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  • OOO "Surkhon export trade" firms

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. Chocolate bars "favorite", a porous white, 65 g, 150 cards. Box, 25 pieces in a box of tiles 3750 net net weight - 243.75 kg manufacturer: OOO "Malbay Foods" (item marked according to gos.yazyke PKM№127 from 13.05.2013g.) - Weight: 262.5 kg 2.

  • OOO Ardennes FOODS

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. A packaging material for foods of all rolls 1829, the net weight of 22,848.42 kg, in rolls with a coil 23,782.26 kg Weight 23782.26 kg. 2. Total Places-22 (22 pallets)

  • OOO "Goodwill CONNECT"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. Instant coffee, freeze-dried "Jacobs Monar" Millicano Art / b.95gr. 1/6 pcs Shelf life up to 04/01/2019 Manufacturer Ltd. Kraft Foods Rus - weight: 44 kg 2. 20 places, 20 korobokObschee count. places: 20


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. Drying cabinet AL-80-01nt SPU (200 C) for drying, processing and testing of metals, glass, ceramics and foodstuffs. Manufacturer: OAO "Smolensk SKTB SPU" - count. 10 pcs, weight: 421 kg 2. 10 places, 10 mestObschee count. places: 10

  • SP OOO "Khalilov amide Shavkatovich"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. Refrigeration Components parts for production storage and shock tunnels individual quick freezing consisting of: 1. Hydraulic Ramp 4 pcs. 2. Partial door with a tolerance for foods TYPE: WRAP 1 pcs. Weight: 4165 kg 2. m


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. Coffee Jacobs roasted caffeinated instant freeze-dried in the in the term. pakepe (soft pack.) 150 c., in the cards. box - 12 pcs Net weight without primary.. Cat. - 180 kg, total - 100 of the armature. - 1200 term. Cat. Manufacturer: Kraft Foods Rus LLC Rossiya.2. Total

  • OOO "Real Steel"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1) Canned foods from the meat of bovine animals: Stew beef, the highest grade, "Product of the day", filling in the w / w of 325gr, 300 -10 800 cans per carton, GOST 31125.2013 net product weight 3510kg, manufacturer: "Prod && Group -2050 "- weight: 3996 kg; 2) 300 ct

  • OOO Continental TRADE GROUP

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. Seasoning TM Galina Blanca; TU 9199-039-47531845; Production of CJSC Europe Foods GB-Russia; load marked on gos.yazyke, in accordance with applicable law RUz-; Seasoning for borsch (24paketa * 40gr) -480up; Net weight: 19,2kg, weight 20.8 kg. ; Cargo in


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1.Holodilnoe equipment BITZER new equipment for storage of agricultural household foods. Component parts of neotlemovyh exploded vide.2. Total 1 Copley. 15 places Weight: 8600.00 kg / net, 8710.00 kg / gross. 1) The motor compressor is used


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. The equipment for crushing and cutting of foodstuffs; Model: CHD-30II. power of 0.75 kW, 200-400 kg per hour, the equipment is new 2016 release, manufacturer China GOST ISO 9001-2001 - count. 1 pcs, weight: 52 kg 2. Places 1,

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