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22 Feb 2018
Vietnam Export Products

What does Vietnam Export? List of Largest Vietnam Export Products

Vietnam shipped USD 219796 million worth of goods around the globe in 2016, which increased from 2015’s USD 162016 million, Export Genius report reveals. It is a leading market research company providing 100% accurate Vietnam export data with shipping details and international trade data of 60+ countries. Vietnam exports electrical machinery and equipment, under HS Code 85, the most to the world. Vietnam is also the biggest supplier of footwear, gaiters, machinery, nuclear reactors and boilers.

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21 Feb 2018
Gold Bar Imports Data

India's Gold Dore Bar Imports – India Gold Bar Imports Data 2017

According to Gold Bar Import Report, India stood as the sixth largest gold importing country in the world. India imports of gold stood at USD 30626 million during 2017. Gold bar with high purity is the most demanded among Indian population top import in this category. In India, the jewellery products are mainly importing by banks and large companies. The small companies running their business by dealing with these giant market players.

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19 Feb 2018
import goods china usa

4 Ways to Import Goods from China into the USA

When it comes to import goods from China, into the United States of America, it is not an easy task for businesses, especially for the start-ups. It is required to have a full knowledge of business chain from shipping goods to transporting them onto destination. So, importing items from China into the USA requires establishing relationships, setting up shipping and navigating the regulatory channels of US Customs. Here are 4 ways to import goods from China into the USA.

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17 Feb 2018
Gold Import Data

Gold Dore Bar Imports in India 2017 – List of Gold Bar Importers in India

India is the sixth largest gold importer country in the world after Switzerland, China, UK, UAE and Hong Kong. India is also largest gold consumer country in the world. India gold imports stood at USD 30626 million during the year 2017 and imported half of the total gold from Switzerland only. The country is receiving maximum gold shipments from Delhi Air i.e. 45% of the total quantity.

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