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    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. 1.Otrubi wheat food colors red and yellow with a grayish tinge. bags of 20-21 kg.GOST 7169-66, Manufacturer: Company "KESS" - weight: 111700 kg 2. Places 5077, 5077 p / p meshkiObschee count. Places: 5077

  • SP OOO "martensite INVESTMENT"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1) Phosphate of iron used in the process of iron-phosphating by spraying for processing metal poverhnostey.Marka: ATF 2500 FS, pale yellow liquid in a plastic bag - weight: 2500 kg; 2) 2;

  • OOO "Long Wood Global"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. Wheat bran intended for human consumption, food red-yellow color with a grayish tinge bags of 20 kg, GOST 7169-66Proizvoditel: LLP " 'Etalon LTD" - weight: 106000 kg2. Places 5300, 5300 p / p meshkiObschee count. Places: 5300


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. Seeds of vegetables (onions) for planting: Onion Seed "YELLOW SPANISH", (Lot Number: BTS-16-059), in plastic bags for 1 kg of the trees.. pallet wrap in stretch film. all-35paketikov in cardboard boxes, the net weight of 35kg net. Net weight


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. "yellow bags" SAVE "№10", series: 090 117, casing. 50 kart.kor. Total: 10000 Pack. - Weight: 248.9 kg 2. Places 50Obschee count. places: 50

  • OOO "Russian"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. Fertilizer - comprising nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, mark "Kristalon Yellow 13-40-13", composition: N-13%, P2O5-40%, K2O-13%, 25 kg bag 48 bag / pallet, total 480 bags - count. 480 bags, weight: 12,000 kg 2. 10 places, 10 palletyObschee count. places: 10

  • Tuychiev Abrorjon Karimjonovich

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. Tape, b / y, of different length: 3 m - 2 pieces, 5m - 3 units, 7.5 m - 2 pieces, color yellow, designed to measure the length, number of pieces 7, weight 1.2 kg.. 2. Rank 1, packaged in a poly bag (part).

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