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  • OOO Torgovye Center generous "ABU"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1) baby diapers prima kuru ve hesapli-3 in blocks of 62 units 3 units in the bag - block 23000, items marked according to the state language pkm№127ot13.05.2013g - weight: 28290 kg; 2) 7666 pack (seats).;

  • OOO hygiene "SOF"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. non-woven fabric with a plastic coating for the production of baby diapers hygienic / pe breathable lamination film / 75% polypropylene, 25% polyethylene, density 26 g / m2, width of 310/210 mm - weight: 608.8 kg 2. 27 places, 27 karton.korob.3. cpiu555


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. clothes brand "red tag" infant boys night suit article 102,722,418 pajama pants set with a t-shirt for baby boy from x / cotton yarn - 24 sets - weight: 4 kg 2. 2 seats, 2 kart.kor.3. aplu9083510 (part) total count. places: 2


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1) baby carriages for children of different colors model: №tl-0451, packaged in a card. box of 2 pieces, partially disassembled, gost 19245-93, manufacturer: china hubei faonly, china - weight: 1362 kg number. 200 units; 2) 100 cards. box;

  • OOO "segment Mega Group"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. dry baby food "nutricia" put up for retail sale, a mixture of dry milk "baby 1" from birth to 6months in 1kor.-12sht.po 350gr. / net. with uchet.pervichnoy upak.ves net product first .upak. / pc. = 1 / 395gr. total:.. 198kor / 2376sht / 938,52k

  • OOO "CRYSTAL GLOBAL" Uzbekistan

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    Baby food, put up for retail sale (the load marked on gos.yazyke manufacturer) 1) 1) nutrilak (nutrilak) 2 dry milk mixture adap.posle 12m. 0,35kg / 24-460kor.-11040sht (neat net weight 3864kg) - weight: 4328.14 kg; 2) 460 cor


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. sms "i was born to a white baby clothes" 2400 g - weight: 3216 kg 2. 335 places, 335 cards. karobokobschee count. places: 335

  • OOO Business "Grand Dragon"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1) baby carriage 4-wheel folding with a peak, different colors "adil" gost 19245-93 izg.hubei yabei children s prodiction corp. ltd china 1. type: jx 562, in 1 piece in the armature core 368, weight 5023 kg, count. 368 pcs; 2. type: jx 862, in 2 pieces in the armature core 400, in

  • Among the city of Shavkatovich

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. baby seat (karset) with plastic frame for automobile, in parts, in k / cdf. 2. total: 22 seats, 27 pcs, weight = 155 kg. 3. container: nyku 4,540,217.


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1) cosmetic wed-wah for skin care is not medicinal, gost 31460-2012ves net set considering the primary packing. "floresan" russia f-410 cream on land and at sea, for sensitive baby skin spf 30 africa kids, 150ml, 1k * 10 pieces, 300 pieces - weight: 48

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