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  • OOO "RICOMEL Beverages"

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    Drinks dinay, fruit, fruit juice, soft drinks, gost r 52188-2003, in blocks of 8 pet bottles with capacity 1 liter., in blocks of 12 pet bottles of 0.5 liters wrapped p / e. prod .: ooo "ricomel beverages" republic uzbekistan.1) juice n


    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. jacket for boys knitwear (95% x / b + 5% lycra), model number kuflm 001, tm mini maxi - 302sht.proizvoditel: ooo "rossprotex", republic uzbekistan.2. places 2 polyprom. meshkiobschee count. places: 2


    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1) 1.trikotazhny overalls for girls, 100% cotton, article number gcv000142, trademark "gee jay", gost 31409-2009, color white- age of 0-3 months., height 62, chest 40 -550 pcs .; . the age of 3-6 months, the growth of 68, chest 44-1000 pcs;. the age of 6-9 months, ro.

  • OOO Istiqlol Textile Design

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. man's jackets complete with hangers. composition: 98% wool and 2% lycra. reference 17m79 10101 (176) s. dimensions: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 weight 213.45 kg. qty. 204 pcs; man's jackets complete with hangers. composition: 98% wool and 2% lycra. reference 17m79

  • SP OOO UzChasys

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. spare parts for cars models gsvem. left rear side (gsvem) part number №94732160. the number of 8 pieces. sender: jv uzchasys /uzbekistan.-ves 19.38 kg. 2. part (part of a carboard box)

  • JSC "Uzmetkombinat"

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    Bars and rods of non-alloy steel, having a groove / reinforcing steel / gost 5781-82, oz dst 3025: 2015 manufacturer: jsc "uzmetkombinat"

  • AO Almalykskiy GMK Uzbekistan

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1) copper rod 8mm diameter kmo marks, tsh 64-05755737-132: 2007. manufacturer-jv "uzkabel" 2) 7 riots;

  • JSC "Zavod Neftegazovogo Ximicheskogo MASHINOSTROENIYA"

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    Order 15-2634 e, ed. №1, 2. new. the device iot (using the heat of neutralization) - 2 pcs. o'z dst 1138: 2013 o'z dst 1166: 2008 total net weight: 35346kg. manufacturer: jsc "plant of the oil and gas and chemical engineering" the republic of uzbekistan. 2. to total

  • SP OOO "Turakurgan the sweetness Agro"

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. ts22313254-02: 2014. sweet red pepper dried grade 1 to 12 kg bags. manufacturer: jv "to'raqo'rg'on shirinlik agro" (uzbekistan). - weight: 13560 kg 2. places in 1130, 1130 meshki3. cmau5136843obschee count. places 1130

  • JV "Uz-Kor Gas Chemical"

    uzbekistan  Exporter of Uzbekistan

    1. high-density polyethylene in granules (in primary forms) with a specific weight greater than 0,94 / high density polyethylene in pellets, mark / grade: fl7000. manufacturer: jv "uz-kor gas chemical", the republic of uzbekistan. 2. total - 160 seats. packed in

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