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  • Sadikov Mirazim Mirkamalovich

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. timber edging of the siberian larch, sawn lengthwise, non-planed, unpolished, planed, dl.6m, tolsch.50mm, wide 260-300mm, grade 3-4, gost 8486-86, the amount of the allowance without 2,826m3 - count. 2.96 cubic meters, weight: 2206 kg 2. in bulk

  • OOO Raxmanov Farhad Davronovich

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. wood sawn softwood planks of siberian fir (abies sibirica), eaves, grade 1-3, length 6000mm wide 40mm thick 145-195mm gost 8486-86, count without allowance (textured estimated count) 19 80 - number. 22.61 cubic meters, weight: 13


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    Medicines not for veterinary use: 1) aktovegin rr d / in. 40mg / 5ml ml amp. №5, ser.№00510415, 13.04.2020 -19980up (222 kart.kor.), ind-al: takeda gmbh (austria) - weight: 1178.82 kg;. 2) the pallet 6;


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1) primer ultrafioloetovoe colorant based on acrylic polymers, / uv mhg primer high adhesion 83316 / lmdf used in production, tin buckets 11 with a net weight of 20kg - weight: 220 kg; 2) part of the pallet;

  • OOO Business Consumer Good

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. wood h / p eaves kind of pine pinus sylvestris l. rasp, size: thick. 30mm: wide. 40mm: dl.2,985-3,985m: the volume of 122.207 m3. with allowances 122.21 m3. gost 8486-86: grade 4 weight 63 558 kg. qty. 122.21 m3 2. total places-2264

  • OOO "Perfect Optimal Trade"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1) wood boards density greater than 0.80-1.10 g / cm3, fibreboard (mdf), tc mark group a, class 1, the size-2745h1700h3,2mm 4829listov, kol.22534,53m2, gost4598-86. - weight: 55600 kg quantity. 22534.53 m2; 2) 4829 sheets;


    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. the impregnated paper in rolls of unbleached softwood kraft pulp - 90%, for the manufacture of bags of various types and brands weight 1m2 / 70g mark m 70 a, dimensions b format 102cm. gost 2228-81. manufacturer: cbk ltd. - invest. total weight: 45,000 kg / n

  • IP OOO "sedan trick TASHKENT"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1. elastomeric yarn (lycra 40-70d), kompleksnaya.prednaznachena textiles. net weight: net 528kg.ves are inclusive of reels. - weight: 599.8 kg 2. 22 places, 22 karton.korob.obschee count. places: 22

  • DXO OOO "Technical and components"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1) new seamless casing of ferrous metals, api 5ct standard, k55, stj-sn (thread type), size: 139.7 mm x 7.72. length: 2250,20m. number of tubes: 197sht. new god.vyp 02.2017. - weight: 59637 kg; 2) 29 in the ligaments;

  • OOO "in good faith on the ground Fayzi"

    uzbekistan  Importer of Uzbekistan

    1) an electric kettle for boiling water metallic tank with plastic handle, the maximum volume of 1.8 liters, with automatic switch-off of the brand "magnet" model "a19" voltage of 220 volts 50hz. power 2200 w, standard iec 60335-2-15, gost

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