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    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    45603 Луцький р-н., с. Струмівка вул. Рівненська,4

    "1. Catalysts reactions (hardener), which is a solution of polymer vmistomvilnyh isocyanate groups in volatile organic solvents - in metal cans, art catalysts. C301-12,5U-750L, the composition of N-butyl acetate 30 - 32.5% ethyl acetate 21- 22.5% Isobutyl 12 - 13.5%, toluene 10 - 11,5%, ADDOTTO POLI


    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    01011, м. Київ, вул. Городецького, буд. 11-Б

    1. For own furniture production. Organic chemical compound with a functional group of isocyanates with nitrogen content: toluene 2,4-diisocyanate, (TDI) DESMODUR T80-23340 kg, chemical name: toluene diisocyanate, CAS 26471-62-5.80. .


    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine


    "1.Katalizatory containing no etyltryfenilfosfoniyu acetate, not the media: - hardener - Dilaktamat Kathem - 250kh.CAS number 64663-20-3. The product consisting of lactams, toluene (9 + 1%) and sodium compounds magnesium, aluminum and sulfur. bochky.Na packed in metal marking them stated: "" DILACTA

  • "ТзОВ ""ВЕРНІКОЛОР Україна"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    44300, Волинська область,м.Любомль, вул.Наталії Ужвій, 27, Україна

    "1.Katalizatory reactions (hardener), which is a polymer solution containing vilnyhizotsianatnyh groups in volatile organic bus zchynnykah - in metal cans po12,5l: S302-12.5U - 60 pcs. (750l) S305-12.5U - 60 pcs. (750l), C311-12.5U - 60sht. (750l), C312I-12.5U - 60 pcs. (750l), C340-12.5U - 60 pcs.

  • "Мале підприємство ""Візит"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    вул. Щурата, 5, м. Броди,Львівська обл., Україна, 80600

    "1. varnishes, paints based on alkyd resins (polyester), dissolved in an organic environment, without flame retardant properties, not in aerosol packaging used for decorative application on wooden or metal predmety.Lakier nitro NLDH 25l-2530 consisting of: nitrocellulose-6% alkyd resin, 16%, 2% pigm


    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    01004 м.Київ, вул. Червоноармійська, буд. 9/2

    1. The product that is the stuff from isocyanate compounds (dyfenimetandiizonianat). Not in aerosol packaging does not contain ozone-depleting designed for making poliuritaniv (for industrial use) .DURAMOULD 5234 Isocyanate. Chemical composition: Prepolimer TDI (toluoldiizotsionat) and polyols - 9

  • "ТОВ ""3М УКРАЇНА"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    03680, м.Київ, вул. Амосова, буд. 12, Україна

    "1. The other primers solutions based on acrylic polymers: one-step universal prime (primer) for cleaning the surface and enhance adhesion, 30 ml, 6 bottles / box, art.58012 (UU001628609) - 6 but.Typ polymer - acrylic, solvent content: Ethyl acetate 5%, the content of fillers and pigments, modified

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