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  • "ТОВ ""Аматекс-Україна"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    04080, м.Київ, вул.Кирилівська, буд.1-3 (ЛітераА), оф.42

    1.Mineralni fertilizer ammonium nitrate (ammonium nitrate) .Marka B respectively doHOST 2-2013, granular, yellowish with magnesian additive vyschohohatunku.Masova proportion of nitrogen in terms of dry anhydrous product 34,7% - 92 996 kg, a diameter pellets no more than 6 mm. Mass fraction of water

  • "ТОВ""Фірма Нова лінія"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    65085,Одеська обл. м.Одеса,вул.Просьолочна,10,Україна

    "1.Kondyterski sugar products (pills) - 20 art.42005 JB ASST (DE / FR) 12-100g - 96kh. / 80 cases in 12h100hr. / 20 assorted flavors (blueberry, bubblegum, popcorn with butter, cotton candy , cantaloupe, coconut, green apple, juicy pear, lemon, licorice, peach, pina colada, pink hruypfrut, plums, st

  • "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""МАНН+ХУММЕЛЬ ФІЛЬТРЕЙШН ТЕКНОЛОДЖІ УКРАЇНА"""""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    Хмельницька обл., м. Красилів, вул. Щаслива,1А

    "1. Absorber (sinker): catalog number 24580-1comp., Catalog number 24581-1st., Catalog number 24582-1st., Catalog number 24583-1st., Catalog number 24588-1st., Catalog number 24591-1comp., A catalog number 24592-1comp., A catalog number 24593-1comp., A catalog number 24593-1kompl. A mixture of yello


    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine


    "1.HRINFORT AS, KS (AZOKSYSTROBIN 200 g / l + FLUTRIAFOL 120 g / l) -32,000 LPREPARATYVNA form: KONTSETRAT SUSPENZIYI.DIYUCHI matter: AZOKSYSTROBIN 200 g / l refers to DIAZYNIV, FLUTRIAFOL 120 g / l refers to TRYAZOLIV.FUNHITSYD bag does not in aerosol packaging. APPEARANCE: Light yellow liquid, CON


    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    25006, Кіровоградська обл., м. Кропивницький, вул. Євгена Чикаленка, буд. 1-А, кім. 417

    "1- The bag korobchastyy for technical products II, normal, 35h48h9h11 UV, logo, color bag - White - 60000sht; korobchastyy bag food, and of course 56h85h13 UV, with a white stripe down the middle from the left side 46cm., logo, color bag - yellow - 50000sht, bag korobchastyy food, and of course 56h

  • "Підприемство з ІІ ""Квінтайлс - Україна"

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    03680 м.Київ,вул М.Амосова,12 Україна

    "1.Nabir products from polymeric materials for storage and transportation during the clinical trial ER3278. The study protocol TV-02.- Laboratory set according to invoice JB / 3278 / UKR / 029, which contains: -Plastykova VACUTAINER tube with SST3.5 ml golden brown cork-9sht; -Plastykova VACUTAINER


    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    07400, Київска обл., м.Бровари, вул.Вокзальна, буд.1Україна

    "1.Pyure potatoes dry as dry flakes light -yellow color, shape and nepravylylnoyi different in size, with the smell and taste of dried potatoes. Content: potatoes fresh, distilled monoglycerides (stabilizer - emulsifier E471), a preservative (sodium metabisulphite E223). The content of sulfur dioxid


    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    02121, м. Київ, вул. Вербицького, буд. 16, оф. 301013, м.Київ,пров.Деревообробний, 3

    "1. preparations of fragrant substances used as industrial raw materials and are used in the food industry for food production - confectionery and bakery products, ice cream, sherbet, -art.IA486, flavor Yogurt 108,626 in powder pale yellow color with taste and flavor typical of fresh yogurt, batch n

  • "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю""ОПЕНТЕК"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    74800 Херсонська область,м.Каховка, вул.Декабристів,2.

    "1. Artificial waxes brand AKLUB K 415 in quantities of 6,000 kg batch 170003, which is a yellowish powder obtained by chemical means, containing in its composition: polyethylene - 56-60%, waxy fatty acid - 23-26% pigments - 5-9% impurities - 3.5%. Packaged in bags of 25 kh- 240sht. It is used as an


    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    01133, м. Київ, Україна вул Мечникова 8, оф. 22

    "1. Food Packaging zpolisterola in asortimente: - substrate AV-20," "A" "(225h160h34) (yn * 200) - 50P / e bags - substrate E-2 '' AB '' (225h100h20) (yn * 600) - 30P / e bags - substrate F-31 "" A "" yellow C (210h156h33) (yn * 300) - 100p / e bags - substrate H-2 '' A '' (270h135h20) (yn * 150) -

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