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    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. cotton cotton prima composition - 60% lint and cotton waste spinning production - 40% ct-3, st-7, st-11. it used in the manufacture of soft furniture, mattresses and similar articles - 149 instrumentation. 2. all sites 149/149 trc / net weight 20244.80

  • OOO "Light diode fat"

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1.vata of cotton fibers (100%), grade "prim" o'z dst standard 1029: 2003, is not bleached, non-sterile, compressed into bales 25 kg (packed in c / b fabric overtightened polyethylene thread). net 14,000 kg.2. 560 places, 560 bp.

  • OOO Unitel

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. green svezhaya- parsley harvest 2017. kart.korobki packed in 20kg. net (in each box 3 plast.baklazhek ice) -weight 5980 kg. 2. total places-299 (299 kar.korobka)

  • OOO Agricultural "AGRO" Pluto GOLD

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. beans food net weight: 25000kg.proizvoditel: agricultural company llc "agro pluton gold" ruz.2. 500 seats (50 kg bags).


    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. food mash (gauge 2mm +) green mung (2mm +). net weight 65000 kg. producer: star agro servise uzbekistan. 2. total seats-1300 (1300 p / n bags of 50 kg)


    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. dried apricots 2 grade 5 kg.vyrashennye in the republic of uzbekistan, the harvest in 2016, the total gross weight of 2777.20 kg, the total net weight of 2620.00 kg. kar.korobka packed. total: 524 kar.korobka. (manufactured by pe mirzaobod universal trade) -weight 2620 kg. ; apricots 2-sor

  • OOO huge sizes 160130 UZBEKISTAN

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. east sweetness novvot (composition: 89.6% + / - 3% of sugar syrup, 6.4 +/- 3% water, food dye 4% + / - 2%) standard 2979-2015 packed in cardboard boxes. whole-boxes 980 on the gross weight of 10.3 kg (+/- 50 g), and 10 kg each net by weight. producer:

  • GP Radiopreparat

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    Compound semi-radioactive isotopes: №1.rastvor sodium yodgippurata o-labeled with iodine-131d / yn mbq: 20h4 (packed in a container ct 1-10) .samary sm-153 mbq oksabifor: 2000h36 (packed in a container ct-1- 15). net weight of substance 112gr. net weight with no

  • OOO "Mixed Fertilizer"

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1) mixed fertilizer grade "a" on the basis of ammonium sulfate ts 26288273-01: 2016 nitrogen content 21.2%, mass fraction of 1% potassium mass fraction sulphate 23%, mass fraction of water not more than 1% in bags of 50 net kg / mixed fertilizers model "a"

  • SP OOO "BRIGHT NAVOI TEXTILE" Navoiyskaya province. Navbaxorskiy r n

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1) yarn from x 100% / w. nm 34.5 / 1 (ne 20/1) pneumospinning, weaving, single-stranded, not put up for retail sale, cat. 330 p / p bags, all -7910 units. bobbins, all net weight: 20000 kg.

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