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    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    54025,м.Миколаїв,пр.Героїв Сталінграду 113/1

    "1. Parts exclusively dvyhunivvnutrishnoho combustion piston zkompresiynym ignition dlyatsyvilnoho appointment to s / htraktoriv: 3LD-1002001-cylinder block 1am. 240-1002300 BUILDING ZKILTSEM Gaskets, 2 pcs. (Engine crankshaft) 260-1013011-B KRYSHKATEPLOOBMINNYKA- 5pcs. (of the motor) 260-1005044 MA

  • ФОП Томчук Андрій Михайлович

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    45614, Волинська обл., Луцький р-н, с.Смолигів, вул. Польова, буд.6.Україна

    "1.Vyroby ferrous metals Purpose: used telescopic loaders and backhoes: -Small End bush * / connecting rod bushing art.02 / 192019-4sht.-Bush / sleeve art.1211 / 0021-10sht.-Piston Ring Kit * / ring art.320 / 09299-4sht.-Liner Bush * / sleeve art.808 / 00398-10sht.-Pivot Pin-Steering Joints * / fing

  • "ТОВ ""Агросем"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    04210, м. Київ, пр. Героїв Сталінграда, буд. 6A, Україна.

    "1. samohidnyymarky harvester John Deere, notcontains that incorporates transmitters tapryymachi: Model S670 COMBINE, novyy.Seriynyy (identification) number / nomer1Z0S670APHB106164, number dvyhunaRG6090G025866. Calendar year 2017rik.Modelnyy 2017rik.Komlektatsiya year: 0166 Made-to Ukraine, 0433-ma

  • "ТзОВ ""УМП"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    79069 м.Львів, вул.Шевченка,313/606 Україна

    "1. Tubular Rivets (exhaust) sided with corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel, consisting of a universal head and rod dimensions: 4h8mm; 4h12mm. Used in engineering to connect the various materials tachastyn designs.."

  • "ТзОВ ""КПП ЦЕНТР"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    81500,Львівська обл.Городоцький р-н с.Черляни,вул.Польова,97

    1.Korpusy pidshypnykiv mounted without ball or roller pidshypnykiv, pidshypnyky slip for valiv: Inserts connecting rod crankshaft MOTOR VNUT.ZHOR.


    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    45606,Волинська обл.,Луцький р-н, с.Рованці,вул.Європейська 1,Україна

    1.Zapchastyny ​​technological equipment for production line of electric power vehicles. Screw steel carved from bars and wire rod to a thickness not exceeding 6 mm.Hvynt M2 (cap - internal connection) Art. IC019740 - 40 sht.Tovar not intended for sale in the customs territory of Ukraine. Trad


    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    02660, м.Київ, вул.Закревського,16

    "1.Bolty metal threaded rod with a diameter greater than 6mm for use in cars, the connecting rod bolt with a curly head., Trademark: GM DAEWOO.Vyrobnyk: not vyznacheno.Krayina production: Korea Republic.".


    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine


    "1.Tovary used as components of whenproduction façade and internal structures of public and residential buildings, fittings and fasteners for construction of base metal: Clamp lock K80009259 -36 Art pieces, pins 5x12mm beveled steel D A2 Art K80376014 -100 units, angled Pin D steel A2 6x12mm art K8

  • "ТОВ ""ВОЛЬТЕХ"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    03164, м.Київ вул. Ак.Булаховського, 5-Б, офіс 13

    "1.Slide bearings for shaft-type shafts, steel (made of ferrous metal): insert a connecting rod.CRP-134 -6pcs. Used in a Volvo excavator and loader. Producer:" Swedish Lorry Parts AB "," Swedish Lorry "trademark Parts "" Country of production SE. "

  • "ТОВ ""ТРАК-ЕКСП"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    62489,Харківська обл.,с.Безлюдівка, в.Чайковського,б.56,Україна

    "1.Kiltse Locking-420sht., Made of 8 mm diameter rod with chornyhmetaliv, stamped. Designed for locking collars (yuche seal ring) for locking the sealing .Pryznachene mo ltsya in the" "andother connections of sewer pipes, valves, tanks and other products. Dodatkovielementy (grooves, cuts, notches in

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