning etc. Glide TF 024-1117010 - 63sht, filtering ochystkytoplyva Element T 150-1117040 (ЭFT-75) - 645sht, Element toplyva201-1105040A- 60sht filtering purification, fuel purification Element filtering 201.1105040-20 - 500sht, Эlementfyltruyuschyy cleaning fuel 201.1117040- 496sht, filter cleaning oil 406-1012005-11 - 20pcs, filter cleaning oil FM035.1012005 - 804sht, element oil filtering treatment 601-1-06-1012040 - 30sht. (filter elements are the paper filter element at metalevomusitchatomu frame; filters - metal case in which the popes erovyyfiltruvalnyy element) .Vyrobnyk: OAO "" Avtoagregat. ' "Trade mark: LAAZ.Krayina Manufacturer: RU."RUSSIA0UA8071901992.6910535.61551
28/Apr/201784212300901.Obladnannya filters for fuel and oil and gasoline in internal combustion dyzelnyhdvyhunah: Filtering elements (OIL FILTER) OX 146D ECOFILTRUYUCHYY element (FUEL FILTER) KX 73 / 1D ECO filter element (FILTRPALYVA) KC 24 filter elements (OIL FILTER) OC 206 The filter element (FUEL FILTER) KX 182D ECO filter element (FUEL FILTER) KX 182 / 1D ECOFILTRUYUCHYY element (OIL FILTER) OX 434D ECO filter element (FILTRPALYVA) KX 67 / 2D ECO filter element (OIL FILTER) OX 155D ECO.AUSTRIA0UA20914077.441865.351399
28/Apr/20178421230090"1.Palyvnyy filter (Model 240 151 201) - 1 pc; metal body with sealing ring filter cartridge filter with paperu.Palyvnyy (article 240 151 101) - 20 pieces; metal body with sealing ring filter element with paperu.Filtr oil (622,000,851 article ) - 20 pieces; metal body with sealing ring filter cartridge filter with paperu.Palyvnyy (article 240 110 103) - 20 pieces; Stainless steel base with rubber seals, a multilayer filter element, metal, mesh filter tkanyny.Maslyanyy engine (Model 622010751) - 20 pieces, metal body for sealing Iltsi, paperu.Palyvnyy filter element with filter (Model 622 010 774) - 20 pieces; metal body with sealing ring filter cartridge filter with paperu.Palyvnyy (article 622 010 752) - 20 pieces; metal body with sealing ring filter element with paperu.Obladnannya filtering lubricants or fuel in internal combustion engines, for s / h forklift Faresin.Krayina production, IT, brand: No Dana's, marking the availability of a trademark on the product is missing. "ITALY0UA90101078.23989.810389
28/Apr/20178421230090"1. Spare parts for motor vehicles" "Mercedes-Benz" ": equipment and facilities dlyafiltruvannya or purifying liquids or gases, oil filter Art.A2222772000-6od. Art.A1693771395-2od .art.A7252709007-1od. art.A6110160134-1od. art.A6111800009-10od. art.A9061800109-6od. art art.A2781800009-10od. fuel filter. art.A0000901451-1od. art.A5410900151-4od.Krayina production - DETorhovelna brand - Mercedes -BenzVyrobnyk - Daimler AG. "GERMANY0UA10011012.5311329.275275
28/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni preparations for skincare, without aerosol packaging, plastic tubes and plastic jars: (Slimming SPA) Wraps d / Ginger perfect body silhouette (1000g BODY) - 2 pcs .; (Slimming SPA) Wraps d / body strengthening SMUSI and lifting (1000g BODY) - 4 pieces .; (Multykysl. peeling) facial gel facial 300ml converter TL - 45sht .; BEAUTY SHOP 25+ Cosmetic set - 4 pieces .; BEAUTY SHOP 35+ Cosmetic set - 8 pieces .; SPA-WRAPPING anti-cellulite mud-algal 1,3kh - 10pcs .; Active serum for face (100ml tube submarine Expert White) - Active gel 5pcs .; nyzkomol. hialur. sour. 2% bi orevit skin (5 ml h5sht. hardware) - 6 pcs .; Aroma scrub for feet 100ml (tuba) FC - 105sht .; balm against the crack foot 100ml (tuba) FC - 30sht .; BB Cream Cleanser (30ml tube Belita Young ) - 240sht .; gel concentrate vysokomol. hialur. sour. biorevit 2%. skin (5 ml h5sht. hardware) - 6 pcs .; PEPTIDE COMPLEX Gel Cleanser (200ml tube ACT. HYALF hardware) - 5pcs. ; Tanning gel (145ml Solaris) - 12p .; Gel-balm for cooling foot that '' burn '' 100ml (tuba) FC - 75sht .; Hidrobalansuyuchyy Cream-gel for hand and body moisturizing absolute (150ml tube hydro) - 180sht .; Homazh delicate scrub for face to combined. oily skin (Calendula 100ml tube) - 100 pieces .; Make up remover for face and eyelids (150 ml FACE COLLAGEN) - 48sht .; Makeup remover biphasic with Q10 Face 150ml - 32sht .; Filler for the eye and lip 55 (20ml tube Ultra Lift Olive) - 126sht .; IntensyvnaSYROVATKA-corrector for face (30ml tube GOLDEN AGE) - 36sht .; COCKTAIL polirevitalizuyuchyy stem cells for face (3 mL TL Cell Intense) - 320sht .; Softening cream for dry and rough skin stop (300ml PRO Pedicure) - 30sht .; Body cream BeautyMoisturizer dragged heavily. moisturize. (Tuba 200ml Body Sculptor) - 45sht .; Day cream for smoothing facial wrinkles and age (50 mL Royal Care) - 80sht .; Night cream for smoothing facial wrinkles and age (50 mL Royal Care) - 80sht .; MATRIKS cream facial for dry and normal skin (50 ml FACE COLLAGEN) - 80sht .; Cream-FACTOR of stem cells for the face, neck, décolleté) - 30sht .; Biokrem that corrects, Eye (20ml tube GOLDEN AGE) - 30sht .; What biokrem corrects facial NIGHT (50ml GOLDEN AGE) - 48sht .; Cream Eye precision laser effect (20ml tube LASER Like System) - 375sht .; Antiseptic cream for legs 100ml (tuba) FC - 105sht .; Rejuvenating cream shadow that pulls (50 mL TL FC) - 16sht .; Eye cream with sea buckthorn oil (sea buckthorn 30ml tube) - 255sht .; Eye Cream Q10 20ml of energy (tuba) - 20pcs .; Face Cream Perfect skin (50ml tube Belita Young) - 540sht .; Soothing Foot Cream 300ml PL - 450sht .; Hand Cream Express power with flax oil (100ml tube Power of Nature) - 200sht .; Hand Cream with avocado and sesame oils Power and mitigation (tuba 100ml OIL) - 20pcs .; Hand Cream with Argan and Jojoba oils Intense Care (tuba 100ml OIL) - 20pcs .; Cream"BELARUS0UA1250101775.8116220.60985
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15 Ltr Oil Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

15 Ltr Oil Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Address
01001, м. Київ, вул. ВОЛОДИМИРСЬКА, буд. 49 Б, Україна
Exporter Name "Открытое акционерное общество ""НАФТАН"""
Product Description
"1. Heavy distillates, gas oils, diesel fuel DT-L-.........
HS Code 2710194710Value 239875.02
Quantity 0Unit UA903020
Net Weight 484596
Origin Country BELARUS

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