Costa Rica Export Data

Costa Rica Map Costa Rica export data shows the total export values for 2019 and 2020 both to be standing at an amount of (approx.) $11 Billion. Comparing both the export values of Costa Rica, we found that there is a growth in the Costa Rica exports by a percentile of 2% ($1.65 Billion).

This Central American country stands at 86th position among the top exporters in the world, according to the International and Costa Rica trade data. Costa Rica export data and Costa Rica export statistics both play a significantly important part in helping various sectors of businesses by allowing you to operate your business operations well.

According to Costa Rica export data, the main exported product was ‘Optical, etc. Instruments’. Whereas the top exporting partner of Costa Rica is the ‘United States of America’, according to export statistics of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica export data is provided in the form of Costa Rica shipment data along with Costa Rica trade statistics as per requirement(s). Let us show you what kind of data we provide and why trade statistics of Costa Rica will play an important role in your business operations and decision making. Meanwhile, you can get sample data for export data of Costa Rica or you can do a live search about Costa Rica customs data.


About Costa Rica Export Data

Costa Rica shipment data provided to you contains information on the details of the particular outbound shipment. The information is revealed through the fields of the particular shipment data to understand the Costa Rica export data. The major fields are - Date, Product Description, HS Code, Origin Country, Destination Country, Quantity, Unit, Total Value TZS, Port Name, etc. The information(s) we provide is sourced from authorized Customs Departments, Trade Associations, Government Bodies, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Port Authorities and other authoritative links. Costa Rica export data is available starting from January 2011.


Costa Rica Export Data

Costa Rica shipment data includes the fields as mentioned above, which helps in understanding the Costa Rica export data being provided for any particular concern. Through fields, the information is obtained consisting the details about the product, its HS Code, quantity, value in currency (TZS), names of the exporter and importer along with the name of the declarant and country of origin & destination. Look at the Costa Rica customs data on the right.

Date 02-Aug-2019 Declarant Name *****
Exporter Name ***** Importer Name *****
Origin Country Zambia Destination Country Rwanda
HS Code 390690000000
HS Code Description Other: Acrylic polymers in primary forms.
Product Description DY FLY 250G
Quantity 270 Weight 270
Unit KG Customs Value TZS 121610.3218
Port Name Tunduma    

Costa Rica Exports

What are Costa Rica’s Top Exports?

Main exports of Costa Rica according to Costa Rica export data are - Optical, etc. Instruments with a share of 33.78% ($3,926.7 million exports), Edible Fruits & Nuts with a share of 18.7% ($2,174.5 million exports), Edibles with a share of 5.25% ($610 million exports), Electronics with a share of 3.69% ($428.8 billion exports), Pharma Products with a share of 3.28% ($381.1 billion exports), and so on in the provided Costa Rica trade statistics of 2020.

The following Costa Rica trade data shows ‘Optical, etc. Instruments’ as the top exported product. This sector’s businesses have better chances to have good fortunes. Whereas, as we can observe in this Costa Rica customs data, the lowest exported product is ‘Fats & Oils’. The businesses dealing in this sector have to look out for the uncertainties related to its operations. Look at the Costa Rica export data on the right and understand.

Costa Rica’s Top Exports

Costa Rica Export Partners

Which are Costa Rica’s Main Exporting Partners?

According to Costa Rica export data, the top partners for Costa Rica exports includes USA with a share of 43.5% ($5,056.7 total million exports), Netherlands with a share of 7.7% ($895.9 total million exports), Belgium with a share of 5.3% ($613.6 total million exports), Guatemala with a share of 5.1% ($596.4 million exports), Panama with a share of 4.2% ($485.3 total million exports), and so on in the provided Costa Rica trade data for year 2020 on the left.

Trade data of Costa Rica shows the USA as top export partner of Costa Rica. Costa Rica exports optical, etc. instruments; edible fruits or nuts; electronics; coffee & spices the most. The assumption we can draw from this report taken from Costa Rica export data is that the USA has a dependency on Costa Rica to keep meeting the demands for these products in the region.

Costa Rica’s Main Exporting Partners

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