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List of Vehicle Exporters in Uzbekistan

  • JSC "General Motors Uzbekistan" 170200,

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1) cars brand ravon r2 lt, ls, a / t, the new volume of the engine cylinder 1249 cm3, model 2017, total 30 pieces kol.vo weight:. 29490 kg production ao gm uzbekistan 2) without packing, the overall kol.vo seats 301) vehicle mark "ravon" model r2 ls a / t,


    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. children's toys made of plastic - set construction vehicles 1 (nord) - number. 2600 pcs, weight: 148.2 kg 2. 50 places, 50 karton.korobkaobschee count. places: 50


    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1) female knitted cardigan collar "polo" of 95% cotton and 5% lycra. model / sku 373403zl (1f3734-50), color blue, size 42-44-46-48-50 part vehicles, 471 pieces. - weight: 90.2 kg number. 471 units; 2) 16 maps / box;

  • AO SP "Uz-SeMyung"

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1) crossbeam, left (nexia) 500pcs (det№96083131) - weight: 200 kg, spare parts for automobile nexia, toiletries parts of motor vehicles, of the space in the pin. ; 2) one crate; 3) № pin: inku2607850, quantity: 1) of the front side bracket art.

  • SP OOO emphasized SHOES SERVICE

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1) rubber slippers female j 36-41ts24255555-01: 2014 vehicle part - weight: 1387.5 kg, col. 2700 pairs; 2) 75 seats;

  • OOO "Bofa"

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1) t-shirts article 14207007 "manufacturing uzbekistan" vehicle part, by weight: 304,10kg, packed in a box - weight:. 304.1 kg, col. 2,300 units; 2) 17 boxes;

  • JSC "General Motors"

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1.avtomobil brand chevrolet cobalt ltz at unassembled form part skd cobalt vehicle weight: 18416 kg, number 16 pcs. new, engine cylinder 1485 cm3, model year 2017. 2 packaged in 546 different mest.3 pin number: cclu6742550, whlu5260742, caxu

  • Pred-VO UNICEF in the Republic of Uzbekistan,

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. vehicle make "toyota land cruiser" - weight 2250 kg, count. .. 1 pc, body number: jtecb01j701027782, № motor: 1hz0518895, 4164sm3, 2006, color - white; 2. 1 without packaging;

  • SP OOO "EN-UzDongJu."

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1) seal the tailgate for vehicles matiz code № 96563494 20 pieces - weight: 16.2 kg; 2) 1 carton; 1) seal doorways lp for vehicles matiz code № 96610317 60 pieces - weight: 21 kg; 2) the cardboard box 3; 1) door seal

  • G-ja Konig-Mainkur Sangeeta -delegat office MKKK V resolution.

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1) vehicle make "land rover discovery" color-dark green, - weight: 1150 kg, count. 1 pc, body number: salljgml8ha471867, № motor: 22d053950, 4500sm3, 1993,;.. 2) 1 without packing;

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