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  • OOO huge sizes 160130 UZBEKISTAN

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. east sweetness novvot (composition: 89.6% + / - 3% of sugar syrup, 6.4 +/- 3% water, food dye 4% + / - 2%) standard 2979-2015 packed in cardboard boxes. whole-boxes 980 on the gross weight of 10.3 kg (+/- 50 g), and 10 kg each net by weight. producer:

  • What kind of OOO "ASIA"

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. chewing gum containing sugar: "mentolis" -200kor.h24bl.h20pach.h5sht.h3,65gr, "kango": 2150kor.h20bl.h100sht.h3,1gr, "im soury" - 100kor.h20bl.h100sht.. .h3,1gr. ts 19811161-01: 2013. producer: "asia kandi" uzbekistan - weight: 15702 kg 2. places

  • OOO "Cup"

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1) concentrated grape juice (must) brix of 70% (+/- 2%), with no added sugar, packed in bags aksepticheskih metal bochkah.ozdst 944: 2010, san pin 0283-10.izgotovitel: ooo "qoqon konserva" uzbekistan . weight: 40791 kg; 2) 156 metall.bochki;


    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. grape juice concentrate, unclarified, 70% added sugar, in an amount of 60000kg-, in bulk in railway tank. manufacturer: ooo "briz agro", ts 24255696-02: 2014.2. in bulk


    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    Water, including mineral waters and aerated waters, containing added sugar or other sweetening matter or flavored / b 1 bl 12 bottles /

  • DP "Sogdiana Trans"

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1) sugar, pro. uzbekistan - weight: 5 kg; 2) 1 pet package;

  • OOO Fibber

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. 1) sugar cookies, glazed fat icing elina an amount of 200 kg, 2) sugar cookies, glazed fat icing obozhayka number 245 kg, 3) sugar cookies, glazed fat coating amount of protein 210 kg 697 total gross,


    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. sugar cookies "kremali" vanillin cocoa filling. pro-l: ooo "almerro group", uzbekistan, weight: 300 kg 2. seats 100, 100 in karton.korobkeobschee count. places: 100

  • SP OOO compromise CHOKOLATE

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. sugar cookies "fint" with sesame seeds. pro-l: jv "murot chokolate", uzbekistan, weight: 750 kg 2. seats 250, 250 in karton.korobkeobschee count. places: 250

  • OOO "diamond-NOVVOT"

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    Other sugars, including chemically pure lactose, maltose, glucose and fructose, in solid form

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