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    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. children's shorts for boys 100% x / b model: super funny elephant calf, part number: or-3, size - 92cm, age, 2 years old, the amount - 3,000 pcs manufacturer: fdi company "plus promotion" - count. 3000 pcs, weight: 121 kg 2. sleeps 8, 8 meshkah1. children's shorts for boys

  • OOO Agricultural length FRUITS "Different"

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1.vinograd dried brown 2-grade. 1840 to / armatures 12.5 kg = 23000 kg2.vsego 1840 pieces, weight: 23000 kgklassifikatsiya item: own production company agri "uzun fruits different"


    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. grapes dried black 2 grade 2550 x 10kg = armature 25500kg.2. total 2550 pieces, weight: 25500kg.3. container: trlu 5741641.klassifikatsiya item: own production joint venture company agrofirma "bulungur -sandvik" ndvik "


    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1-dried grapes (raisins) brown 2-variety in a carboard box, each box of 10 kg. total net weight: 9000.0 kg own production company "asia expo standart" 2 total kol.mest:. 900 boxes

  • OOO Agricultural "AGRO" Pluto GOLD

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. grapes dried black-2 grade, net weight: 22800kg.proizvoditel: agricultural company llc "agro pluton gold" ruz.2. 2280 seats (10kg box) the kj


    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1.suhofruktovaya compote mixture of 3 species (apple, pear, raisins, prunes) in the bag, in each bag to 30 kgtovar own production company "sun fruits" part vagona2.obschee number of seats: 1229 bags, weight: 36870 kg

  • DJURABAYEVA Aziz Ahatov

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. children's jeans trousers: the firm "sercino" - count. 32 pcs, weight: 16 kg 2. places 1, 1 sumka1. company "jeyser" - count. 14 pcs, weight: 6.3 kg 2. seats1 part. company "j-roys" - count. 28 pcs, weight: 14 kg 2. seats1 part. company "tati" - count. 20 pcs, weight: 9 kg 2. part mestaob

  • OOO TEXTILE dress

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1.'s suits, 2 subject (jacket and trousers), mats, synthetic fibers. different colors. size: 44-58. put up in individualnye company p / e packages with hanger, special. blankets and laid in kart.korobki. izgotovitel- textile libos /

  • DP "Sogdiana Trans"

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1) the drink "coca cola", gost o'zdst 925: 2004, the volume of 1.5 liters, a total of 30 pet bottles, pro. company "coca-cola ichimligi uzbekistan" uzbekistan - weight: 45 kg number. 45 l; 2) 5 pet packaging;


    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1) sarafan female x / b manufacturer company "crystal color textile" - weight: 521 kg number. 2600 units; 2) 26 p / p bag;

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