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Frequently Ask Questions

What is Trade Intelligence Report or Import Export Data?

Import and Export Data or Trade intelligence Report is a Transactional Information between Companies who do business across the borders. Our Business Intelligence Report is based on operational documents which are required in Import or Export business such as Bill of Lading, Shipping bills or Import Bills as reported by customs of each Country.

What fields do you cover in these Reports?

Once you subscribe from us, you will get Who is Importing, Who is exporting, at what Price, How much Quantity, Freight, Foreign Port of Unloading, HS Codes, Custom duty , Tax on Product, demand and supply of your product in each Country, Potential buyers & Suppliers etc.

How this report will benefit me in my Business?

This report helps Importers, exporters and other Companies in many ways:

  • Track and analyze your competitor Shipment.
  • Locate the best markets to buy from or sell to.
  • Find potential and new emerging markets and customers.
  • Quickly understand commodity growth percentages, market shares and more.
  • Find new source for your products.
  • Generate new leads from across the Globe.
  • Save time identifying partners, suppliers, customers, and competitors.
  • Analyze global or regional trade trends.
  • Identify untapped markets for your product.
  • Make accurate business decisions based on Product, country or regional trade statistics.
  • Take your own decision to invest in new and potential markets.
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What Countries do you cover in your Report?

We cover almost 190 countries import and export transactional records with their trading partners of India, China, Russia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela, USA, UK, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama & Honduras.

What is the Cost for this Report?

Our cost is depending upon your requirement such as what product data are you looking for? How many countries details do you want? How many months or year data do your require:-

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Can I see a Demo before start?

Yes, you can see sample Import and export trade data of Asian Countries, Latin American Countries, North American Countries, Central American Countries & Europe from our website:-

Sample Export Import Trade Data...

Is this Report Authentic and Legal?

Yes, this data is 100% Authentic as we collect this information from various ports and each Countries Customs. This data is Legal as per notifications of various Countries such as in India (Notification no 128/2004).

How can I pay?

You can pay us via Bank Transfer, Demand Draft, Cheque, Cash Deposit, Wire Transfer, Western Union and Credit Card. All payment will be in favour of Export Genius, New Delhi, India.

How much time do you take to provide this report?

Generally we take 2 working days to provide this report as per availability of the data of port and country.

How frequently do you update your data?

We update our data on every week and month depending on Country and Ports. We have since 2004 to till date data.

I need more help to understand this, can you help me?

Yes, our team is dedicated to provide assistance regarding any Product or services, you can mail us for more information or you may reach us directly via Phone call +91-9711567362 or Line No.- +91-11-6449511.