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List of Led Lighting Importers in Uzbekistan

  • SP OOO UzChasys

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. of components and devices for lighting easy. a / m gsv4nb, izgot.koreya. prednaznach.dlya promo go approx. at prod-be far and fonarey.sost. the indicator assembly (led pcb assy). serial №1102-002262. the number ve 1050sht.-weight 33.1 kg. qty. pieces 1050 2. part (ca

  • Beijing OOO "TASHKENT"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. floodlights for light stage (type ll-l83-140pcs, ll-l142-24pcs, ll-m25-50pcs, ll-m11-4pcs) searchlights for lighting (spotlights the leds model "l" ll-l83-140sht, ll- l142-24sht, projectors with a rotating head lamp 350 w model ll-m25-50sht, the leds project

  • OOO "Trest-12"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1) proled inground 1r rgbw rund-round 4 watt - led lighting fixture and the inner mounting box ( proled inground 1r rgbw rund-round 4 watt - led uplight complete with recessed box) --2 pcs. - weight: 1 kg; 2) 1


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1) sunlamp zx led floodlights for street lighting lamp 1, model: 1000w, 220v, ct cb / t14094-2005, 90 pieces - weight: 81 kg; 2) 3 kart.korobka,; 3) № pin: cclu6211131 (part) count;.

  • OOO "Xudoykulov award Khasanov"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1) floodlights, electric, for lighting public places "led" 100w. (1co / 1 pc.) max 99 sht.gost 6047-90. - weight: 356.4 kg; 2) 99 kart.kor,.; 3) № pin: rjcu 1,456,805, count;.


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. floodlights for light stage (type ll-m22-12pcs, ll-m16-4pcs, ll-l83-12pcs, ll-c12-2pcs, ll-co2-1pcs) searchlights for lighting (spotlights led model ll-m22-12sht , ll-m16-4sht, ll-l83-12sht, ll-c12-2pcs, ll-co2-1sht) - weight: 324 kg 2. 10 places, 10 karton.korob.3


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. electrical system for double ball-weaving, comprising: illumination system - columns for outdoor lighting lamps with led-125v 18750lm, in an amount of - 65 pieces - weight: 9197 kg2. total count. capacity: 195 box.

  • OOO Tulyaganov Tara Kabildjanovich

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1) floodlights for street lighting, led 20w.200v 50ghz - 20pcs - weight: 17 kg; 2) 1 kart.kor,; 3) № pin: tcku9512518, part count;.


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1.oborudovanie lighting: led floodlight, with the body of plastic and metal, power, 45w, naznacheniyadlya street lighting objects gost, gost8045-82, gost17677-82, gost18620-862.vsego: 30 seats. weight: 129,00kg. 40 pcs. (part avtotransp

  • SP OOO "Nura Energy Equipment Industry"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. self-adhesive film in the form of white-colored belt, the width of 5 mm - 128,8 kg (parts for the production of products-lighting led ceiling panels: used for bonding the led ribbons) manufacturer: zhejiang newfine industry co ltd. chin

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